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Take That

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! Between hurricane Irma and remembering 9/11 on the dance floor Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning? left me in a somber mood yesterday.

We have a number of good friends and family who live in Florida who are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.  Irma took a different path than originally expected. Naples got hit hard and we have dear friends who have a home there. They’re safe. That much I do know but we don’t know about their home yet and I guess it’ll days before we do.

The 16th anniversary of 9/11 always leaves me in a thoughtful state. I never want to forget there are people who hate America, not only outside our country but within making our way of life vulnerable. We must protect our rights and to stand against the evil!

By the name of my blog title you probably think I have a beef with someone but I don’t. Take That is the name of today’s featured artist which I hope you’ll lend your ear for a listen. Blog bud, Lee, shared this group with me in his Sept. 1st BoTB post (song #4, The Flood) and I thought I’d introduce them to you with this massive playlist I found on YouTube.


I couldn’t believe this British pop band has been around since the late 80s but that explain a lot since I was a new mother. Anywho, their first ever top 40 hit came out in 1995  (Promises #5) and I admit while listening to this playlist some of the songs sounded familiar. I guess somewhere in my sleep deprived mind in their early years I probably heard some of their tunes. 🙂


Today, I want to talk more about what I did during my blogging break this summer. I did more than just tweak things on my blog. I actually did some sketching. If you’re new here then it may interest you that I used Art Sketching for my A to Z theme this past April and if you’re curious you can check out my Reflections post.

For Father’s Day, I drew DH a lighthouse scene. I liked the way it turned out and used the same idea for my daddy’s birthday in July but for my daddy’s Father’s Day card I drew a little girl with her daddy. 🙂

I hurriedly sketched daddy’s card due to time restraints. Silly me let things slip up too quickly unprepared. I hope to doodle another similar creation in my sketch pad soon.

This is daddy’s bday card. After experimenting with DH Father’s Day card I made a few design improvements if you can call it that.


Drawing landscapes is a harder job than expected, especially when adding details. I intrigued to learn how to get the shading down to make water, rocks, and trees more realistic. I certainly will do more scenes like this, though. Stay tune!

I’ve doodled some other sketches but I find I keep going back to them from time to time to touch them up.  I tried beginning artwork for my children’s book but I didn’t get far.  I think I pushed myself too soon, instead of just relaxing and having fun with it. One thing I discovered during the April challenge is I had the best success in creative energy when I removed pressure to do it.  This is a hobby for my amusement and I’m content to draw as the my mood dictates.


This is what the hop hostess says… I got this idea from Glamour magazine. You can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you’re okay about. Simple! Please do not link up a post that has nothing to do with “Hey, It’s Okay”. It’s rude.


Here’s my list of things I’m okay with….

That 9/11 moves me to tears every time I hear mewsic paying tribute to that fateful day.

To remember the horrors of that day because by not forgetting we can safeguard against the past repeating itself.

To take a nap during the day. This doesn’t happen often but when I’m tuckered out then I know a 20-40 minute nap is just the trick needed to fix me up.

To draw as the mood hits or while waiting for DH’s at an appointment which is an excellent use of time.

To experiment with post content and meme participation. Going through my post archives this summer I realized I’m missing something and want to get it back.



That’s a wrap for this morning. I’m hopping over to Stacy’s for Random Tuesday Thoughts . I don’t think Les from Ink Interrupted has resumed her Tuesday Coffee Chat sessions again.  You’re welcome to join me if you want. I hope you’ll hop & link up tomorrow for not-so Wordless Wednesday.


Have a terrific Tuesday!















A #fathersday tribute to my daddy #music

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I hope all dads in Blogosphere have a special Father’s Day. I’m grateful that my daddy is still with me and for the sweet memories I have spent with him as a little girl. I dedicated this post to my daddy, as I Dance with my Father.


Luther Vandross is the author of this beautifully moving song. He wrote of his personal experiences with his dad who died when he was 7-years old from diabetes. He recorded it 2003, earning him Song of the Year and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Although I love Vandross’ original cut, I decided to use Celine’s cover since a female voice spoke to my heart and best suited this tribute to my daddy.

