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Another Countryside Barn #WW, #BoTB, & #Hodgepode Q&A

Welcome Kittens & Dawgs! This post is gonna be jammed pack since three memes collide this time but hockey smoke, can you believe it’s a brand new month so soon? Not me! The year is goin’ up in a puff of smoke!

For the last several weeks I’ve shared photographs of barns. This will conclude my series with another countryside barn.

I snapped this along a rural stretch of road in Lafollette, Tennessee north of Knoxville on a Sunday afternoon drive. In keeping with my series I used the original to create new photo-artwork using the following apps.





The later two images I really like because it captures the essence of late fall and perhaps are my preferred apps to create photo-art. Do you like one more than the other?



Ooooh…BING! battle song inspiration on a platter! How many of y’all remember Polly Brown’s 1974 hit Up In A Puff Of Smoke? If not, allow me to refresh your memory….

This is my featured song for this “Battle of the Bands” (BoTB) showdown. If you’re new to this meme, here’s how it works. I will share two versions of the same song (the original artist, Polly Brown in this round, is NOT an eligible candidate for the showdown, please do not vote on hers as it won’t get counted) and ask you to vote (in comments) for the best singer/band song cover. There’s no wrong vote, except a no-vote so please weigh in and enjoy the fun.

Contender #1 The Rubinoos




Contender #2 Boyz



BoTB used to be a twice per month meme but since July many participants have cut to playing just once a month.  Stephen (click icon below) lists the most updated players on his site and you’re invited to check it out. Mark your calendar to check back next week this time as I will share my pick and the outcome of this battle!






My last mix-in for today is Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce. It’s a fun mid-week Q&A session and it’s a great way for you to get to know me better, as well as for me to get to know those playing along.  Here are my responses.

1. What does/did Halloween look like at your house this year? Did you decorate? Pick pumpkins? Carve pumpkins? Expect trick or treaters? Wear a costume to a party or event? Make a costume? Feel glad you didn’t have to come up with a costume? Cook a Halloween themed treat? Eat all the leftover candy?  In yesterday’s post My Memorable Halloween, I shared several old photos of my children from Halloweens past. You might like it. The only decorating I do for Halloween is to set out my Peanuts collection, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.  No picking or carving pumpkins. We haven’t done that in years.  No trick or treaters expected. In fact, we discourage them by keeping the porch light off. No costume or part. I have made costumes in the past for the kids but nothing in years. Yep, I made home-made caramels and caramel corn. The only leftover candy we’ll have is what we bought and hopefully it won’t be gone any time soon.

2. What are you waiting for? Elaborate. I don’t know if I’d say I’m waiting for it but you might, I’m waiting for the upcoming holidays.  I look forward to the season of Thanksgiving. Cooking and baking are enjoyable creative outlets but I don’t do anything super ordinary. I keep a traditional menu. It’s just a lot of fun for me.

3. Do you wish you were friendlier, braver, more creative, more athletic, or something else? Explain.  Maybe, a little bit of each.  I tend to keep to myself when in public and am aprehensive when a stranger speaks.  Who couldn’t use a little more bravery or creativity? I reckon athletic abilities don’t interest me. I’m athletic enough for the things I do, although I certainly could stand be more in shape.

4. When it comes time to paint are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you hire someone? What was the last paint job completed at your house? What room most needs painting now? How do you feel about wallpaper?  Most home repairs, we prefer doing them if we can.  I’m not sure when the last paint job was done but every room needs painting badly and my first project is the kitchen.  I don’t care a great deal about wallpaper.

5. What is one specific thing you felt gratitude for in the month of October?  This is hard to say. I am gratiful for everything but I think the one thing I’m gratiful a little more than usual is my wonderful husband.  We learned about some dear friends who separated and is getting a divorce. I didn’t see this coming and they were the last people I’d think that this could happen to, too.  I’m thankful to have a truly loyal husband who is also my best friend. I am blessed!

6. Insert your own random thought here.  I decided sporadically that I need to scale back on blogging for the rest of the year. I’m not sure how much I want to do between now and January but I think it’s necessary. Anytime I see what I’m doing as a chore then the fun is gone. I don’t want to add unneeded pressures to my schedule with the holidays coming or blogging life. Bloggers are dropping out of cyberspace like flies. Luckily many of those I started down this path with are still blogging and I think they are like me, they still find joy in doing it. I just found my way back to the Hodgepodge, so I will try to keep going. I do suggest if you’re new-to-me or if just want to find your way back here easily, then please join my email subscription to get instant notification of my latest mews. 


