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Historic Elkmont in the Smoky’s #WW

Welcome, Kittens & Dawgs to my humble abode! Last Thursday I shared some of the Smoky’s wildfire landscape scarring photos that I took on the day after Christmas. We felt the need to get out. I reckon to release a little cabin fever.  It was a beautiful day. The mountains and foothills communities were bustling with more activity than I cared for but we enjoyed the day nonetheless.  We headed toward Cades Cove in the park with the hopes of taking a short walk in the old logging community of Historic Elkmont in the Smoky’s.

We used to walk the trail (not this one) that runs beside the river with the kids when they were at home.  It’s been a few years since we’d ventured this way and we were surprised to find the park service has developed the area more.  One of the improvements made is expanding the paved parking which is really nice.

Although the temperatures were pleasantly mild, it was very breezy and with my ear bothering me I couldn’t chance at being outdoors too long.  I really wanted to linger along the trail snapping pictures and imagining life in this community in its heyday.

One of the cabins caught my attention and I really wished I had snapped a shot of the long flowing curtain rustled by the wind which made me think of ghosts. Is the old town haunted? Perhaps by ghosts or maybe just memories of a lost past.

You can read about the history and Elkmont’s early beginnings in the 1900s by three Pennsylvanians who come to the area looking for virgin timbers.

As I said earlier, I’m eager to come back for another photo-op of this old ghost town and to enjoy a lovely nature walk.  Perhaps, I’ll pack a picnic lunch for us to enjoy, too.


Join me tomorrow for another peek through my lens with my newest edition of Skywatch Friday & Celebrate the Small Things.

Have a fototastic day.