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#Halloween Edition – Vintage Masks, Treat Bags, Candy, & More #tbt

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Purrs and howdys, Kittens & Dawgs! For the next three weeks, I plan to bring to you Halloween memories from my childhood in my Throw Back Thursday series. Today, I’m reminiscing of masks, treat bags, candy, and more!

Halloween is wildly popular with adults more so than I remember it ever being as a kid.  I liked dressing up when my folks could afford it but usually all we got was a plastic mask and that was pretty darn neat!

Here’s just a few…


I think my best friend wore one like this.



I was Queen of the Nile one year and I not only had the mask but an inexpensive costume. I was so excited to wear a real costume, maybe too excited because I ran out the front door and tripped into a big mud puddle. Soaked to the bone, I returned home to change clothes. I was miserable for messing up my new costume and the cold, wet weather made things worse. I really wanted to wear the complete outfit because it was my first time to have a nifty costume. In the end, I had a lot of fun and getting lots of candy made me feel better. 🙂


Another year, I was a Gypsy but nohave a costume. Seeing this mask reminds me of the vintage classic, “The Wolf Man”. I plan to talk about that in another installment. 😉

To collect the hordes of candy, most of the time we used a paper bag to hold our candy loot. I almost remember us decorating our paper bags like this, except I don’t think my jack-o-lantern ever wore a patch.

Sometimes, I used a small plastic pumpkin shaped Halloween bucket sorta like one below. This is what we got our children.

DH said he used an orange heavy-duty plastic bag and believe it or not, we have his “trick or treat” bag some where in this house. All three of the kids used it at one point. I think it’s awesome that they were able to use some of the things from DH’s boyhood.

Most of our Halloween stash consisted of “penny candy” along with a few pieces of chocolate or bubblegum.

However, if we were really lucky sometimes the women in our community would go the extra mile to give us home-made popcorn ball or candy or caramel apples. Now, that was a real treat!

A fun thing we liked to buy just days before Halloween was candy waxed lips especially the fang version.

Candy implies you can eat it but these waxed lips weren’t disgestible. The best we could do was chew on the flavored wax like gum until our jaw couldn’t take it anymore. It seems like such a waste now but it was part of a fun childhood experience and one I wouldn’t give up.

I found a fun Halloween playlist of 50s and 60s tunes on YouTube, many made before I was born but know very well today and some released during my youth. So, I will sign off for now with a bit of mewsic.

  1. That Old Black Magic – Peggy Lee 1952 (0:07)
  2. The Headless Horseman – Bing Crosby 1953 (0:43)
  3. Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra 1957 (1:14)
  4. The Monster Hop – Burt Convy 1958  (1:50)
  5. Love Potion #9 –  The Searchers 1959 (2:24)
  6. Grim Grinning Ghosts – Buddy Baker 1962 (3:00)
  7. Beware – Bill Buchanan 1962 (3:37)
  8. Little Red Riding Hood – Sam the Sham and the Pharahos 1968 (4:15)
  9. Season of the Witch – Donovan 1966 (4:59)
  10. Boris the Spider – The Who 1966 (5:34)
  11. Sympathy For The Devil – The Rolling Stones 1968 (6:10)
  12. Spooky – Classic IV 1969 (6:44)
  13. Bad Moon Rising – Credence Clearwater Rival CCR 1969 (7:21)


Did you dress up for Halloween? What was your favorite treat?

Please join me next time for Friday Fun Stuff Sillies Only Edition!













Skywatch Friday: It was a dark and stormy night

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It’s Halloween’s eve; I thought it would be good time to get my creepy on.

PROJECT11 DSC_4578 gnarled tree photo-art

I originally shared this image, here, but felt it a perfect choice for Halloween’s Eve, don’t you?

Well, not exactly but thanks to photo-editing I turned an ordinary day shot of an exceptionally interesting tree into a dark and stormy night with a scary, gnarly tree.

For more bizarre or not-so-creepy sky shots join photo enthusiasts across the net on Skywatch Friday .

It’s time for Celebrate the small things.

I celebrate….

