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Sunspiration: DIY rubber-stamp art greeting card {flowers in a basket}

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This isn’t a very good picture. I knew the moment I took it that it wouldn’t be a great one, but I wanted to snap a quick shot regardless the outcome. Outside my kitchen window on Friday this is what I saw…

iPhone5s capture

Can you see the cardinal? I grabbed my iPhone out of my pocket and maxed my camera’s digital zoom, then through the lower half of the window, which has a screen, I snapped this picture. Like I said, it’s not the best photo. However, I didn’t let the opportunity slip by me. As luck would have it by the time I got my big girl camera the cardinal was gone. This reminded me that it is always good to look for life’s inspirations, even when they appear on the surface as anything other than inspirational.

What has inspired you this week?

This week, my BIL’s wife had to undergo surgery. It was very similar to what I had last spring. The good news is everything went well and she shouldn’t have to worry with future health issues that forced her to have this procedure to begin with and that’s a super blessing in itself.

I decided it was time to undertake one of my rubber-stamp art DIY projects in making S special greetings to wish her well for a speedy recovery. Being short on time, I recalled an image that I stamped, but didn’t finish that would be perfect for the occasion.

Visit stampin.com to order this rubber-stamp K-30, here.

This is an easy card, I stamped the image on white card stock and tore the image out. To color the image, I used my Prismacolor pencils. FYI: Amazon has the Prismacolor 132-piece set that I have for an excellent price. These are awesome color pencils, and if you are in need of some then I highly recommend them. I glued a piece of blue vellum to my pre-cut & scored shimmery blue card, then glued the flower basket to the vellum. You will notice in the below image, you don’t see the butterfly that’s on the rubber-stamp. I felt it needed a little boost, so I applied directly overtop that butterfly a beautiful glittery butterfly sticker.

Card size: 5 ½” x 4 ¼ “

The wonderful thing about making one’s own cards is the inside is blank, which is very much like a canvas for the writer to unleash one’s poetic expressions or simple still one’s thoughtfulness. Poetic I am not, so I wrote our well wishes to S for a speedy recovery and hopes that she’s back to her old self soon.

This image is perfect for birthday, anniversary, thank-you, and get-well cards. Feel free to allow your imagination run wild as you make your own one-of-a-kind creation using this rubber-stamp design on Sunspiration!


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**No compensation was received from the websites or manufacturers mentioned herein this post. My rewards have been given to me many times over the years, as these are items or business that I have bought or frequently visit personally and wanted to share with you, my readers.**




Tuesday Talk Time ~ DIY: Anniversary hand-stamped card (ADJUSTMENTS)

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iPhone5s image capture
Last week’s snow storm

The weather is such a contrast this morning versus last week. Instead of snow and bitter cold, it’s just gray and mild. Winter isn’t over thanks to Puxotawny Phil’s forecast, but if conditions stay in the normal range (highs are usually in the upper 40 to mid-50s and with the lows rarely dropping below 35) then I will be a happy camper.

I made a few adjustments with the DIY: Anniversary Hand-stamped card that I wanted to share with you.

This anniversary card is very much like the original one, except I stamped and cut out the chickadees, then used two tiny self-adhesive dots on the backside of the chickadees and attached to the sky background. Also, I used  Color Box copper pigment ink pad to stamp Happy Anniversary and embossed with Zing copper embossing powder. These few changes really make the new anniversary card stand out.

In the second image, I used my stippled brush to create white clouds on the blue card stock, then stamped, colored, and cut out the image and attached the self-adhesive dots to the backside before sticking it directly to the blue card stock. For the final touch, I wrote free hand Saying a prayer… at the bottom.

Time Out For Mom’s prompt for this week is…

Gimme Five.
Reasons for Living that is.
This is simple for me. My five reasons for living are:
  1. for my DH!
  2. for my DD#1!
  3. for my DD#2!
  4. for my DS!
  5. for my God – He  has a purpose for my life, which includes me being here for the other four reasons for living that I mentioned.

Who am I to argue with, to feel pity for, or question God’s plan for my life? If I do not give each day my all to be what He would have me to be or do, then I do not bring Him honor. 

