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#AprilA2Z Art Sketching through the Alphabet “G” + #BoTB results

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Hello, Kitten & Dawgs!  I’m delighted you joined me for the next A2Z alphabet prompt. Daddy’s Little Girl always gets to me every. single. time I hear it. Having two little girls…okay they aren’t too little anymore bring more happiness than sorrow.  My lovely little girls grew up and became lovely young ladies but they’ll always be little girls in my heart and if you’re daddy well then…I don’t need to tell you how special little girls are, right?  I’m going with girls as in little girls for my inspiration in art sketching through the alphabet with the letter “G”.

My little girls were the best of friends with only 23 months separating them and as they grew up they kept that sense of closeness most of the time but like all sisters, they have their ups and down. In their hearts, they know the other is still her best friend and that’s the way it should be.

I think little girls like being a girl at heart no matter what her age. Heck, I still refer to myself as a girl! It makes me feel gleeful.  Ladies, do you like thinking of yourself as a girl? What about you guys, do you call your lady a girl? Does she like being referenced to as a girl?

Drawing a human likeness is tricky. I need a lot of practice, especially with children.  I took a second stab at sketching little girls.  This time at school on the playground.

Playground accidents happen. I took my share of tumbles when I was in playing tag or jumping rope and I remember in those early years always wearing dresses, too.  I don’t think I started wearing pants to school until about grade six.  I know public schools used to have a strict dress code.

Hopefully, what I share with you every day will encourage you to do something that interests you that you’ve long put off because like me you just don’t think you can. My advice is, just do it! Maybe, you’ll be surprised. I know I was! 🙂

Do you have any great “G” sketching ideas? Make this gal giddy leave your suggestions in comments!  😀

Before I go, I need to share the results in Apr. 1st BoTB.  I enjoyed both angel songs but I loved the soft more mellow tone of Great White. Any other time or any other song between these two bands, then I’d probably side with the other.  For those who voted or just visited, then it probably was clear from the get-go that my listeners favored one band a great deal and won’t be a giant surprise that Breaking Benjamin gets the glory in this round with a 8 to 4 victory.



I’m heading off to link up with other fellow AtoZers and you’re invited to come along.  I’ll see you Monday on the dance floor with Monday Mewsic Moves Me (theme: Grammy Hits the year you turned 18)  as well as my next installment of Art Sketching through the Alphabet!

Have a good weekend!






A2Z Art Sketching Through the  Alphabet post recap:

  1. “A” for Angels
  2. “B” for Boys, little
  3. “C” is for Cows, Chicken & Chicks, and Big Cats
  4. “D” for Dog
  5. “E” is for Elephant, Eagle, & Elk
  6. “F” is for Fence, Fox, & Frog




All Things Vintage: GSMNP #AprilA2Z

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I’m so happy you returned for another segment of All Thing Vintage, kittens and dawgs! In the early 20s several local Knoxvillians shared a dream of creating a national park in the Blue Ridge Mountains and thankfully today we can enjoy the beauty found in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park (GSMNP).

Great Smoky Mountains National Park dedication cermony at Newfound Gap

Image source credit President Franklin Roosevelt making speech at Newfound Gap on June 15, 1934

Great Smoky Mountains National Park dedication cermony crowd gathered at Newfound Gap

Crowd gathered at dedication, image source.

The park recorded more than 10M visitors in 2014 and it’s obvious to us each year the numbers get a little stronger. The Great Smoky Mountains is our favorite spots to visit and with it being within a short driving distance from Knoxville, then we can go anytime.

I’ve taken and shared many GSMNP photos over the years with you, look at the vintage crowd photo, then imagine me standing way to the back and to the left edge of that picture shooting over the North Carolina valley, like this one from Newfound Gap.

GSMNP Newfound Gap view

I shot this picture last October. The bright morning sun creates a challenge for any photographer. I still consider myself a novice behind the camera. My original was too dark, so it was Pixelmator photo-editor to the rescue allowing me to lighten the shadows without loosing all the color in the mountains.

I encourage you, if you’re new to Curious as a Cathy, to use the key words “smoky mountains” in my site search box to see more of God’s country.

I appreciate being apart of this challenge. I can’t image all the tedious work that goes into pulling something like this together, but our friends on the A2Z Team do a fantastic job and so I just want to say, thank you!

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Now, I invite you to hop with me in checking out some of the amazing A2Zers playing along this year and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to read about Hershey’s.

