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Weathered Barn Near Boone NC #WW

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Image captured with my Canon SD880 point n’ shoot camera.

Somewhere along the North Carolina mountain countryside is this quaint, weathered barn. judging by its condition I don’t believe it’s been used for anything in years. I snapped the original (above) in August 2011 and first shared it with y’all in 2013. I knew when I began my barn photo-art series that I wanted to dabble with this image more.

After looking at my archives I found I had more than one version taken at the same location but after shortly studying them I decided I like the way the wild flowers framed the lower bottom edge better in this one.

Using my iPad Distressed FX app adding color and texture layers, adjusting color saturation and a small cluster of birds. The warmth of the new image whispers autumn in my ear, does it tell you the same?

I liked the results I got with this creation but I thought it would be nice to paint it. I have two apps designed to give this effect. The first picture is a watercolor creation of Waterlogue. The app has limited options and settings but the results are nice. It really looks like a watercolor painting to my untrained eye, how about you?

The second app I played with Brushstroke. It has all kinds of settings – medium (brushstroke), palette selecter (colors), support (canvas/paper etc), element adjustments, and signature. It’s really a cool program.  I opted to turn the photograph into an oil painting. If you enlarge the picture to run your eyes across the image you can almost feel the brushstrokes.

Let me clarify this isn’t a sponsored post. The links provided are for your ease to learn and find these amazing apps. Should you choose to purchase any or all then I will not benefit from the sale.  The only reward I’ll get is knowing I helped a friend.

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Red-Roof Barn Farragut TN #WW

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Shortly after getting my Big Girl camera years ago I photographed this barn in Farragut, TN. I know I shared this pitiful shot with you no doubt right here on not-so Wordless Wednesday. Anywho, while on blogging hiatus over the summer and on one of our knocking around town ventures, I told DH that I’d like another crack at taking a picture of the red-roof barn sitting on Concord Road.

He happily obliged my request. I’m more comfortable with my DSLR now and felt excited at a second chance to capture, especially since I screwed it up the first time. What followed next left me shocked and saddened.

Turning off Kingston Pike on to Concord Road the barn sat on the right side of the road heading to the lake across from a bank.  I thought we could park in the bank’s parking since it was a Sunday like we did before so I could take a few pictures but then I discovered that the beautiful barn no longer stands.  My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. I don’t know what happened but it burned down.  This barn sat in this spot at least the better part of the 38 years that we’ve lived here. Now. It’s. Gone. Forever! 😢

Even though I can’t retake pictures of the barn, I can do photo-editing magic to change the mood of my photo.  I decided to use my Facebook Friend’s Cheryl’s smartphone/tablet Distressed FX app, which gave me my newest photo-art creation below.

I made the mistake of not jotting down the color and textured overlays used to give it a vintage…almost autum feel but I can tell you that I added a scatter of birds that Cheryl calls “Onward” to the sky . To complete my new masterpiece I took it through Pixelmator, adding my copyright and bumping the “Curve” settings to tone down over-exposure giving my picture a warmer, richer finish.  I really, really like Cheryl’s little app and NO, this is NOT a sponsored post.  I’m just tossing the word out there about a product I enjoy using because that’s what friends do! 😉

Combing my archives I made a happy discovery. I actually DID get a second chance to photograph the red-roof barn the following year in the fall taken at a different vantage point. I don’t believe I shared this with you until now.

I think it’s funny that I over-exposed (a lot) my first picture and under-exposed (poor meter reading on my part due to cloudy skies) this one. I’m so thankful for photo-editing. I bumped the exposure in Pixelmator brightening the photo a wee bit and added my copyright.

Should I take this photo through Distressed FX? Yes. I. Should!

This time I noted the steps creating my new photo-art. In this photo I selected overlays – “Cyan Song” and “Naia”, then added a bird layer, “Alfred”. These changes detracted from the visibly gray, rainy day of the original.

But, in this one I played on the elements creating a more dramatic scene. I selected a different overlay, “Half Light” and kept “Naia” and bird layer “Alfred”, but adjusted the brightest, contrast, and saturation.

What do you think?