For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope. 
~Jeremiah 29:11(NET)

Everyday RuraltyPatrice’s chats on the farmhouse porch questions this week are:

1. Do you worry about what other people think? No, not so much these days. I can’t concern myself what someone else thinks, especially those who only see with limited understanding. On the other side of the coin, something for us to ponder on is and we all do it, including myself, how we quietly sit in judgment without understanding everything or we think we are somehow above what that person did (or what we think he/she did). I have since learned to place myself in another person’s shoes. I find I want to give people the benefit of the doubt. It also helps to remove preconceptions I form, which keeps me from judging so harshly or even at all. Who are we to judge another? I am always reminded when I point a finger at another, there is always four pointing back at me.

2. Do you own a sewing machine? Yes. I have an old Kenmore sewing machine that my parents bought me for a high school graduation present. I have used it several times over the years, but not so much anymore. However, it is nice to have if I need it.

3.Tell us about someone interesting in your life. Please. I don’t know, if this is interesting or not. But…we finally caught that clever elusive mouse. You may recall that I caught a mouse a couple of weeks ago. Read about it here, if you don’t. What’s really about the whole thing is last night I dreamed that I found the mouse caught in a glue trap near the refrigerator. Naturally, I look in that spot first off when I approached the kitchen. However, it wasn’t there. Instead, I found it in a glue trap close to the middle of the kitchen floor securely trapped. How did he get there, you’re wondering. I speculate before he got caught up in the glue that he dragged the trap in hopes of freeing itself.  Planned failed on itself behalf, but finally success on my part. I am certain we are now rodent-free, but I will lay out a replacement trap and continue to watch for activity. Like I said before, when you see one there is always one or two or three of those itsy, bitzy creatures.

4. Did you watch the Super Bowl? Yep, sure did. In fact, you can read about it here.

5. What’s the best dinner you had last week? Hmm, we are still eating leftovers. I always make more food than we need to save for meals at another time. It makes life so much easier. It perplexes me to hear that some people don’t like left-overs. Oh yeah, let me get back to the question….I think the best dinner we had last week may have been Split Pea & Ham soup with cornbread. For the recipe, click here. I want to make a large pot of beef stew next! 🙂


Stacy Uncorked is taking a blogging hiatus. You may recall, she and her family moved back to her home state of Washington last summer. For the past several months, they have lived in Stacy’s parents’ basement. She’s thrilled to report they are entering the last leg of their journey since settling on a new home recently and promises me to return to Blogosphere in March. All of her loyal friends, including myself, are looking forward to seeing her soon. Until then, I continue doing what I always do… visit my other buds! 

Have a terrific Tuesday!







Sunspiration – DIY rubber-stamp art greeting card {a pair of chickadees}

Puritan's Pride Vitamins
My favorite online site The Stampin Place had a end-of-year blow out sale last month, which I totally could not pass up. I love to buy the EZ-Cling mounted stamps. They are less expensive than the wood-block mounts and are easier to store.
One of the stamps I got, included this…
K-108 Chickadees
The first hand-stamped greeting card I had planned to make this New Year was for DD#2 and SIL’s 2nd anniversary. The pair of chickadees seemed perfect for such an occasion. In a matter of seconds inspiration popped on like a light bulb in my mind.
Here is the result of the my design creativity….



What will you need for this DIY project? I tend to look for inspiration with materials on hand and came up with these things.

Supplies I used:
baby blue linen card stock for card (folded card size: 4 ¼” x 5 ½”)
1-piece dark blue card stock (size: 3 ½” x 4 ¼”)
1-piece white card stock (size: 3 ” x 3 ”)
soft coral parchment paper for inside card (folded slightly smaller than baby blue linen card stock)
Brilliance graphite black pigment ink pad
Color Box cyan pigment stamp pad
Color Box royal blue pigment stamp pad
Tsukineko stipple brushes size 0 and 4
Prismacolor pencils
Sakura Gelly Roll copper star ink pen
glue stick
Stamps on front side from The Stampin’ Place:
K-108 Chickadees and F-348 Happy Anniversary

Stamp on backside:

C1120 One of a Kind Art by Stampabilities

Buy at Hobby Lobby
  1. Cut card stock to size per instruction.
  2. Ink K-108 Chickadees stamp with Brilliance Graphite Black pigment ink and stamp image in the center of pre-cut white card stock.
  3. Use stippled brushes to dab Color Box cyan & royal blue pigment inks on pre-cut white card stick to create sky background for the chickadees.
  4. Color image using Prismacolor pencils.
  5. Glue white card stock with image to center of dark blue card stock.
  6. Ink F-348 Happy Anniversary stamp with Color Box Royal Blue pigment ink and stamp image in the center bottom of the baby blue linen card stock, allow ink to dry, and then go over lettering with copper star pen.*
  7. Glue the two-piece card stock to the center of the baby blue linen card stock just above the Happy Anniversary phrase.
  8. Cut parchment paper to fit inside card, and then glue down only one side of card to inside. Preferably the right side, as it seems to work the best.
  9. Next, write your personal heart-felt sentiments on the parchment-lined card.
  10. Finally, add your own “hand stamp by” image to the backside of the card to mark the one of kind greetings.

*You may want to use a gold stamp pad with gold embossing powder (heat to melt with an embossing iron) to make the “Happy Anniversary” phrase pop out. This is one correction I will make for future anniversary cards using this design.

The thing I like about the chickadees is that you can use it for a variety of greetings such as for feminine birthday, get well, or sympathy cards. Feel free to improvise with what you have. I am sure your card will turn out beautifully. I hope this tutorial gives you Sunspiration!

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Sunspiration – Gratitude jar

Over the past two weeks I have come across two or three bloggers excited over a little DIY project in which they put together a little thing called a gratitude jar.

What’s a gratitude jar? It’s simply a container that I will gradually fill with my blessings scribbled down on pieces of paper. There is no set time or day when I can add my thanksgivings to the gratitude jar. I can just do it when ever I feel especially happy about something in my life.

What do I need for a gratitude jar? All you need is a few basics, like a container, paper, and pen. I kept my DIY project simple using stuff I already had on hand, like an old 64 ounce jar my mother-in-law gave me . I decorated mine with a piece of purple polka dot ribbon. I am writing my happy moments on a small pad of colored stickies with whatever pen is handy. Some people get really creative with decorating their gratitude jar and doing more than just including written reminders such as adding small objects inside their gratitude jar. That’s cool. Just have fun with it!

What is the purpose of a gratitude jar? It is easy to loose sight of how good I have it. On December 31st, I will open my gratitude jar and begin to read all the grateful/happy moments that I wrote down throughout the year. Hopefully, my activity will bring a smile to my face, warm my heart, and fill me with a greater sense of gratitude whenam reminded of all the good things 2014 held for me.  As the New Year rings in, I’ll throw out the old blessings to make room for the new ones.

Putting a twist on the gratitude jar.  Is there someone in your life that’s difficult to buy for? I know I do. I thought why not use the gratitude jar principle and instead of writing down blessings from my life, but jot down reasons why I am thankful to have a certain person in my life periodically and then at a given time say like Christmas gift the gratitude jar to that person.

Visit www.thegratitudejar.com to bless others or be uplifted!


What are you grateful for today?

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father… ~James 1:17
For Bible verses on gratitude, click here


Sunspiration: Mulled Apple Cider

Do you like apple cider? How about hot spiced apple cider?  For years, part of our Christmas tradition included making spiced apple cider with the children. This year is no different, except the children are no longer at home. That doesn’t mean we should stop doing customary holiday things.

To enjoy made from scratch mulled apple cider, I bet you already have most of the ingredients on hand. This is what you will need:

  • ½ gal. Apple juice
  • 1 c. orange juice
  • ½ c. brown sugar (or sweeten to suit taste)
  • ⅛ tsp. allspice
  • ¼ tsp. clove
  • 2 cinnamon sticks

Next, all you then need to do follow this follow these simple instructions.

Pour apple and orange juice into kettle. Add sugar, cinnamon sticks, and spices to liquids; bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Serve hot and enjoy!

Doesn’t that sound cozy? What inspires you today?

Have an Sunspirational Sunday!