Thanks for joining the mid-week fun. I hope you’ll step back into time with me tomorrow with Throw Back Thursday. Have a good day!




















A Waterfall along the Upper Tremont Road in the Smoky Mountains

Good-day, kittens & dawgs! You may remember my absence in a couple of Fridays ago. I played hooky in cyberspace in favor of spending it in God’s beautiful world. It was an absolute gorgeous sunny, spring-like day. To set things right, I’m sharing this photo with the SWF team!

Waterfall along Upper Tremont Road in the Smoky Mountains

Waterfall along Upper Tremont Road in the Smoky Mountains

Mid-week, I shared Falls and Fallen Logs where I posted a snippet of the above waterfalls. Just imagine you’re looking off the left side of the photo and that’s where the first image from Wednesday fits into this scene. 😀

Do you remember the fallen log with the fungus photos? Also from Wednesday. I was standing beside the fallen log and shot this image from across the road. Naturally, the sun flare got my attention, which meant I had to capture the moment.

Upper Tremont Rd in Smoky Mountains

Sun flare over a small mountain stream

The last image I want to show you is how the trees appear to grow straight out of the rock on the side of the mountain. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this sort of thing in the mountains, but it still blow my mind! How do they do that?!

Upper Tremont Rd in the Smoky Mountains trees growing out of rocks beautiful sun flare

This was awful conditions for shooting. The rocks were in the shadow and the sun was shining bright. All I could do is my best; while it isn’t the best I kinda liked how it turned out. The overexposure didn’t wash out the sky too badly and it gave the image a misty sort of look, don’t you think? The sun flare adds a nice touch even though it’s a bit too close to the edge.


Technically, it’s still winter. However these pockets of spring-like conditions inspired my photo-art contribution for s-A(R)T-urday.

iPhone capture using DistressedFX app with Wren effect for background layer. After uploading image to computer, I opened in Pixelmator to add the vintage children swinging silhouette (free resource from web, here.) as a new layer and applied Freesia Vintage effect. Finally, I added copyright info to lower right corner and the Charles Dickson's March inspired quote.

iPhone capture using DistressedFX app with Wren effect for background layer. After uploading image to computer, I opened in Pixelmator to add the vintage children swinging silhouette (free resource from web, here.) as a new layer and applied Freesia Vintage effect. Finally, I added copyright info to lower right corner and the Charles Dickson’s March inspired quote.

~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~

Now, I’m joining Lexa in Celebrate the small things.

I’m celebrating…

  • unexpected bad news with a good ending. A family member told us he had prostate surgery after being diagnosed with cancer. His follow-up revealed no cancer. God is awesome!
  • dietary supplements. I began including digestive enzymes after meals for little more than week and so far I’ve had positive results.
  • a brand new month. It’s not spring yet, but I can see the light at the end of this cold, gray wintry tunnel.

What are you celebrating?


Join the party below!

Let’s begin celebrating with Friendship Friday and Friday Features linky parties where you’re sure to make new friends and get lots of inspiration!

That’s a wrap for now, but if you like music then I invite you to come back for Monday’s Music Moves Me. Until next time, have a fototastic weekend!

I highly recommend and use these photo-editing programs: Pixelmator, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Affinity, Brushstroke, and Waterlogue. You can learn more about these using the above affiliate search app widget.

Silhouette birds #WW

Good-evening, kittens & dawgs! This is the last week of the first month of 2016. *slap forehead* I can’t believe how fast the days evaporating, can you?

First up, I want to tell you about a cool giveaway going on, which is fixing to end on tomorrow, January 27th at 6pm UTC, for the BEST iPhone lenses in the world according to blogger pal, David Molnar. He sent me a referral link to share with my friends, here, and if you enter then I get a few extra entries.

You know the cold is keeping me indoors, but I’m trying to keep up my creative energies. I live therefore I must create. That being said, I’m reinventing archived images with various photo-editing techniques.

Bird Silhoutte

I snapped a picture of the sky with my iPhone Distressed FX App. I applied the Egart effect to the image background. The last two steps I used Pixelmator to add the silhouette (resource found on the internet) overlay and my copyright.

This week’s featured photographer is….

XOXO Rebecca

Congratulations, Rebecca! Go by to see what amazing pix she’s sharing today and I invite you to link your Wordless or (not-so-wordless) Wednesday post below to join the party. Also, it would be awesome, if you can show a little blog love by inviting your friends to join in on the fun! ?

Thanks for popping in and joining the Wordless or Not-so-Wordless Wednesday fun.


Have a fototastic day!


To learn more about the apps I used (or any iOS apps for that matter), you can use this handy little search widget below to find it!

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