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There’s nothing like remembering when and each week with my on Flashback Friday (previously under Genealogy) posts I try to share family memories and photos. If you like a taste of nostalgia then I invite you to read these posts:

Meet my parents

Meet my grandparents part I

Meet my grandparents part II 

Meet my grandparents part III


Are you a family record keeper ~ a collector of tears and laughs, photographs and stories of the past?




Thanks for stopping by. I invite you to come back tomorrow for Meet my grandparents part IV. It’s time to hit the road again and I hope you’ll hop in the backseat for the ride as I head over to meet a few of my fellow A2Zroadsters.

Meet my grandparents Part III #FlashbackFriday

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! In Meet my grandparents Part 1, I introduced my maternal grandparents, Joy Payne and Joe Crockett Hagerman. This morning, I want to share old photos of my grandma’s parents and siblings.

Allow me to introduce to you my great-grandparents, Samuel Frederick and Hattie Keaton Payne.


My great-grandparents with youngest daughter, Ina. Circa late 50s to early 60s in Jolo, WV up the same holler (Groundhog) my maternal grandparents lived.

I was very young when my great-grandparents moved from McDowell County West Virginia to Bland County Virginia in the small community of Rocky Gap. We didn’t visit often, but when we did it was a special treat. One of the fondest memories I have of Grandpa Payne is when he brought out, Mr. Ed, a talking (pull string) horse hand puppet. I thought that was the neatest thing ever and I always begged to see Mr. Ed every chance I got.

Sam&HattiePayne2 Sam&HattiePayne3

I’m not entirely sure the year of these pictures, but I suspect the left shot was in the mid to late 60s and the right photo is from the late 70s to early 80s. Another memory I have is Grandpa’s coin collection. I don’t remember a lot about it other than I thought it was really cool. Maybe, I just liked all the shiny coins and the thoughts of all the candy I could buy with them. I remember Grandma being a sweet old woman who didn’t have teeth. Well, she had dentures but wouldn’t wear them. I think they were ill-fitting and not comfortable to wear. It amazed me how she could chew up just about anything with bare gums. My children never knew their great-great grandparents.


Grandma & Grandpa Payne’s children. From L to R: Joy (my grandma), S.F. (Sam Frank, Jr), Della Campbell, Gayette White, Helen Blankenship, Janet McDonald, and Kenneth. Siblings not pictured Freeman, Larry, and Ina Page.  Photographed in the 80s in Rocky Gap, Virginia.

This will be my last Flashback Friday link up party (not posts) until September. This hasn’t been a huge success and I wonder if I should dismiss the use of it altogether. What do you think?

Leave a trail, so we can find our way back to you! 😉


Today, I  celebrate the small things in my life.

  • longer days
  • cotton candy clouds and blue skies
  • afternoon thunder showers
  • rainbows painted across the sky
  • summer breeze


What are you celebrating?

This summer I’m slowing things down in Blogosphere. It just makes sense to step back and enjoy the long days. I won’t completely vanish from the net. You’ll spot me from time to time making rounds, commenting, and sharing short posts.  Meanwhile, let’s celebrate making new friends together and we can begin by joining Friendship Friday and Follow Who? Social-Weekend blog hops. Thanks for visiting. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for a little boogie session with Saturday Songsuasion!


Have a suntastic summer!

Have a suntastic summer!


#AprilA2Z Old Days – Meet My Grandparents Part II #genealogy

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Good morning, kittens & dawgs! I interrupt the regular program to bring you this special announcement…. I preëmpt all routine posts to bring you my contributions to this month’s largest blogging event. Don’t worry, normal posting will resume next month like clockwork (I hope). Meanwhile, I invite you to stick around to enjoy the #AprilA2Z fun!


How are things with you? Life is good. In Meet my grandparents part I, you met my maternal grandparents. Today, I want to tell you what I know about my other set of grandparents in the Old Days – Meet My Grandparents Part II!