  • that there aren’t any such things as zombies, vampires, werewolves, and other scary supernatural forces.
  • the talents of screenwriters/novelist imaginative minds who breathe life into these creepy monsters in their manuscripts or upon the big screen for our entertainment.
  • all things yummy… caramel apples, bite size candy bars, caramel corn, pumpkin spiced lattes, and hot chocolate.
  • the sweet memories of trick or treating from my childhood and of my children.
  • above all else that I have never experienced any real life horror stories

Life should be celebrated, even when it seems like you have no reason to celebrate. Just look around, I bet you’ll see something good! What are you celebrating?

One way to celebrate is with  Friendship Friday and Friday Features Linky Party, where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration to boot!

For more spooktacular fun, check out my 5 of the scariest movies I’ve seen and H.R.’s 10 Graveyard Facts.

Have a safe and fun Halloween! Join me on Sunday for November 1st edition of Battle of the Band. Thanks for visiting. Until we meet on the other side of the lens, have a fototastic day!

bizarrocomics ghosts


~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

#TheListingHop 5 of the scariest movies I’ve seen #music

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This is the last Monday in the month, kittens & dawgs. The year is flying away like a witch on a broomstick. I’m pulling together a theme based 2-for-1 post with 5 of the scariest movies I’ve seen.

Let’s get started!

#1 Psycho


Everyone has to agree the shower scene is the heart-stopping moment in this flick. It’s definitely the most memorable. We didn’t have a shower when I saw this movie and afterwards I never wanted to take a shower. Years later I learned that shower sales declined sharply after people saw this movie. Talk about movie persuasion!


#2 Jaws


The opening scene with the gal taking a late night dip in the ocean struck real terror in my heart. Not only did it scare me to death, it roused a hidden fear that I have of deep water and since then if my feet can’t touch the bottom (excluding swimming pools), then I curl my legs up to my chest.


#3 The Exorcist


The wickedest part of this was the whole head turning completely around thing, regurgitating on the priest, bed levitation, creepy demonic voice in this movie. It sorta left me a bit traumatized because I know there are such things as demons and this truly raised the hairs on my head.

#4 Friday the 13th


Up until this point, I had NO idea what horror films were really like and honestly after all that slice and dice, thinking the bad guy is dead, but really isn’t stuff then this totally turned me against these sorts of flicks. This stuff actually happens. What was I thinking of? Anywho, after the first terrifying scene where I pierced DH’s ear drums and the people sitting the row in front us with a shrill pitch that surprisingly escaped my lips, and then I sat in the theater the rest of the time with my hands ready to cover my eyes, which was often, until the movie ended. Boy, was I ever happy when that movie was over!

#5 Alien


Science Fiction is a different kind of creepy and I’m pretty sure this sorta thing can NEVER happen. However, near the beginning of this flick where the “Alien infant” bursts out of that man’s robbed me of six of my seven lives on the spot. I screamed. I jumped. I pulled my feet into my chair (and, I’m pretty sure that’s where they stayed the whole time). It was seriously good scary stuff. The best part is I looked forward to a possible second movie.

Thanks for joining this scaredy-Cathy, but before you go, I invite you to visit Bish and her co-host, Alex. The duo responsible for this blogging community event.


I’m participating!

Now, let’s keep the party going, link up and join the fun with the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew for a spooktacular time.


And, this is a scary thing in itself! Have a safe and happy Halloween!



Sunday Sillies: Reminants of Halloween #humor

This week while watching prime TV programs had a Halloween theme, but…the commercials were promoting Christmas! Is that wacky or what? I just had to laugh at the madness of it all.  Anywho, I missed the last two weeks due to my blogging hiatus and I know everyone needs some laughs. Although, it’s November and we’re l looking forward to the next holiday, I thought I would share these last Halloween giggles.

bad side of the city

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#WW: Spooky Manor

This month I’m taking a hiatus. There will be no featured photographers, but I’m keeping the linky party going and will do return visits in short order.


I originally shared this image with you last year. This is Greystone Manor, which is home to WATE-TV here in town. I decided to turn it into a Spooky Manor using Photoshop by converting the image to B&W and adding some ghostly overlays provided by Obsidian Dawn.

How many ghosts do you see? Have a safe Halloween. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fototastic day!