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My favorite vacation spot – the Pine Tree State #bloghop

Originally posted in 2012, I decided to edit and share again. We all have our favorite vacation destination.  Ours is New England, specifically we LOVE Maine!  In the early to mid 80s, DH got interested in New England.  It took us five years before we actually moved from wishful thinking to actually doing anything about it. June 1988 we celebrated our 10th anniversary and we wanted an extraordinary vacation. We committed ourselves in April of that year to visit the Pine Tree State with our 11-month old baby girl, DD#1.

Our destination was Boothbay Harbor, Maine but we planned to visit nearby states. We drove nearly non-stop, except for filling the tank and bathroom stops, the entire 2,000 miles.  We capitalized on our time when not on the road ~ diaper changes, got snacks out, breast-fed, swapped drivers, … “How did DD#1 do on the long trip,” you ask.  She did beautifully!

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

We crossed the Maine state line 18-hours after leaving Knoxville. We stopped at the Welcome Center and  I’ll never forget that moment.  The woodsy pine smell filled my nostrils and the gentle waves of the morning fog rolling in made me feel like I was in a story tale.  The nippy air felt more like fall than early June.  Unprepared for the temperature change, I left Knoxville 90º conditions wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. but I did pack accordingly for Maine’s unpredictable weather swings and despite the chill against my skin it was exhilarating…almost breath-taking.

Arriving in Boothbay Harbor a couple of hours later, entering the quaint seaside village transported us into another world.  The absences of city noise was almost deafening, but the peacefulness engulfed my soul with a relaxing sense.  Our hotel was right on the harbor and the ocean was literally under us.  We had a spacious corner room with windows on both sides with two king size beds.  Exhausted, we collapsed into bed for a few hours.  I count myself blessed that our baby girl who slept most of the 20+ hours trip; rested quietly beside me until I got up refreshed.

Portland Head Lighthouse


Mt. Washington Inn Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

We spent the next 9-days eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast and fresh coastal seafood for dinner, scouting and visiting lighthouses, a day trips to Bar Harbor to visit Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor or Mt. Washington Inn in New Hampshire, and having ice cream at the world famous Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont.  This was the first of three trips to Maine.  We returned in 1997 on business and again in 2004 for our 20th anniversary;  all as nice as the first.  In fact, when we talk sometimes about our next vacation we speak of going back to The Pine Tree state, our favorite vacation destination.  Who knows… maybe next time, we’ll get to see the ever elusive moose.


What’s your favorite vacation spot?


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What/Where in the World?

What in the world is going on here? I figured it was time for a facelift – a virtual facelift that it is. The cosmetic type is too costly and frankly a little scary. I’m afraid I may look like Joan Rivers. I’m sorry, but it’s true!

Photo Courtesy of CBS News

Not that Joan is scary, but the cosmetic surgery process and outcome. You just don’t know what you’re going to look like after you come through it.

Aging gracefully will have to come naturally on my terms. Meanwhile, my blog is getting a new look! I’ve contemplated doing a complete do over with another blog. In fact, I took my blogger pal, Les from Time Out For Mom, suggestion to simply set up a test blog to tinker with until I found something I like.

Scraping this blog and starting from scratch sounded like a painful process, as I thought on it. You know, getting my current followers to migrate to my new blog and importing my original blog contents into a new blog would take a lot of work. Instead, I just decided to revamp THIS blog. In short, this equals far less work and headache.

Whew doggies, I will say this much a blog facelift is easier done than the facial kind. I’m not done yet, but I’ll get there. Who knows, maybe I’ll be like Joan Rivers and decide another change is order if I’m not happy with this facelift.

What in the world have you been up to? Besides pulling my hair out from graduation and college preparation, I have worked my backside off, literally. I’ve pushed myself to get those jiggly places not so jiggly anymore. I’ve ridden my stationary bike for a minimum of an 90-minutes most days in which time I can log 20 miles. Yesterday, I stepped my game up and pedaled 40 miles. Whew, all I can say is shaping my blog up is much easier work than it is to do the ole body!

Why torment myself, you ask. Other than appearance, (I’m not a vain person, but I do take pride in the way I look) my number one fear is Type II Diabetes. This runs throughout my family. My grandparents have it, my mother has it, and most of her siblings have it. The real kicker here is none of them are what I would consider obese people but obviously enough overweight to cause the Type II gene to go bonkers. Now, they’re stricken with this disease for the rest of their lives. I don’t want any part of that world!

Where in the world are you today – physically and emotionally? I count my lucky stars and thank the good Lord above for blessing with excellent health. We have only one body. It’s up to us to make the most of it. The Bible tells us our body is the temple of the Lord, and yet many people abuse the temple. I can’t point a finger at anyone without pointing four back at myself. I’m guilty of abusing my body, too.

What folks often time fail to see is that emotional well-being is an intricate part of having physical wellness. Bad habits such as over-eating, smoking, alcohol or drug dependency are by-products of stress, guilt, low self-esteem, anger, depression, etc in our lives. Recognizing, managing, or eliminating emotional turmoil is the key to your success for a healthy, youthful, and beautiful you.

Where in the world would you like to be? With this wacky school year winding down, my mind keeps wondering to a little vacation or staycation time or anything that has to do with relaxation is marvelous!

Going through our waist deep mound of photos for the slide show presentation stirred the yearning to return to Maine. What a beautiful place that is, especially along the coast line! Those mysterious, romantic lighthouse along the rocky shore captive my imagination. It would be awesome to spend a night in one, don’t you think? Take a look for yourself…

Nubble Light

Portland Head Light

Off Portland Head Light’s shore

Pemiquid Light


Marshall Point


Owl’s Head Light

Bass Light

** All vacation photos featured shot by my DH in 2004. Kindly, do not remove photos without permission.**


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My Thursday 2 Questions are:

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2. Where in the world would you like to take a vacation and why?

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