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Simple hand-drawn #ValentinesDay cards & other V-Day ideas

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Good morning, Kittens and Dawgs! I mentioned to you in a previous post that I did some freestyle drawings of Valentine’s Day greetings.  Let me begin by showing you what inspired me. But, first I need to say if you’re one of my kids or DH, then you gotta leave now. You can visit this post after Valentine’s Day. ?

Found this image at here but when you click on the link for this design for download it no longer works. The good news is, you will find other V-Day printables there.

Realizing I couldn’t print off this cute card it then dawned on me, “Hey, you can draw that!” So, I put charcoal to paper and this is what I got.

Next, I colored my design using my Prismacolor pencils.

Satisfied with my sketch, I selected a glittery white cardstock to draw my design first in charcoal and then lined with black marker.

Again, I used my Prismacolor pencils to fill my hand-drawn greeting card design with color. I love using these color pencils!

This design is not only good for Valentine’s Day but it’s good for other occasions like anniversaries, which I used for DD#2 and her husband last month, see below.

Feeling super charged I decided why not make hand-drawn V-Day cards for all of our kiddies.

For DD#1 I found a cute kitty design at surfnetkids.com as a coloring printable card. I mimicked the design by hand on plain white cardstock adding a few personal embellishments I picked up.

Naturally, I used my Prismacolor pencils to color my design.

For DD#2 and her husband, I found another coloring printable at Activity Village. You have to be a member to print but I felt confident I could draw a similar design.

On plain white cardstock, I sketched the two love birds with various hearts and flowers surrounding them, then I using my color pencils to add the finishing touches.  It’s not purrfect but it turned out pretty good.

CraftyMorning shared her free printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages for kids which inspired me to hand-draw this monkey design on plain white cardstock for DS.

After I colored it, I thought my picture needed something more so I added a small cluster of bananas and a banana peel. These originally missing elements added the purrfect touch.


I’ll be mailing these out along with little bags of Sweethearts coz you never outgrow the desire t o get candy.


Part of the fun for Valentine’s Day is the treats. I love home-baked scone, so when I stumbled upon a recipe for Sweetheart Raspberry Scones then I knew I had to share it with you.  Also, I found a host of yummy Valentine’s Day treats, here and if you’re like me, then you can’t get enough freebie photo editing resources like these Valentines’ Day Photoshop Templates. Also, to release your kid’s creative side check out these DIY projects like this adorable Ladybug Valentine idea. I think is more suited for girls more than boys but a boy might like to give it to a girl and this one is excellent that works well for both boys and girls, a Heartbreaker Valentines. Plus, you’ll find a whole lot more cool freebies at EverythingEtsy with a 101Valentine’s Day Printables!

I’ll leave you with one more sorta V-Day post. My blogger friend didn’t create this as a Valentine’s Day post but  I enjoyed the vintage all-girl mewsic group accompanied with some cool nostalgic romance magazine covers and I invite you to check it out, here.

I think there’s an artist waiting in all of us just waiting to be unlocked. Are you inspired? Encourage a friend to see his/her potential and share my mews!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Hand-drawn Valentine’s Cards and other V-Day Ideas! I hope you’ll hang around to check out my brand new meme coming up next featuring a new-to-me band on Tuesday Tunesation!






#WW Picturesque Lake

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To the casual observer, one wouldn’t think there is much to do In the hills of western North Carolina, but from this picturesque lake in Pineola.


Pineola, North Carolina

There’s plenty of activities for the outdoor enthusiast, like fly fishing, golfing, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, camping, biking, or photo-ops.



Please remember,  I’m doing one week off and one week on with my mid-week photo posts till life settles down, but it doesn’t mean I’m not around. I pop in and out, replying to comments and visiting those who link up or comment. So, please let yourself be known! ?

In honor of the first day of fall and good things to come…cooler temps, hot chocolate, bonfires, hayrides, …., here’s a look at things from October of last year.


Image taken from the BRP somewhere south of Boone, North Carolina.

Now that it’s autumn, what makes you the happiest about the change? Until next time, have a fototastic day!  taking-photos-humor-funny-fun-blog

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#WW: Flowers in a jar

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! If you haven’t heard the news I’m back from my long blogging break. Although, I was unplugged from the net, I found it difficult to unplug myself from one of my favorite pastimes ~ photography.

On one of our adventures to the mountains in the early morning hours, we enjoyed the stunning beauty of the Appalachian mountains from a campground off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I snapped frame after frame in order to preserve at least one good shot of that morning, as I pulled away just to awe I noticed this bit of quaintness. Continue reading

#WW: End of summer flowers

Thank you for being apart of my day. I’m sharing today’s photo with these fine Wordless Wednesday communities found at the top of this page under Daily Blog Hops.


Artistic play ~ turning an ordinary photo into an image that resembles an oil painting using Fotor Edifice texture technique found in Fotor. Click to enlarge!

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Have a foto-tastic day!



Skywatch Friday view from yonder mountains


Water Rock Knob on Blue Ridge Parkway

Good morning, lovelies! Last weekend, gorgeous conditions graciously blessed us making it a prime time to spend the day in the mountains. Unfortunately, we were not alone in our idealistic thinking. The park was crawling with locals and out-of-staters alike. We spotted plates far from home as Texas, Wisconsin, Utah, Massachusetts, and Quebec. Clueless to why there was a big draw to our neck of the woods I thought, If this is any indicator of things to come, then we may want to avoid the Smoky’s  until late fall.

Nonetheless, I did not allow the crowds deter my fun.  At Clingman’s Dome the parking was full, forcing us to leave . I persuaded DH to park temporarily in a spot at the entrance because I am an eager shutter bug and I did not want to leave empty-handed for my fellow Skywatch Friday photographers.


ISO: 100, f-length:18mm, f-stop:10, exp-time:1/320

ISO: 100, f-length:18mm, f-stop:10, exp-time:1/320

From the same spot, I took these pictures. It just goes to show, my position changes how the eye perceives these image. In the above photo, I stepped onto a flat rock (you can see it in the bottom picture) in the grass and crouched down to shoot. Little ground, rocks framing the bottom edge, and with the sky less than a third creates a tight composition. The second one,  I stood on the side-walk,  zoomed in a little and panned my camera to the right opening the image distance to the eye. I like both shots. It’s difficult to say, which one I like the best.


ISO:100, f-length: 21mm, f-stop: 10, exp-time: 1/400

Do you have a favorite?

I stumbled upon a new-to-me photography meme called i heart macro. I want to join in the fun, but I don’t have any recent macro shots. Not wanting to miss the opportunity,  I am sharing the love – close up with these photos. Hopefully, I won’t get snubbed.


Image captured at James White Fort in Knoxville


Photo taken along the Dogwood Trail in Sequoyah Hills

Thanks for visiting. Make  your presence known by leaving your footprints behind in my comments and I will return the visit. It’s Friday. Now that the weekend is here, do you have your camera ready for action?

Shine the Divine