The history on my dad’s side is a bit sketchy at best. I didn’t spend a lot of time with my paternal grandparents as I did my other set of grandparents.  Although, Dolly is younger than my daddy I felt this song was right for this morning’s music choice. Let me start by introducing to you my grandmother….

Nancy Roberts


ROBERTS Nancy "Nannie"BC

Grandma is the sweetheart to the far right in this vintage photo. I don’t know who the others are, but in time I will gather their names. Photographed circa 1924

My paternal grandfather is a bit of a mystery, but grandma named Daddy’s biological father years ago. Long story short (maybe another time), Grandma never married. Meet…

Arther Lester


The woman in the photo is Arther Lester’s wife (not my grandma). I borrowed this photo from a relative on Facebook or Ancestry.

In my young years, Grandma lived with old man Lige Estep. This is another story in itself and I doubt I’ll ever learn everything to give the story justice, but Lige is Grandma’s step-father.


ROBERTS Ligie Estep, Nannie, & daddy BC

Pictured left to right: Lige Estep, Grandma, Daddy, and an unknown woman with a little girl. Kneeling in front is Dee Roberts (Daddy’s brother) and an unknown boy.  I suspect it’s the mid-50s judging Daddy’s youthful appearance.

Grandma was a kind person full of laughs. I don’t think I ever saw her mad in all of my life. I recollect fondly of her with a cup of coffee in her hand and always laughing about something someone shared. In many ways, I see this very quality in my daddy. Of course, I have seen my daddy mad, but this post isn’t about him. lol

ROBERTS grandma 1980BCGrandma died from cancer in September 1980. She was 72 years old. Her story has interested me for years and I want to write a fiction novel loosely based on her life. I penned a snippet a year ago, but I have yet to finish penning my inspirations. I guess I time to get off my duff and do something about it!

What is your favorite, old days memory? Do you draw inspiration in your writings from old family members? Have you recorded digitally (audio or video) any of their old stories?

Follow me while I visit some out-of-this-world bloggers taking part in the outstanding A2Z blogging event!




Genealogy: Meet my grandparents part I

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! Did y’all have long holiday weekend? It was nice to spend the extra day with DH. On Saturday, we took a trip to Brevard, NC which sits at the edge of Pisgah National Forest. Come back tomorrow for a little photo share from our visit. Sunday, we stayed home and watched the last of the NFL play-offs. We rooted for the Packers, but in the last two minutes of the game the Seahawks got with the program and pulled off a victory. The second game, we figured there would be no contest between the Patriots and Colts. And, as it turned out, we were right. The Patriots ran away with the game at 45-7. So, Boston and Seattle will go head-to-head in Super Bowl 49. Who will you root for?

I’m happy you decided to join me this morning. Recently, I started digging into my family’s past and kicked off my genealogy series with Meet my parents and this morning I want to introduce my maternal grandparents to you.


Meet Joe Crockett & Leatrice Joy Payne Hagerman. Photographed taken in 1944. I recall Grandma saying she was 18 in this picture. They would have been newly married, no doubt. My mother wasn’t born yet. I think this was taken on their old homestead in Groundhog Hollow, which is in McDowell County in the town of Jolo, West Virginia.

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Genealogy: Meet my parents

Hello, kittens & dawgs! How’s life treating you? Years ago, we bought two hardcover books about DH’s Kennedy/Horn family heritage and ever since then I wanted to learn about my family background. Last month DD#2 inspired me to do my own digging with ancestry.com after she mentioned it. So, here goes nothing! I’d like you to meet my parents: Joetta Hagerman and Oscar Roberts

image was snapped inside my maternal grandparents home in Jolo, WV (Groundhog Hollow). My mother is about 14 or 15 here. My Dad is 7-years her senior. The small child is of my second cousin, Michael Campbell (son of Della Payne & Charlie Campbell).

image was snapped inside my maternal grandparents home in Jolo, WV (Groundhog Hollow). My mother is about 14 or 15 here. My Dad is 7-years her senior. The small child is of my second cousin, Michael Campbell (son of Della Payne & Charlie Campbell).

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