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Follow the to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road #AprilA2Z fun! #music

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I interrupt the regular program  to bring you this special announcement…. I preëmpt all routine posts to bring you my contributions to this month’s largest blogging event. Don’t worry, normal posting will resume next month like clock work (I hope). Meanwhile, I invite you to stick around to enjoy and follow the to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road #AprilA2Z fun!

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! Obviously, I could have gone with Weird Al Yankovic this morning, but I featured him on a recent Sunday Sillies this month. Yeah, I didn’t plan so well. That’s okay. All is good, I’m sure to find an assortment of yammering tunes

Yanni’s finest tunes are good to relax and unwind to while surfing the net. However, I want to take a fresh approach with a new discovery. What do you get when you throw a banjo picker, mandolin loving, bass player, guitar strummer together? Why the Yonder Mountain String Band!


You can’t compare Yanni with YMSB ~ different sound & style. Hate ’em or love em?!

Coz, I Want to be Your Everything


I aim to please on Curious as a Cathy, yes?!  Come on, get to your feet and dance with me to the mainstream synthesizing modern sounds from this YouTube playlist an oldie 70s group. I give you the Best of YES!

I’ll leave you with another new group I stumbled upon, Young Rising Son. They might climb High on the music chart, if this sample of their music is any indicator.

What famous or not-so-famous “Y” artists can you name? How about a popular song title that begins with the letter “Y”?

Follow me while I visit a few of my fellow youthful (or at least young-at-heart) bloggers taking part in this yarn spinning (for some) A2Z challenge or others like me who don’t want to yak so much, but dance.


Welcomes Mr Blue Sky & Other Tune Hues

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The weather man aka E.L.O. says…

Hey there mister blue
We’re so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Ev’rybody smiles at you


There is no reason to feel blue on Monday with Mr Blue Sky over you.

Welcome to week # 165 of Monday’s Music Moves Me! We see color all around and today we will be able to hear color through music. This week’s theme selection is from Ian Baird of bethere2day. He has requested songs with a word color in the title.

PhotobucketOur lovely hostesses, XmasDolly, would like to thank you for joining the party and as always JAmericanSpice, Stacy Uncorked, Just the stuff ya know & myself are happy that you came. Now, it’s time to get our groove on with you, so remember to link up and shake your bootie with fellow rockin’ blogger buds below!

Dance party rules:  Grab XmasDolly 4M button here,  display it on your blog, and then add your your favorite The weekly music theme YouTube videos for everyone to enjoy. We aren’t music snobs, if you have tunes to share that don’t fit in with our theme then no problem! As long as you have music to share, then you’re cool coz all we want to do is dance with you! 


Click here for more songs with color in the title.

Did you have a good time on the dance floor? I did. Remember, to be considered for honorary co-host each month, then be sure to add your URL to the link up.  Next stop… your place!  What songs color your world today?

Be sure to come back next week to dance freebie style with the 4M crew, and if you can’t get enough music, then join me for Saturday Songsuasion!

Music feature “Little Jeannie” with flower photoart creation

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iPhone4 capture with “Process” filter option and copyright.

It’s wonderful to have you to be a part of Wordless Wednesday or in my case, not-so-wordless Wednesday. Today’s featured photo will take on a new face through the simple process of applying photo editing effects. Interested? If so, keep reading!

The beauty of photography today is, you are not limited to altering an image through the eye of the camera. You are free to unleash the artist within by selecting from a variety of special effects and simply adding those changes to suit your fancy with your favorite photo editor. All of the today’s photos I used the online photo editor Befunky.

Take a look and see how the mood these pictures move you.

“Matte edge” effect

“Orton style” effect

“B&W” effect

“Grunge” effect

Sharing photoart creations with a few of the WW communities under Daily Blog Hops at the top of my Home page and you’re invited to tag along.

Which photo effect is your favorite?




iOS7 Featurette 2:

Today’s music inspiration came while listening to internet radio. Apple’s latest upgrade in iTunes now includes Apple Radio. Now, I can customize my musical preference by selecting artist, song, or genre to enhance my listening pleasure and while I am inside the app I can buy any selection with a click of a key.

Mommy Time Out and I would like to thank you for joining another edition of  Wayback Wednesdays. To participate in this blog hop you don’t have to follow a bunch of rules. It’s simple! Just link up your blog, twitter, or Facebook below (only one please).

Before you go check out my latest giveaway for a North Country Wind Bells giveaway! It’s so nice of you to come by & I hope you’ll decide to make it a repeat visit each week to share in my musical memories (new or old) and my photo ops. Wanna make me (or someone else) happy today? Then, leave a comment! I’ll be hopping over to your little niche in Blogosphere soon. Have a fototastic week!


