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Happy Birthday to Xmas Dolly!

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Whew, what an awesome time I had spending with my DH for the last couple of weeks!  The simpleness of us being together doing whatever we want at a leisure pace was amazingly relaxing and fun. Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

Things have resumed once again and we are now back on track with our daily routines as before, but a newness…a revitalization of my mind and spirit has been given to me to take on the mundane tasks of everyday living. Before I move forward, though, I’d like to give an appreciative shout-out to my most excellent husband, “Thank you, Sweetie, for sharing the last 16 days with me. It was fabulous!”

While on my mini-vacation, I must admit I did miss just a teeny bit my blogging friends.  It’s nice to be back with you.  However, if I’m given another chance to share more fun with my husband, then I’d jump at the opportunity in a heartbeat. Don’t take it personally, but my husband is like my über best friend ever!

One way to get things officially back on track is to link up with one of my favorite memes…

This week’s theme is to play a song for Marie A.K.A. Xmas Dolly. It’s her birthday, as well as her 2nd blogoversary.

Recently, I heard Enrique Iglesias perform and while I knew who he is, I had never given his music much thought up until that time.  This 36-year-old, Spanish pop singer/songwriter has video charisma and talent.

This is for you, Marie…Happy Birthday and Blogoversary to you!






Today’s Spotlight Couple is…



Come on join the party! Link up below to get in on the dance fever!


Please share links to other music memes with me and my readers – music moves me all through the week!

Have a marvelous Monday!