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T is for Time and 5 Ways to Make Your Time Better Spent

Conceptual images about time

Conceptual images about time

Time, time, time! We all complain about not having enough TIME! Why is that?  God created our world, our universe, our everything, and yet He had time to relax on the sabbath.  We aren’t the Big Man upstairs, I realize.  But, we simply seem to run short on time.  Let me hit on some tricks to improve your/my daily time management.



5 Ways to Make Your Time Better Spent:

  1. Stick to a routine.  Yeah, easier said than done. I know but honestly, it keeps you focused.
  2. Jot it down. I once read goals written down are more successfully completed than if not written out. My command center is a large white board with my To-Dos listed.
  3. Organize your to-dos. If you know a chore is too big to handle at one shot, then break it down into two jobs and spread it over a few days to cut the stress factor.
  4. Keep track of how much time you spend on activities so to not become too absorbed and neglectful of other things.
  5. Avoid distractions (TV, email, blogging, Internet surfing) until it’s more convenient.

The Labor Day weekend is approaching which means heavier TRAFFIC.  Families are trying to squeeze in that last-minute vacation before TIME gets delegated to a more rigid routine.

Traveling on the highway is a popular and less expensive means of transportation. Safety is a concern for everyone, especially during busier periods such as a holiday weekend.

Remember to…

  • Buckle up!
  • Don’t drive angry.
  • Keep alert!
  • Avoid alcohol.

A traffic overload befalls Knoxville every Labor Day weekend. In 1987, an event called Boomsday debated, and since has grown into the largest Labor Day firework display in the nation.  It’s a real crowd pleasure for locals and outsiders alike.  To view the gorgeous night sky display, you can join 400,000 of your neighbors and friends in downtown Knoxville.  Prime spots usually are at the World’s Fair Park where folks enjoy listening to the KSO or along the Tennessee River from Neyland Drive.  Both locations have plenty of food and souvenir vendors to make the outing more fun as you watch the coolest fireworks show ever!

Anytime is a good time for good food and company.  Part of our Labor Day weekend’s plans, including spending time with some good friends in their home for dinner.  I made an Italian Cream Cake for the occasion.

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the afternoon and into the evening making this tasty, tempting dessert.  I made two cakes. The first one didn’t turn out quite right (partly due to a poor recipe and the other part is I made a goof). Thankfully, the second one was successful. My darling husband A.K.A The Taste-Tester had a tiny bite of it where I leveled off the layer and he declared, “I think it’s going to be good.”

I’m participating in another week of Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Miss Jenny.  Today’s classroom lesson is the letter ‘T’ for Time!






Labor Day

For many of us this is a holiday from school or work. I recollect my childhood days in southern WV, when my daddy was a coal miner. That’s not only hard work, but very scary dangerous work. I remember Daddy working the second shift, which meant he didn’t arrive home until after midnight. His skin was so blackened by the coal dirt.  After he showered himself clean, he still wore evidence of his work.  As a kid, I always thought my daddy looked a bit mysterious with a ring of coal dirt lining his already dark set eyes.  Funny, today there are people who elect to have permanent cosmetics applied through surgical procedures to get this look. I wonder if the coal miners were their inspiration.  A tiny reflection of a fond memory I have of my brother is, how we would confiscate any treats Daddy left in his mining pale on purpose for us–a few white powdered donuts or a snowball cake which we gladly shared. We loved this!  What simply times.

However, a coal miner’s life can have serious health consequences. My daddy had to retire from the coal mines in the mid 70s because after a Black Lung disease diagnoses. There are many men just like my daddy who suffer with this disease. I know how it feels on the rare occasion my allergies restrict my lungs functioning. It’s difficult and frightening. To realize this is an ongoing presence in the life of a coal miner afflicted with this disease makes me cringe. It took my daddy several years to battle things out in court against the coal mining industry, but he eventually received Black Lung compensation.

Aside from health concerns, sadly there are a number of coal miners who have lost their lives while on the job. The sorrow that ripples through the families and communities swell nation-wide. We all feel their heartaches. I’m very much thankful to have my daddy, my father-in-law, all of my uncles, and my grandpa still today despite the many risks they faced each day in the hollow darkness of a coal mine.

I’m so grateful my husband nor I have to worry with catastrophes be falling him at the office, like a coal miner, factory worker, steel mill operator, policemen, emergency personnel, highway road worker,  and the list goes on. But, I’m very thankful for men and women who do these sorts of things as a living, as they are essential to our nation.

As you’re enjoying your day off – relaxing day by the pool, on the lake, at your computer screen, or in front of the TV, then please join me in taking a moment to reminisce those who ultimately made this day a holiday for us and kindly say a prayer for those, regardless of the work, who by the sweat of their brow continue to shape this country into this great land that we love.

God bless the American worker!

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