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What’s In A Weekend?

How was your weekend?  Ours was very nice.  Before I get into rambling about my weekend, let me invite you to play along with the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew.  You’ll find this post shortly popping up on my Home page.

Now moving on….Friday,  we had family movie night. We watched the Mel Brook’s production, History of the World Part I (fairly good). If you have a wacky and sometimes dirty sense of humor, then you will like this movie. It’s hilarious in parts, but I like Blazing Saddles better. Also, we watched, The Bounty Hunter (liked a lot) with Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler. Aniston and Butler play ex-wife/husband. She’s a report and he’s a former cop turned Bounty Hunter. The premise is Jennifer skips her court appearance while following a lead on a hot story, thus jumping bail and a bounty placed on her. You guessed it, Butler takes on the recovery process as a way of satisfying his pinned up estrangement toward Aniston. This is a nice romantic comedy with an interesting plot. It’s one of those of fun, feel-good flicks. I definitely recommend this!

Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a retirement party with my husband. His co-worker, Terry, greeted this milestone with a smile on his face. Congratulations!  By the way, what an interesting man he is! I mean, you don’t normally think of engineers as having spectacularly exciting lives, right? Well, before becoming an engineer, Terry, worked for the Department of Defense (I believe that’s right). He wrote the operation’s manual for the Pershing Missile, which I think is really cool stuff.

Our host and his wife have such a lovely home just north of the city. You can imagine my surprise when I stepped into their home and felt like I had been there before. I hadn’t, but I had dreamed about their home before. Isn’t it crazy? I guess it’s the way everything was laid out. I know, if we were looking for a place then it would be very much like their little piece of heaven. It was such a pleasure to meet some of the men Robin has spoken so often about and their wives. You know how awkward it can be to meet new people, right? Well, everyone was so nice and they made me feel totally at ease. I felt right at home in the circle of my newly acquired friends.

After we got home, Robin and I exchanged anniversary gifts. Yeah, we’re a bit behind on doing this, but we wanted to include our son. Robin got me Dior Pure Poison (Eau deu Parfum). If you’re not familiar with this fragrance, then visit the perfume counter to get a whiff. It’s very nice. Needless to say, I love it! What I like the most was when he smelled the perfume on my neck. He said, “You smell dangerous.” I just love it! Don’t you? I’m thrilled my Sweetie-pie of 32 years STILL feels strongly passionate toward me.

We got to take in one more movie for the weekend. We watched Killers (liked a lot) with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. Heigl meets Kutcher while vacationing with her parents (Tom Selleck and Catherine O’Hara) in France. Naturally, they fall in love. However, little does Heigl know Kutcher is a spy who thought he could just walk away from his profession and enter the suburban life quietly as any other husband. Uh-huh, that wasn’t about to happen or not at least easily when a contract there’s a $20M contract for Kutcher’s head. This is a comedy/adventure flick rolled in with a little romance and if that’s what you’re looking for then you’re gonna like this movie!

How was your Father’s Day?  We had a nice time honoring my marvelous husband.  In honor of Father’s Day, I made my darling his favorite dessert, Cherry Delight. It’s simple and yummy! Wanna check out the recipe? Click here!  I’d like to say there is some left-over Cherry Delight, but we now speak of it in past tense.  Soooo good!  Anyhow, I got him an Apple storage case for his iPad, which turns into an easel-type stand. Really cool, if you ask me. and it’s so portable! Now to see, if it passes the test of him actually liking it. lol

Summer officially kicks off tomorrow, but it has felt like summer since the last week of May – hot & humid! No complaints or at least, I’m trying really hard to not complain.  Instead, I’m trying to savor the days because I know in a blink of an eye the seasons will change again and we’ll be facing bitterly cold temperatures.  I’m not sure which I dislike more – extreme heat or cold.  My new lease on life is to treat every day like a present and live in the moment.   If this is as bad as it gets, then who am I to fuss.  What are your plans for this week?

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