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Sunspiration: DIY Feminine birthday card

Another birthday, another DIY rubber-stamp art project!

The anniversary of my mother’s birthday approaches and it was with great pride that I created this cute card.

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Drop the Pants Act – Day 25 G2KM Blog Challenge

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For years, I have seen women declining in their graceful appeal.  Women have become more like men in action in so many ways.  Thanks to the teachings of many feminist, women are almost as masculine acting as men – speech, behavior, body language, driving, socialization, …  Somewhere along the way, equality in the workplace got out of hand. The has resulted in a woman’s femininity being erased in the process. How is something that begins as a ‘good thing’ become so terribly sour?

I cringe every time I see a woman grunt loudly while playing sports, talk with food in their mouth, bite off an  enormous  size (like a man) of food , spew foul language every second or third word, walk or dress masculine, and the list goes on. 

Personally, I love being a woman. I enjoy being soft and feminine.  I like wearing dresses and skirts and high heels and makeup.  I pride myself on posturing myself like a woman, graceful walk, soft speech, gentle movements. It’s a huge honor how my DH treats me like a princess.  He holds me up on a pedestal like a jewel not as a possession, but as his compliment and equal.  I’m flattered by kind gestures of other men, if a man holds the door open for me, then I politely acknowledge his consideration or if a man whistles at me, I blush and smile a ‘thank you’. I do not feel demeaned but pleased.

However, over the years, I’ve noticed how men treat women in publictotal-princess-with-amazing-crowns.  They are not as forthcoming with their gallantry.  Could it be, feminist have ruined the delicious opportunity for women to be considered as ‘special’ by men?

In December an interesting article ran on FoxNews.com.  A highly controversial book hit the market called The Man Whisperer by Donna Sozio and Samantha Brett.  The two renowned dating experts and communications gurus teamed together to tell women how they are screwing their love life up.

Foxnews.com reported Donna Sozio telling Pop Tarts:  “While modern women have conditioned to ‘act like men’ in the office to climb the corporate ranks and to get ahead, unfortunately, women have taken this same masculine attitude with them into their love life. Then there’s the case of feminism teaching women that they are equal to men, but when it comes to love, romance, attraction, and chemistry – men don’t fall in love with a woman because she is an equal. Men fall in love with women who are their compliment: feminine, sexually available, loving, and appreciative.”

While I have not read this book and my knowledge of its contents are very limited, it seems like Sozio and Brett have hit on a very important mark about how women need to step back from modern teachings.  As a whole, women really do like being treated like women, it’s just in corporate America’s peer setting has pulled the blinders over their eyes. Women you don’t have the wear the pants in the relationship, leave that to your man.  Drop the pants act and savor being treated like a treasure.

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