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    #Facebook Page Yay or Nay? #help

      Do you have a Facebook Page for your blog? I do, but I’m rethinking the purpose of it. I’m unclear, if there is any real benefit to me to have one. Everything I post on my blog pushes to my Facebook Page, so what you see here, you see there. The only thing of benefit is those who liked my page will get notification of my newest posts and that’s not too many right now. What do you think? Is there a need for one? If so, what other benefits are there for me? I’m not a published author (excluding the one children’s book), I do not sell anything,…

  • Help

    Blog Button Question

    Last Friday, I launched my Friday Sillies with its own button. I finally got this working. Hooray for me, right? The next thing I got to wondering about is, how do you make the button always go to the meme, instead of the home page? Do I have to set my memes as a page in order for this to work out? Mucho thanks!!

  • Health & Wellness

    XBox 360 vs Exercise DVDs

    Like Gotham City calling out to Batman for help, this is my call for help to you. For years, I’ve routinely used a number of exercise DVDs to keep in shape. Now that the newest, baddest video games are pushing interactive exercising, I’m wondering if there is any advantage to using the XBox 360 with Kinect over my current routine. Do you have experience with both?  Can you tell me what you like or don’t like about the XBox 360 with Kinect?

  • Writing Help

    Spreading my wings

    I joined an online site called Critique Circle upon the advice of a fellow author.  I’m eager to do whatever is needed to improve my writing. I hope this is the missing element I can’t get locally.  It’s not that there aren’t any fine critique groups in town, but my ability to join them at this time.  While mingling with a group of writers would be nice, I must admit I like the idea of socializing with writers online more because I can do this at anytime of the day or night. Nah, I’m not anti-social. I’m anything, but THAT! I love being around people too much to be dubbed as anti-social. But, time…