10 Get-to-know Cathy facts #AtoZRoadTrip #music

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Good-morning kittens & dawgs! Usually, I like to pull together a random chat on Tuesday mornings, but I shared my new blog friend’s upcoming book release to announce. Anywho, I promised Les @ Time Out For Mom that I’d answer her questions (below).


image borrowed from Time Out For Mom

image borrowed from Time Out For Mom’s blog

I thought this would be good for newbie’s to Curious as a Cathy to learn more about me with these 10 get-to-know Cathy facts!

  1. Nicknames didn’t get pinned to me all that much, as a kid. My childhood BFF gave me one. You can find out what it is if you want by reading 10 Cathy Facts. My favorite is the one DH gave me. Legs. No, I don’t have long legs. He just likes them.  I love it and it’s a lot better than the ole ball and chain! 😉
  2. I have hazel eyes. Sometimes they appear green and other times they look like chestnut. But, I have yet to see a blue reflection like some people do with their hazel eyes. I’m actually a little jealous.
  3. Do we have to talk hair color? Well…it’s more or less a sandy blonde with shimmering white flecks. I would color my hair, but nothing ever works (OTC) to mask it. So, I think I’m slowly accepting this is the way it’s meant and move on.
  4. I’m truly a girly girl. I love all things girly ~ from a man opening a door for me to wearing heels. There is a lot of in-between stuff that comes with being a girly girl. I make no apologies or excuses for the way I am. I totally embrace being a soft woman and having others see me this way.
  5. My absolute favorite color is soft pink. Nothing says femininity like soft pink does, except maybe white and I do love those colors together.
  6. I’m not sure how to answer the question on my favorite place. Are we talking about vacation place or just in general? I’m going to go with a vacation because that’s simple. I love the New England area, especially the coastline of Maine with all those lighthouses. If you’ve read my blog for a while, then you already know this little tidbit. Maine is a beautiful state and I really want to go back!
  7. Many of the celebs I enjoy watching are from the 80s ~ Tom Selleck, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Pierce Bronson, and Tom Cruise. This list is by no means complete.  I have a soft spot for all these aging actors. The new (or not-so-new) popular actors I like are Antonio Banderas (Assassins, The Legend of Zorro, Expendables 3 )Hugh Jackman (Kate & Leopold),  John Hamm (Mad Men), Kiefer Sutherland (24), Ryan Reynolds (The In-laws & The Proposal), Chris Evans ( The Losers and The Iceman), Jason Statham (Chaos & The Italian Job), George Clooney (O’ Brother Where Art Thou & Ocean series), … If I think about it enough, I can add more names. Maybe, I’ll have to do this as feature post sometime soon to give all my favorites recognition.
  8. I’m a fan of all animals in general, but if I had to pick one maybe a moose or black bear. I have yet to see a moose in life. I became kinda fascinated with them since our first visit to Maine. Unfortunately, we didn’t go to the best part of the state for moose watching. On occasion, we spot a black bear and some elk (the closest thing to a moose I’ve seen) in the Smoky’s. It never fails to make me giddy as a school girl to see woodland creatures in the wild.
  9. Are you kidding me…a favorite song? I don’t know that I have just one favorite tune. You gotta remember this is coming from someone who does two music related posts each week and most days I include a song with my writing. But…I have a very special place in my heart Bread’s music (listen to the full album The Best of Bread below)
  10. Reader’s Digest? lol Actually, reading anything longer than a magazine article is about all I have done for many years. I never read a lot and after I had kids my focus for sitting down with a good book vanished…completely.  I buy interesting e-books with the hopes of changing my crazy mind now the children are all out of the house. Hopefully, the passion others experience for literature will ignite with me.

NOTE: The above hyperlinks are my posts that I thought you might like.


What’s your nickname? Do you have a favorite song? Tell me something new about you!


It’s time to hit the road again and I hope you’ll hop in the backseat for the ride as I head over to meet a few of my fellow A2Zroadsters.


I saw this on FB and couldn't resist sharing. :D

I saw this on FB and couldn’t resist sharing. 😀





I Was Attacked!

Really, I was attacked! Of all places, inside of Wal-Mart in the dairy department. There we were looking at the milk…

“The date on the milk is July 15th,” said my DH. “How many should we get?”

“Hey, Dad – look!”

My DH and I turned to see what DS was pointing toward. Across the way in front of the eggs stood a woman. Something was clinging onto her arm.

My husband says, “Is it a squirrel?”

“I don’t think so, ” came DS’s response.

I exclaimed, “What is that thing?” Obviously a little too loud because it got the woman’s attention. She approached us. Just as she entered my personal space I began backing up. Remember folks, I’m totally OCD. I felt threatened. Panic swelled inside me. I totally tuned out the conversation between my DS and this woman by this point. Suddenly, IT leaped onto my arm.

