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POP Chart Favorites from 1988 #music

This was the year DD#1 was born. In fact, she turned 27 yesterday. Happy Birthday, Brittany!



This morning, I’m dedicating my post to my sweet baby girl. Let’s listen to more POP Chart Favorites from 1988!


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Billboard Top 40 #1 Rock Hits

 It’s time to dance! This week’s theme is #1 Hits on the Billboard Top 40 from the Rock Era (1955-present).

I thought I’d pick tunes from some very important years in my life. To start today’s party my first selection is from 1979, the year we married, and how appropriate is this song?

Are you ready to get your groove on?

Continuing my line of thinking, the next year of importance is the year our first child was born, DD#1, in 1988. Honestly, I do not remember this song. Sure, I’ve heard it many times over the years but I just don’t recall it coming out and this really isn’t one of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson. Let’s give a listen to Dirty Diana!


In 1990, DD#2 joined our little family. Believe it or not, I don’t recall this #1 hit by Madonna and again, it’s not one of my favorites. Here’s Vogue!


By 1994, my mommy brain fog must have lifted. I blame that for the music blank when our girls were born or then again maybe it has something to do with daughters altogether. Hmm, let me think about that one for a minute. Where was I? Oh yes, my head was clearing that year and we also added our third bundle of joy, DS. Funny, I do remember this next song and I actually like it. Go figure, right? Do you remember Ace of Base, The Sign?


Winding things up, I decided to share a current popular. I give you, Rude by Magic!

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Tuesday Talk Time: Morning fog shot, Tree clearing, Serious exercising, and Coffee chat

“A foggy Monday morning ” iPhone 4 capture. Befunky photo editor to apply the B&W5 effect, border, & copyright.

It’s Tuesday again? And, it’s October already? Whew, where does the time go? With that being said, you know what Tuesdays are for, right? It means it’s time for me to do a bit randomizing. That’s all I seem to do as of lately, too. I just ramble about whatever comes to mind. Hopefully, if you’re here today then this is what’s on your mind, as well.

I have been having some creative fun lately with my iPhone 4 camera. I have my phone always, my DSLR not so much.  I couldn’t resist snapping the fog yesterday morning and then doing a little photo editing. But speaking of iPhones,  I must admit, I’m getting psyched thinking about my new iPhone on order.  It will feel like Christmas Day when it arrives!

The below picture I got really artistic with it. I just love playing with my friend’s iPhone app, Distressed FX. You may want to check into if you like this effect. It comes preloaded with several textures. It’s really cool, isn’t it?


Another foggy Monday morning picture, iPhone 4 capture using Distressed FX app and applying “Dove” effect before running the image through Befunky photo editor to add border and copyright.


It’s official, the city tree removal service came… conquered… and totally did some major clearing away from our front property. We have been here for 33 years and all this time the foliage has provided much camouflaged for us and our house. Not to mention, it was an excellent sound barrier from passing vehicles. Now, what do we do with it? I like the privacy, but I hate the fear of having tall trees looming over our car and driveway, not to mention have to contend with horrible tree sap kept falling on our car all spring, summer, and fall.

Speaking of sap, we spent all day last Friday washing the car.  I applied some mega elbow strength into buffing off the tree spa. Our time ran short, so we decided to wait to wax the car on Saturday. Unfortunately, that stupid sap dripped all over our car AGAIN.  *smack forehead* If I am not mistaken, I think the culprit of this crime is the hackberry trees. Just throwing that out there for you if you have some of these villainous trees lurking on your property.  I hope this fixes our problem now that those trees are gone. I’ll let you know how this turns out.  You know, the not having to deal with tree sap on our car ever again.

Now,  we can re-washing and wax the car. I guess we are going to need to do a bit of landscape planning to give us some coverage and help muffle traffic noise.

My daily exercise routine has been really shakin’. It’s so wonderful to be able to get into the full groove of things. I struggle a bit to maximize my move range, but I do see improvements, and I am hopeful over time I will continue to get better. The whole aging process, not that I am old, places limits on me. With each decade that passes I notice a change, but I am far from throwing in the towel and calling it quits. You may remember, I am in the fight of my life to stay fit – one body, one life, to always do my best at looking my best no matter how old I am. The good news in all of this is I am now riding my stationary bike for an hour and then I do a 30 or 45 minute Brazilian Butt Lift workout. This is a welcome change.

On Tuesday Coffee Chat, Les asks, how would you finish this statement?

If life were a video I could rewind, I’d go back….

…and redo my senior year of high school. That’s such a funny question and one I have actually thought of. I often think about my senior year of high school. It wasn’t the best. I didn’t handle things so well. You see, I got married in between my junior and senior year of high school, then moved to Tennessee away from everyone I knew. I felt like a fish out of water. I allowed my low self-esteem to get in the way, which inhibited my ability to enjoy my last year of high school. I just didn’t click with many of my peers. After all, I was coming in on the tail end of this new crowd of kid’s high school career. So, you can see why I would like to have a do-over with that chapter of my life. 

How would you answer Les’ prompt?

I am dedicating today’s Tuesday Tune to Lesley’s Lovely Life. She is trying to get ready for her upcoming class reunion through dieting and every woman in Blogosphere knows what a struggle this is.

Hey girl, just know, we have your back and believe that you can …

Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I visit my lovelies

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Have a terrific Tuesday!



On the virtual dance floor this Monday…Hollywood celebrities!

(Featuring Chevy Chase)

Today we’re partying to “music videos that feature a celebrity or celebrities in them” as requested by the lovely Les from Time Out For Mom.  This is gonna be interesting, don’t you think?

My lovely co-hosts:  XmasDollyJAmericanSpiceStacy Uncorked,  Just the stuff ya know, and I, want to hear, see, and boogie with you to whatever tunes are getting your groove on featuring a Hollywood star on the best virtual dance floor in Blogosphere right here on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

 (Featuring Jennifer Lopez)


(Featuring 37 of Jackson’s celebrity friends. How many did you spot? Check out Wikipedia to find out which celebrities are in this music video!)

 (Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger)

 (Featuring Keanu Reeves)


 (Featuring Johnny Depp)


 (Featuring Alicia Silverstone)


 (Featuring Courtney Cox)


Who would have ever thought so many celebrities appeared in music videos? Not me. Whoo-hoo, that was a lot of fun! Thanks for the fun theme, Les! Now, are you ready to get started? Admission to this awesome dance party is totally doable. Just grab XmasDolly…well not XmasDolly, but her button here and display it somewhere on your blog and put up your favorite YouTube video (you’ll find the weekly musical themes posted in her sidebar) for everyone to enjoy. 

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LadyJava's Lounge 





View descending from Clingman’s Dome parking lot toward 441 in the Smoky’s

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
 ~ Leo Tolstoy


I’m putting this video up before I actually know what the outcome of our nation’s votes are determining who will be the next President of the United States. I hope the change brought about on this Election Day 2012 is the change I hope for, instead of the same change from four years ago.

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