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Mad World #BOTB



I know, I know it’s Monday, kittens & dawgs. I wanted to give y’all something to smile about this morning. Wait a minute! Did I say it’s Monday? Monday = music ALWAYS! I’m not only going to make you smile, but I might make you dance, too.

Welcome to June 1 edition of BoTB! The English new wave band Tears for Fears Mad World track became an international hit in the early 80s and since that time 42 other artists did it as a cover. Do your memory jogged? If so, listen below.


It’s time to pit one band(artist) against another. There is no right or wrong vote, except a vote NOT cast. Who will win? It’s all up to you! It’s a Mad World!

The thing is I don’t know if I remember the original artist or cover artist (scratch head) Gary Jules  Mad World song track. The remake became an international hit, too.  I have a feeling it’s Jules’ version I’m familiar with, but I won’t swear to it.

I try to do things a little different by veering from the most popular covers on purpose for the competition. You guessed it, TFF and Jules are not contenders.

Moving on, after listening to several artists that kept true to the original style, I found Michael Parsberg. His cover transformed it a slow, dreamy song to more of a dance floor number and I kinda like it. What do you think?


One of the last artist to cover this classic in 2013 is Jasmine Thompson. This new-to-me, sweet voice holds potential. The only thing missing is lyrics to claim as hers and move away from covering other artists’ songs. That being said, give a listen to Jasmine!


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Did you vote? Don’t let a little thing like not being a part of BoTB stop you from picking your favorite. This is open to everyone! Does that make you feel better? Good. Now, why not hop over STMcC to learn how this all works and to visit more BoTB bloggers hosting more epic battles!

Thanks for joining me for this battle showdown. Now to dance with XmasDolly and co-hosts!

Have a bandtastic day! ~image borrowed~

Have a bandtastic day! ~image borrowed~