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Thursday Thoughts: Online College Course & Distressed FX App

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I am thinking…casually…about taking online courses to earn a cool, new degree in something. That something is a big mystery to me, though. I want to give financially to our income. I have a desire to buy my our dream house one day, but that will take a lot of money. A lot of money we don’t have. I don’t want DH to be forced to work every single day of his life to pay off a new mortgage.

The soul of my passion lie within my writing. I enjoy giving of myself others, and to be a part of the same circle of people who share in the same passion. However, I am certain as night follows day my talents as an author in the sense of literary substance like a novel has many short comings. There are ideas floating inside that cavity I call my brain, but putting a story plot to paper, figuratively speaking, is a different matter entirely.

Bloggers are authors. There are many writers in Blogosphere who are excellent at penning their craft in a clever, informative, humorous, inspiring creative expressions of themselves. Me…not so much. My artistic niche is very much a work-in-progress. The one thing I can honestly say is consistent in my writing is the passing on of good information to my readers and I regard my efforts as “so-so” at best. I see myself as knowing little about much; meaning I have learned just enough from personal experience or research where I know a little about many things.

That is my cue to share with you, my discovered treasure, a free writing online course. This is an appealing and excellent opportunity to capitalize on freebie resources to boost one’s writing technique. Who knows, this venue may improve my blogging writing which could attract new sponsored posts, and it may springboard the novel hiding inside my head that’s just begging to climb the New York Times Best Sellers list. More money = dream house. More money = DH retires with ease. It’s time to put feet to my dreams so these things can come to pass. Join me in scooping out The Crafty Writer to unleashing one’s fullest potential!

Writing is a strong preoccupation of mine. Yes, I would love to build a career as a novelist or the blogger that I am. Another area of interest is photography. I am a novice, photo hobbyist with limited talent. A writer’s pen or in this case computer is like an artist’s brush. Both love to create. It doesn’t surprise me when my artsy side emerges when I am behind the camera or working with photo editing software to alter my picture to reshape the mood that my image will inspire.

Last week, my friend – Cheryl Tarrant, posted that her Apple photo editing app was newly upgraded.  Intrigued by the process of adding layers and textures to redefine her original paintings or photographs produced cool results.  As I said, I love to get creative and I didn’t hesitate to take advantage of Cheryl’s generous freebie offer.

You can either use images from your camera roll or snap a photo with the app to enhance your photo with one of several preset layering effects or you can do a custom layer, but I did not use that one. Here are a few examples from my iPhone – nothing fancy, just all in fun to road test the app using Cheryl’s preset backgrounds.

Absentia effect applied


Lade effect applied


I give Distressed FX 4 out of 5 star approval rating and that’s only because I have minimal experience with the product. Get your copy now at the low price of 99¢. It’s not free, but it’s still a good deal!

Hmmm, I wonder… could my photo creations be the monetary highway to achieving my dream house come true?

We are never too old to learn new things. Years ago, I fantasized about returning to school after the kids were grown and left the nest. That day has come, but going back-to-school has gotten more expensive. I joined the 50s crowd almost two years ago. How many 50-year-old SAHM get a job after being out of the workplace 25 years?  The cost of going back-to-school may or may not be justifiable in the end.  DH’s retirement years are drawing near and aggressive money investment is mandatory now, if we wish to enjoy our golden years. However, realizing my vision doesn’t have to be fruitless.

Thanks to technology many universities across the country now offer free online courses for people to learn a new subject or earn a degree. When I was 18, I wanted to study architecture. I lacked the fortitude to pursue a degree in this field because it intimidated me. I’m not a timid girl today and welcome a mind stretch to succeed at something new.

In my search for free online courses, I stumbled upon Open Culture boasting about being the best free cultural & educational media on the web. I must admit, they do have an impressive list to choose from, including architecture which definitely sparked my desire to seriously consider enlightening my brain’s super power.

Another avenue worth investigating for online courses is iTuneU where you can choose from 14 career areas of study with completed lesson plans, lectures, assignments, and material lists. Education done a whole new way for those of us who did it old school first time around via online college courses.

1. Have you considered going back-to-school, what courses are you interested in?

2. Would you seek a new degree or expand upon an existing degree?


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Free e-Book offer & Colonoscopy fun NOT

In case you missed my Saturday announcement, my friend and fellow author, Betsy Ashton, is having a FREE e-book download party on Amazon of her book, Mad Max Unintended Consequences.

Get your copy today!
Offer good: August 24 – 31.

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It’s Tuesday, so you know this means it’s time to get down with randomizing. Boy, is this ever off topic….

Chances are good, if you are reading this in the early a.m. hours then I’m under going, no doubt, one of the most unpopular procedures ever, a colonoscopy. This is my 3rd time in 13 years. From my past experiences, there was no discomfort or pain associated, other than getting prickled for the anesthesia drip. I hate needles! The positive side of having an endoscopy put you-know-where is, I will be asleep.

Speaking of needles, 2-weeks ago I went in for my 2-month follow-up with my GI. He ordered blood work. The gal did a fabulous job. I kid you not when I say I felt nothing! There wasn’t the slightest stick present and yet, there is still a bruise in the bend of my arm. Why is that and how is it that I bruised without pain?

Yesterday wasn’t much fun. I couldn’t eat anything, and not allowed to have anything with purple and red dye since these colors camouflage what the doctor needs to see in the images. My diet consisted of chicken broth, jello, Popsicle, and other liquids. Things did not improve.