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Disclaimer:  Pixelmator is my photo-editing software of choice and Distressed FX is a fun cool app I use on occasions with my iPad/iPhone.  I have not been compensated in expressing my opinion or use of these products. I’m just telling you as one friend to another, so if you buy these then I won’t make one red cent!












Tuesday Talk Time: Morning fog shot, Tree clearing, Serious exercising, and Coffee chat

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“A foggy Monday morning ” iPhone 4 capture. Befunky photo editor to apply the B&W5 effect, border, & copyright.

It’s Tuesday again? And, it’s October already? Whew, where does the time go? With that being said, you know what Tuesdays are for, right? It means it’s time for me to do a bit randomizing. That’s all I seem to do as of lately, too. I just ramble about whatever comes to mind. Hopefully, if you’re here today then this is what’s on your mind, as well.

I have been having some creative fun lately with my iPhone 4 camera. I have my phone always, my DSLR not so much.  I couldn’t resist snapping the fog yesterday morning and then doing a little photo editing. But speaking of iPhones,  I must admit, I’m getting psyched thinking about my new iPhone on order.  It will feel like Christmas Day when it arrives!

The below picture I got really artistic with it. I just love playing with my friend’s iPhone app, Distressed FX. You may want to check into if you like this effect. It comes preloaded with several textures. It’s really cool, isn’t it?


Another foggy Monday morning picture, iPhone 4 capture using Distressed FX app and applying “Dove” effect before running the image through Befunky photo editor to add border and copyright.


It’s official, the city tree removal service came… conquered… and totally did some major clearing away from our front property. We have been here for 33 years and all this time the foliage has provided much camouflaged for us and our house. Not to mention, it was an excellent sound barrier from passing vehicles. Now, what do we do with it? I like the privacy, but I hate the fear of having tall trees looming over our car and driveway, not to mention have to contend with horrible tree sap kept falling on our car all spring, summer, and fall.

Speaking of sap, we spent all day last Friday washing the car.  I applied some mega elbow strength into buffing off the tree spa. Our time ran short, so we decided to wait to wax the car on Saturday. Unfortunately, that stupid sap dripped all over our car AGAIN.  *smack forehead* If I am not mistaken, I think the culprit of this crime is the hackberry trees. Just throwing that out there for you if you have some of these villainous trees lurking on your property.  I hope this fixes our problem now that those trees are gone. I’ll let you know how this turns out.  You know, the not having to deal with tree sap on our car ever again.

Now,  we can re-washing and wax the car. I guess we are going to need to do a bit of landscape planning to give us some coverage and help muffle traffic noise.

My daily exercise routine has been really shakin’. It’s so wonderful to be able to get into the full groove of things. I struggle a bit to maximize my move range, but I do see improvements, and I am hopeful over time I will continue to get better. The whole aging process, not that I am old, places limits on me. With each decade that passes I notice a change, but I am far from throwing in the towel and calling it quits. You may remember, I am in the fight of my life to stay fit – one body, one life, to always do my best at looking my best no matter how old I am. The good news in all of this is I am now riding my stationary bike for an hour and then I do a 30 or 45 minute Brazilian Butt Lift workout. This is a welcome change.

On Tuesday Coffee Chat, Les asks, how would you finish this statement?

If life were a video I could rewind, I’d go back….

…and redo my senior year of high school. That’s such a funny question and one I have actually thought of. I often think about my senior year of high school. It wasn’t the best. I didn’t handle things so well. You see, I got married in between my junior and senior year of high school, then moved to Tennessee away from everyone I knew. I felt like a fish out of water. I allowed my low self-esteem to get in the way, which inhibited my ability to enjoy my last year of high school. I just didn’t click with many of my peers. After all, I was coming in on the tail end of this new crowd of kid’s high school career. So, you can see why I would like to have a do-over with that chapter of my life. 

How would you answer Les’ prompt?

I am dedicating today’s Tuesday Tune to Lesley’s Lovely Life. She is trying to get ready for her upcoming class reunion through dieting and every woman in Blogosphere knows what a struggle this is.

Hey girl, just know, we have your back and believe that you can …

Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I visit my lovelies

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Have a terrific Tuesday!