Right Back Where We Started From, Mony Mony, Crocodile Rock, & We’re An American Band on 4M


Welcome to 130th edition of Monday’s Music Moves Me.  This week’s theme is “Any song(s) which bring back good memories – music, commercial jingles, etc“.

I’m not sure why “Right Back Where We Started From” stands out in my mind, but when I hear this song it makes me happy. I assume it has something to do with a good experience, but I can’t swear to it. With that in mind, I do have some flashback songs  with good vibes in my soul. Dance with me down memory lane!

In the early 70s, I spent a week with my uncle and his wife. That was the highlight of my summer vacation. They didn’t have children at the time, so they indulged me just a bit. There wasn’t much to do in rural West Virginia, but there was always a steady supply of music. Whenever I think of such sweet times, Tommy James and the Shondells always come to mind….


As a kid, roller skating was one of the few things I got to do. It was favorite pastime for many. Although, we didn’t get to go a lot, when we were lucky to enough to go to the rink then it was a blast. One of my favorite songs to roller skate to was….


During my 9th grade year, we had a Christmas prom. This was really exciting, but we were not allowed to have dates outside of those who attended my school. That meant, DH who was then BF could not go. What a bummer!

He was or I should say is tricky. He found away around the school’s no date clause. He asked the local band (who he use to play with regularly), if he could sub as their drummer. I had no clue until this song played….


Memories and songs seem universally synonymous. It’s hard to not put a song with a particular experience – good or bad. Hopefully, you have more good memories than bad this Monday as you think on yesteryear for today’s theme. 

Are you ready to get dancing? Admission to this awesome party is totally doable. Here’s what you do….

  • Go to YouTube insert your music video of choice
  • Grab the “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button 
  • Follow all 4 hosts, including the honorary co-host
  • Link your 4M below

Hostess of this virtual dance party is Marie of XmasDolly along with her co-hostesses:

Our spotlight dancer tops the linky line up in the number one spot – Congratulations, my friend!

Go ahead, shake your bootie with any of the fellow rockin’ bloggers below and if you wanna make put a smile on some one’s face today then be sure to leave them a comment!

Next stop… your place!  What songs bring back good memories for you?

LadyJava's Lounge

Wayback Wednesdays…1997

Welcome to Wayback Wednesdays! The lovely Angela (hostess), our expecting Mama, has appointed me as her side-kick for this walk down memory lane, mid-week round of fun.  Today, we’re going to travel back in time to 1997 .

I remember with such clarity hearing this news…

Princess Di Killed in Car Crash in Paris! That really shocked me.  I was one of the millions who recall getting up in the wee hours to watch my first Royal Wedding.  I felt a kinship to her somehow.  She was divorced from Charles at the time of her death and as a mother, all I could think about was her little children. How sad it would be for them to grow up without their mum. We miss you, England’s Rose!

Heaven’s Gate Mass Suicide!  This was a UFO based religious group who believed the earth was going to be wiped clean. In order for them to survive, they were brain-washed into thinking killing oneself would allow them to reach the Comet Hale-Bopp, which they thought was an alien spacecraft. How exactly was this supposed to work anyhow? Wouldn’t it have been easier to communicate with the alien aircraft for instructions? Go figure, right?

Speaking of Hale-Bopp, I recall vividly my family and I driving to the Smoky’s to catch a peek at it in the night sky. It was absolutely spectacular.  It really was big, too! It reminded me of a fuzzy cotton ball and it did have a very nice long tail.  I found this picture below on the net. Someone from Nashville, Tennessee submitted it…

This is very much what we would have seen, but truly in my mind’s eye, the comet appeared much closer to us than the way this photo depicts it.

While we’re on the subject of extraterrestrial life, Men In Black featured in theatres around the Big Blue Planet.  This is one of our personal favorites from 1997, and we have it in our DVD collection.  There were several fantastic movies made that year. To see a list of them, click here!

For out-of-this world musical hits visit musicoutfitters.com for a complete list. The top charter was Candle in the Wind by Elton John. Although this song was written by Elton’s partner Bernie Taupin as a tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe releasing as a single in the US in 1987 was later re-written, changing the line “Good-bye Norman Jean” to “Good-bye England’s Rose” in memory of Princess Diana at her funeral. He later released the new version as “Candle in the Wind ’97”.  He won Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for this release at the Grammy Awards that year receiving a RIAA Diamond Disc for US sales of over 10 million.

This is definitely a lovely tribute to the late Princess of Wales, but I prefer the original version of the song best.

It’s your turn to go wayback, Wayback to 1997!

To participate in this blog hop you don’t have to follow a bunch of rules!  It’s simple! Just link up  your blog, twitter, or Facebook below (only one please):

Visit as many of those on linky that you wish. It’s all about having fun.  Please leave a comment, if you would like a return visit or to let us know You are now following our blogs.  We’ll  be sure to pop over to yours!

What do you remember?

Want more 1997 facts, then check out thepeoplehistory.com!