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Skywatch Friday: Veterans remembered

I dedicate today’s post to my uncles, cousins, and all veterans of war, remembering the price each paid ~ some with their lives and others placing their lives on hold to keep us safe.

image originally appeared on older blog, click here to see other similar photos.

This image originally appeared on one of my older blogs click here to see other similar photos. Today, I changed it a bit using Fotor. I bumped the exposure up a little, applied a vignette to the edges, and circular tilt shift effect to bring full focus on the man saluting this nation’s fallen heroes.

There are not enough words of gratitude I can offer to every man or woman who has served our great country or to the families who lost someone they love to keep America free. All I can give is my humble, thanks and prayers!


Image captured the same day as above but I’m sharing it for the first time this morning. Lightened exposure slightly and applied vertical tilt shift in Fotor.

Please, thank a serviceman for all he/she does each time an opportunity presents itself. God bless our troops and God bless the USA!

Joining fellow photographers from around the globe on Skywatch Friday!




A Salute to our Heroes

I captured this photo on Friday while snapping pictures in downtown Knoxville. My heart swelled with pride to see this man pay tribute to those who gave their lives in service for our country.

To the many (for there are many) men and women who have served past and present in the armed services so I can lay my head down at night in peace….


from the deepest recesses of my heart!


Borrowed Photo
And… God bless you for your brave sacrifce to this great country and her people!