“Eeeck!’ I let out. I could hear my echo as that THING ran up on my arm to my shoulder.

“Oh! This has never happened before,” explained the woman. “Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt you. It must like you.”

I didn’t care that IT liked me or not. I was in shock and paralyzed, as the woman retrieved this THING now on my left shoulder. My arm felt all scratchy. That’s when I noticed the culprit drew blood…my blood! It’s tiny razor claws dug into my skin at my wrist where it initially jumped onto me.

“Are you okay?”

All I could do is shake my head that I was okay.

“It’s really a friendly little thing.”

I backed away.

She finally turned to leave, “This has never happened before, I just don’t understand. Are you sure you’re okay?”

With one last nod of affirmation I was okay, she….more importantly, IT disappeared from my sight.

Meet my attacker or at least this is what my attacker looked like…

No, not the woman, the thing on her shoulder. It’s called a Sugar Glider. If I hadn’t been frightened out of my wits and had the pleasure of seeing it behind glass or in a cage then I might find this little critter kind of cute. I’m very thankful, though it didn’t do this to me….

give me a facehug!

Word of warning, Sugar Gliders are notorious for jumping on people. Steer clear of them. I know I will! On a positive note, the only good thing which came from my experience is the inspiration for my Alphabe-Thursday ‘G’ assignment. Who would have thought, right? ^.^

Today’s T2Q are:

1. How do you feel about people bringing pets into the store? I certainly don’t think pets of any size should accompany people to the store unless it’s an animal that’s used to assist someone. I highly doubt a Sugar Glider falls into that category.

2. Have you ever been attacked by an animal? This attack is not my first, when I was very small two large dogs attacked me or so it seemed. I was really small, maybe two or three years old. We were visiting someone, I don’t even know who when I spied two horses dogs coming toward me and I bolted (first mistake) for my mommy who was…where was she anyhow? I don’t remember, I just ran for our car which was up a very long driveway. It had to be a mile long…okay I’m exaggerating. It felt like a mile, though. By the time I reached the gate, those beasts were standing behind my back, breathing down my neck pressing me against the gate. All I can remember was I was trembling and crying so hard. In retrospect, I realize they were probably only playing with me. I wasn’t physically hurt me, but try telling that to a very small and scared little girl. “Oh, darling the nice big dogs only want to play with you.” Uh-huh, I don’t think so.

Visit Miss Jenny and the rest of the Alphabe-Thursday classroom for more groovy ‘G’ posts and while you’re hopping around, be sure to play along with Miss Amanda in 94th edition of Thursday Two Questions.


3 Goal Saving Principles

Goals. We either make them or we don’t at the start of every New Year. A couple of week’s ago, I listed several of mine in my Tuesday Meme Mix Up post.  It seems, as soon as we commit ourselves to doing something we get this sensation of being entangled in a snare or at least I do. There’s a trick to not letting procrastination flub up your well thought out resolutions if you’ll begin by putting into motion these 3 saving principle goals.

1. Limitations. One big draw back is making goals you know you can’t successfully do.  One goal I use to make every year was to organize my entire house. Wrong! I will NEVER be able to see this as a reality.  Instead, I’ve learned to take it one room at a time using the use it or lose it rule. If there is no more practical use of an item, then I trash it. Unfortunately, I married a pack rat and we spawn three little pack rats. Daddy pack rat is coming around to my philosophy of, use it or lose it, though. Today, I tally more victories and fewer failures by not stretching my limits.

2. Boundaries.  I’ve learned over the years the sure-fire way to make me throw out all of my goals before I get even get things off the ground is by attempting to do too much at one time. Year after year, I would commit to losing weight. Who hasn’t been there, right? It was no to this, no to that. This mentality caused me to want these things more. I found denying myself of these foods completely is more likely to binge eat which resulted in horrible guilt. I found myself unable to push beyond the wall of negative feelings and my noble goals pushed out the window. I learned it was important to allow my psychological state to not only recognize my weaknesses but to give myself permission to fudge a little. Soon, my cravings vanished.  Boundaries can help you to accomplish a greater good over a short-term fix.

3. Tenacity. Don’t give up! The bottom line is this, you’re going to hit snags. Life throws a curve ball from time to time. It’s inevitable, you’re going to get knocked off your feet.  Ask yourself this, if you were lost in a dessert, would you give up and die? Absolutely not! You would pick yourself up and keep going. Your goals will never be lost during life’s chaos again if you keep up this train of thinking. The stick-to-itiveness which separates whiners from shiners is tenacity!

Goals impossible or possible? You decide!

“…for with God all things are possible.”



Visit Miss Jenny for more  Alphabe-Thursday ‘G’ classroom reports! 😉

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