Thursday Thoughts: Online College Course & Distressed FX App

*I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I want to be a better writer!*


I am thinking…casually…about taking online courses to earn a cool, new degree in something. That something is a big mystery to me, though. I want to give financially to our income. I have a desire to buy my our dream house one day, but that will take a lot of money. A lot of money we don’t have. I don’t want DH to be forced to work every single day of his life to pay off a new mortgage.

The soul of my passion lie within my writing. I enjoy giving of myself others, and to be a part of the same circle of people who share in the same passion. However, I am certain as night follows day my talents as an author in the sense of literary substance like a novel has many short comings. There are ideas floating inside that cavity I call my brain, but putting a story plot to paper, figuratively speaking, is a different matter entirely.

Bloggers are authors. There are many writers in Blogosphere who are excellent at penning their craft in a clever, informative, humorous, inspiring creative expressions of themselves. Me…not so much. My artistic niche is very much a work-in-progress. The one thing I can honestly say is consistent in my writing is the passing on of good information to my readers and I regard my efforts as “so-so” at best. I see myself as knowing little about much; meaning I have learned just enough from personal experience or research where I know a little about many things.

That is my cue to share with you, my discovered treasure, a free writing online course. This is an appealing and excellent opportunity to capitalize on freebie resources to boost one’s writing technique. Who knows, this venue may improve my blogging writing which could attract new sponsored posts, and it may springboard the novel hiding inside my head that’s just begging to climb the New York Times Best Sellers list. More money = dream house. More money = DH retires with ease. It’s time to put feet to my dreams so these things can come to pass. Join me in scooping out The Crafty Writer to unleashing one’s fullest potential!

Writing is a strong preoccupation of mine. Yes, I would love to build a career as a novelist or the blogger that I am. Another area of interest is photography. I am a novice, photo hobbyist with limited talent. A writer’s pen or in this case computer is like an artist’s brush. Both love to create. It doesn’t surprise me when my artsy side emerges when I am behind the camera or working with photo editing software to alter my picture to reshape the mood that my image will inspire.

Last week, my friend – Cheryl Tarrant, posted that her Apple photo editing app was newly upgraded.  Intrigued by the process of adding layers and textures to redefine her original paintings or photographs produced cool results.  As I said, I love to get creative and I didn’t hesitate to take advantage of Cheryl’s generous freebie offer.

You can either use images from your camera roll or snap a photo with the app to enhance your photo with one of several preset layering effects or you can do a custom layer, but I did not use that one. Here are a few examples from my iPhone – nothing fancy, just all in fun to road test the app using Cheryl’s preset backgrounds.

Absentia effect applied


Lade effect applied


I give Distressed FX 4 out of 5 star approval rating and that’s only because I have minimal experience with the product. Get your copy now at the low price of 99¢. It’s not free, but it’s still a good deal!

Hmmm, I wonder… could my photo creations be the monetary highway to achieving my dream house come true?

We are never too old to learn new things. Years ago, I fantasized about returning to school after the kids were grown and left the nest. That day has come, but going back-to-school has gotten more expensive. I joined the 50s crowd almost two years ago. How many 50-year-old SAHM get a job after being out of the workplace 25 years?  The cost of going back-to-school may or may not be justifiable in the end.  DH’s retirement years are drawing near and aggressive money investment is mandatory now, if we wish to enjoy our golden years. However, realizing my vision doesn’t have to be fruitless.

Thanks to technology many universities across the country now offer free online courses for people to learn a new subject or earn a degree. When I was 18, I wanted to study architecture. I lacked the fortitude to pursue a degree in this field because it intimidated me. I’m not a timid girl today and welcome a mind stretch to succeed at something new.

In my search for free online courses, I stumbled upon Open Culture boasting about being the best free cultural & educational media on the web. I must admit, they do have an impressive list to choose from, including architecture which definitely sparked my desire to seriously consider enlightening my brain’s super power.

Another avenue worth investigating for online courses is iTuneU where you can choose from 14 career areas of study with completed lesson plans, lectures, assignments, and material lists. Education done a whole new way for those of us who did it old school first time around via online college courses.

1. Have you considered going back-to-school, what courses are you interested in?

2. Would you seek a new degree or expand upon an existing degree?


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