Beginning at 3pm, I started my colon prep. This is not the way I prefer to spend my night. On top of that, my tummy rumbled the whole evening, and nightmares about my liquid diet plagued my sleep. Why? That was my entire menu option when I was in the hospital last. I barely ate the food given to me because it wasn’t appealing. It’s a good thing the surgery left me with no appetite. The concerned doctors requested a Nutritionist to see me, but I knew I would be okay as soon once I could have “real food” and leave the liquid diet far behind me. No pun intended.

Dr. L will snip a few samples of tissue for a biopsy. He will look for Crohn’s Disease. Several years ago this was the diagnoses I received, and I was skeptical of it. My symptoms or lack of prompted my doubt that this was the wrong medical call. Interestingly, my June surgery biopsy showed no Crohn’s, which may or may not be conclusive of the non-presence of the disease. However, the colonoscopy biopsy should tell us one way or the other in a few weeks.

Let me leave you with a simple request if you’re 50 or older, then give yourself the gift of a colonoscopy. Although, this article The Importance of a Screening Colonoscopy is a few years old from The Doctor Oz Show it is still good advice. You only have one life, one body. Take charge. Be proactive. It’s your health!

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Free e-Book: Mad Max Unintended Consequences

This is your lucky day! My friend and fellow author, Betsy Ashton, is having a FREE e-book download party on Amazon of her book, Mad Max Unintended Consequences.

Get your copy today!
Offer good: August 24 – 31.

Tell your friends the good news. Go ahead, hit the share (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) button to announce this big event! You know you wanna and you will be happy that you did. 😉


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Music Moves Me for Free!

On Friday, I wrote about Amazon Music Freebies.  My first song selection for this week’s Monday’s Music Moves Me comes from a young artist who is singing contemporary style Christian hymn.  He has a nice voice.  I couldn’t find an outstanding video other than the one shown below, but if you want to hear a short studio recording of him singing, and to get it for free then click here.

Would you like another Amazon Freebie?  Check out the music video featuring Avalon singing Alive, then grab this free MP3 here!


I’m feeling extremely generous with my discoveries. Meet Ashmont Hill – new to me, maybe new to you, Contemporary Christian Inspirational group, which I think you will like.  Listen below, and the get this free Amazon MP3 here.



This is a totally crazy video. The lyrics are odd, too, but I dig this gal’s voice and the tune is so groovin’!  And…you can own it for free from Amazon, just click here.

Finally, I’ll leave you with one granddaddy of a cool offer from Amazon.  Did you know you can download an entire album for FREE? Granted most aren’t worth much, but sometimes, you’ll get a surprise.  I kind of liked the sound of this group. Again new to me. Listen to this selection and if you like it consider downloading the album (10 tracks are free and there’s an 11th Addiction which will NOT download automatically because it’s $.99) for free here.


Update: This post included outdated information and broken links removed. Free mewsic selection no longer available. 🙁

Thanks to XmasDolly, our Head Conductor, and her Co-Conductors: Lorie, Larry, Callie, and Stacy for hosting!

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I regularly participate in the Meet Me On Monday meme, but Java hasn’t recovered yet from her cool Mexican vacation.  What can I say, some people have all the luck. LOL.  Anyhow, this is a fun get-to-know-me-know-you meme. Each week, she posts five questions for us to use, but we’ll have to wait until next Monday for more fun while she continues to get herself back into the humdrum of everyday living.  Vacations spoil you and you have horrible time collecting yourself afterward but oh how I’d like to have such worries, wouldn’t you?  Meanwhile, hop over to Java’s blog Never Growing Old and you can pretend to be on a tropical vacation while you look at her photos.

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Amazon Music Freebies

Music fills my soul. Rhythmic tunes keep me groovin’ throughout the day, how about you?   Ranked #1 on Billboard.com is the catchy tune Party Rock Anthem but it’s not an original, sad to say.

I discovered recently, you can download free mp3 files @ Amazon, most of these artists, in the freebie category, are unknown to me. But…strangely, I found a Jennifer Lopez song (Waiting for Tonight) for free and I like it.  All (most) won’t be jewels, but you may stumble across a diamond in the rough if you’re willing to dig for it!

While you’re browsing Amazon MP3 Store, check out some of the cool bargains, such as $5.00 album downloads and $0.69 single downloads. That’s getting cheap!

Friday is my signal that the weekend is on and it’s my time to relax. Can you dig it? If so, then say it with me, “I can dig it!”  With that, it’s now time to move on to my Friday blog hopping.


I’m participating in Friday Fill-Ins for the second time. Below, you’ll find Janet’s questions for this week. If you want to join in, copy these questions into a post and fill in the blanks (the underlined part of each sentence is my answer).

1. I hold onto each day like there is no tomorrow – living life with few regrets.

2. My husband and son is someone are two people I like to travel with because it gives us an opportunity to talk without the distractions of the TV, telephone, or computer.

3. That day, I woke with a pit of butterflies playing havoc with my stomach and food was the last thing on my mind; it was on my wedding day 32 years ago.

4. I am resolved to weigh 105 pounds once again this year.

5. Trust not in man, but God alone for direction and leadership in your life.

6. Alone in the dark. (This is actually a name of a song by John Hiatt. Check it out below.)


Have you seen the movie, True Lies? If so, this is the music Jamie Lee Curtis dances to in her sexy underwear.  For a reminder, watch the clip below.


7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting to bed early because, tomorrow my plans include spending time with my in-laws and fixing S’mores over an open fire in the evening hours, and Sunday, I want to visit my parents! Have a Fantastic Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!






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