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We will never forget

Thank you for joining me for Wordless Wednesday on the anniversary of 9/11. This memorial is in a Kentucky veterans cemetery near Fort Knox as a remembrance for those who perished 12 years ago. Like all memorials, it’s a symbol so that we will never forget and we shouldn’t.

How can we forget? I can not and do not want to forget. Many cannot even forgive, much less forget. Forgiveness is the first thing I did that day. I prayed for these cowardly, wicked people who waged war against innocent people.  However, if you haven’t found the same forgiveness in your heart, then I implore you to learn how to forgive for your emotional, physical,  and spiritual health. Moving forward is the only way to keep from living in the past. I do think we should never forget this day for fear history may repeat itself. The terrorist and socialists of this world need to be crush and we should never give room for these evil forces to control our lives. Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

The sky was crystal blue on that September morn, while I sat stunned in silence in my living room. It was horrible, but I knew sitting glued to the TV for eyes with tear filled eyes that Americas would not allow themselves to be pinned to the ground, cowering in fear. We would do what we do best – be strong and fight!

Have you thanked a service man or woman for protecting our nation, our way of life, our freedom? If not, then I encourage you to do this every chance you get. This is the least we can do. They deserve to know that we are grateful for them. God bless our troops around the world! God bless the families who lost loved ones, including my very own.

For a little inspiration, I would like to share my 9/11 poem I wrote last year called,  Rise Up to Never Stay Down.


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A Salute to our Heroes

I captured this photo on Friday while snapping pictures in downtown Knoxville. My heart swelled with pride to see this man pay tribute to those who gave their lives in service for our country.

To the many (for there are many) men and women who have served past and present in the armed services so I can lay my head down at night in peace….


from the deepest recesses of my heart!


Borrowed Photo
And… God bless you for your brave sacrifce to this great country and her people!