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What’s in a Kiss – Thursday2Q


In my earlier post on ‘Get To Know Me” then you learned about my first kiss.  A kiss is a magical sense.

For children, a tender kiss signals love and security — all is right with the world.  

For a friend it says, “I love you because of you”.

For someone special, it says many things — “You turn my world upside down”, “I can’t live without you”, “I’m totally into you”, “Please don’t go”,  “Hello”, …


Whatever the kiss says, it is the language of love.  You certainly don’t see arch enemies kissing, do you?  Well…not usually.

My Thursday Two Questions are:
1.  Who kisses who first, you or your mate? I would say, I kiss first.


2.  How many kisses do you average each day? The average number of kisses per day less than a dozen.  But, if my sweetie were home all day then I could kiss him more often.

Now, let’s have some kissing fun.  Leave your answers in my comments.  Be sure to link up with T2Q below, and then go kiss your sweetheart. 




Day 3 of 30 – Get To Know Me Blog Challenge

First Kiss

Welcome to day three of  my GTKM Blog Challenge.  I thought this would be fun to share.

Do you remember your first kiss? No, I’m not talking about a real lip locker.  I mean that first innocent kiss.  To this very day, I remember mine.  It was in the spring or summer time of year.  My Kindergarten class had gone on a picnic.  No, I wasn’t the teacher.  I was a Kindergarten.

I recall it as if it were yesterday.  I had fair skin and natural platinum blond hair that barely touched my shoulders.  I was a teeny tiny five-year-old.  It was the mid-60s.  I wore dresses…short dresses most of the time.  That was the style.  Don’t blame me, I wore what my mother put me. Chances are whatever I was wearing was a hand-me-down garment, but I didn’t know any difference as it was new to me.

As I said, the class was on a picnic.  The way my memory serves me, we were having our lunch under a pavilion or perhaps indoors.  This was a lot of years ago.  The other kids were outside playing as the teachers watched.  The cooks were cleaning up in another room.  My boyfriend…okay he was a boy and he was a friend, but did I really understand what a ‘boyfriend’ was at five?  I don’t know, but I’ve always had this sense I knew he was kind of special to me.  We secretly slipped back into the building where we thought no one would find us.  We got underneath one of the tables for even more secretiveness and there, Roger gave me a kiss…my first kiss!

Did I hear church bells or fireworks or soft music playing above my head? Nope, nothing. Instead, at that precise moment, (how could it have been any better timed?) when who should come into the room, the cooks!  They found us exchanging kisses.  My face flashed every shade of red in the universe.  The cooks were not just ‘cooks’. One of the cooks was my MOTHER. These women seemed to think it was cute and precious, and blah, blah, blah.  But, all I wanted to do was crawl under a rock.  In fact, the rest of the day I  avoided all the others. I was certain everyone else knew about Roger and I stealing our first kiss.  Could it be at such a young age, I understood something about gossip?  In hindsight, I must have realized a tad about it.  No doubt it was from hearing the old women talking out of turn about someone as a child.  “Oh be careful little mouth what you say?”

Hmm, maybe I should have filed sexual harassment charges against Roger or complained that these women violated my privacy. After all that I was my first kiss.  Oh wait, that was in the days when such ridiculousness didn’t exist. An age of innocence and no need for retribution social justices needed.  It’s funny, how I’ve kept that memory in the recesses of my mind.  I wonder if Roger remembers, too? Probably not. 😀