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#WW Dancing Forest Pixies

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Hello, kittens & dawgs! I took this picture on our day trip to Mt. Mitchell in recent months. The moss-covered ground beneath the canopy of evergreens sparked my imagination.

DSC_4430 copyright copy

I could almost see pixies dancing in the sunlight beam. Do you see them? Look again…. Continue reading

WW: A Faerie house, hydragea blue, and B&W church

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My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot SD8800. The crisp, clarity of each photo captured with this small point n’ shoot amazes me, not to mention the vivid colors the processor produces. I haven’t used it since getting my big girl camera, but while going through my archives I thought these were too interesting to pass up.


Somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway this upturned mushroom caught my fancy. I imagined a faerie living beneath its canopy, but didn’t see evidence to support my suspicions. Maybe, she is shy and ran away to hide. What do you think?

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