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Good morning, kittens & dawgs! While visiting my good ole blogger pal, Mr. Shady from Shady Dell Music & Memories introduced me the purrfect mewsic with this morning’s featured artist.


Infernal – a modern-day disco band from Copenhagen Denmark with Lina Rafn (lead vocalist) and Paw Lagermann (singer/songwriter).  Infernal gained mainstream attention in 2004 with From Paris to Berlin. This is a great way to start the weekend with some get-to-your-feet mewsic!






What did you think of today’s mewsic? Is this a new-to-you group or did you know who they are? Are you a new fan of Infernal? You can keep up this incredible Danish group through one of these social media outlets…

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Urgent #BOTB showdown

Good-day, kitten and dawgs! I cut  my blog visits and skipped doing one of my Saturday posts yesterday so DH and I could spend the beautiful afternoon with DS. I love blogging, but there’s more to life than sitting in front of the computer all day. This is when I realize I may have to settle with doing my Saturday Songsuasion every other week.  On the upside, I did have my May round two of BoTB prepared ahead and with it falling on Sunday I decided to bring it to you a day early. I generally like having the weekend off, but at the bare minimum Sunday for a total blog shut down. God rested on the seventh day and so should I!

Today’s song is an inspired choice of DH. One night he was listening to various songs on iTunes when he came across a different artist doing Urgent.  For reference/entertainment only and not included in the showdown is Foreigner’s #1 1987 hit song.


The group, DH listened to and called my attention to is Junior Walker & the Allstars (JWTA). Their sound has a retro flavor to it and we were certain that JRTA was the original band to do the popular 80s track. However, my first thoughts were not correct at all. In fact, Motown great Junior Walker played sax on Foreigner’s original. Now, put your ear to the speaker to listen the 1983 cover of contender #1.


I really dig JWTA’s snazzy, jazzy saxophone intro making the track more their own over Foreigner’s thumping synthesizer opening. Not that the original is bad because it is my favorite.  However, that’s because that’s what I’m use to. Who knows what I’d say had I heard JWTA’s version first.

Urgent is one of those songs with a limited number of artists covering it. I’m not sure why that is. Could it be other bands don’t think they can go against Foreigner by recording their own rendition? I don’t know. SecondHandSongs lists four cover artists recording this song, but I could only find one on YouTube.  DVAS (Dietzche V. & the Abominable Snowman) is a Canadian band with more of disco flavor covered Foreigner’s song Urgent in 2009. Lend your ear one more time for a listen to DVAS!


It’s kinda cool DVAS pulled the 80s vibes into their cut of Urgent and I like the softness of their vocals which suits their style perfectly.

I decided to use the same WP plugin that Debbie @The DogLady’s Den features on her site. Hopefully, I did things right. Give it a try!

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Who gets your vote Junior Walker and the Allstars or DVAS? There’s no right or wrong vote, except for a no vote. If for some reason the plugin flops, then please cast your vote for your favorite artist in comments and if you have time feel free to tell me why your pick is the best.

I want to thank the brain child of this cool, bi-monthly meme, Fae.  The fun continues with more epic battles underway; I invite you to visit, Stephen, who manages the ever-growing list of BoTB players.

I will share the results, including my vote, tp this competition a week from day, so mark your calendar and stop by to see if your pick gets named! Thanks for joining in on the fun and I hope you’ll dance by tomorrow for Mewsic Moves Me.

Thanks for joining in on the fun. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with have a bandtastic day!


Taking A Moment to Myself to rest my Bones until the Boogie Oogie #music moves me!

Good morning, kittens & dawgs! On my latest BoTB edition, I featured two R&B artists doing Stevie Wonder’s hit song, Superstition. To keep the momentum going with the polls only days away from closing, I wanted to share more tunes by these contenders.

First is the American R&B vocals of Macy Gray.


The second Rhythm & Blues band hails from across the pond by way of Great Britain. I present…The Hoax!

There’s nothing like taking A Moment to Myself to rest my Bones until the Boogie Oogie music moves me!


Thanks for dancing with me. If you want to vote in this BoTB showdown, then I invite you to do so, here, before you miss your chance. Meanwhile, let’s keep the party going, link up and join the fun with the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew.  I’ll be by to dance with you soon!

Minion Singing in the shower

Have a tunetastic week!




Saturday Song-suasion 56: Earth, Wind, & Fire

borrowed image

Rolling Stone magazine described Earth, Wind, & Fire as “innovative, precise yet sensual, calculated yet galvanizing” and has also declared that the band “changed the sound of black pop”.

Kittens & dawgs, settle back or boogie while you work to the dynamic sound of Earth, Wind, & Fire!

(Select Play-All to listen to 17 greatest hits played back to back)


Be sure to join me on the dance floor for Monday’s Music Moves Me. Have a songsational Saturday!

Cami_Cat-AvatarCats are like Music: It’s foolish to try to explain their worth of those who don’t appreciate them.
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Saturday Song-suasion #34 : Kool and the Gang #a2zchallenge

Weekends, in general, are my off time in Blogosphere.  However, that doesn’t keep me from scheduling posts for weekend visitors. If you are here this morning from the A-Z Challenge April hop or if you’re one of my loyal minions, don’t worry I will repay the visit, slowly and surely!

For you newbies fortunate to land here, then this is your time to get into the groove, go with the flow, chillax to the sound, or jam to the beat. I feature artists/groups of my choosing each week in my Saturday Songsausaion edition.

Image source

Gathering inspiration from the alphabet prompt “K” let’s come together for a little boogie session with The Very Best of Kool and the Gang!



According to Wikipedia, Kool & the Gang formed in 1964 under the name of Jazziacs, an instrumental band by then 13-year old Robert Bell with five high school friends.  Original band members, the Bell brothers, Brown, and Thomas are still members of the group.

What’s your favorite Kool and the Gang song? I think my pick is 1979 billboard hit Too Hot!

Visit Kool and the Gang official website to see what they are up to!

Thank you for taking time out of your weekend in hopping over to listen to the music! I hope you enjoyed your visit. In fact, I hope you enjoyed it so much that you cannot wait to tell your friends. Go ahead, hit the share (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) button! You know you wanna. 😉

Have a songsational Saturday!





Right Back Where We Started From, Mony Mony, Crocodile Rock, & We’re An American Band on 4M


Welcome to 130th edition of Monday’s Music Moves Me.  This week’s theme is “Any song(s) which bring back good memories – music, commercial jingles, etc“.

I’m not sure why “Right Back Where We Started From” stands out in my mind, but when I hear this song it makes me happy. I assume it has something to do with a good experience, but I can’t swear to it. With that in mind, I do have some flashback songs  with good vibes in my soul. Dance with me down memory lane!

In the early 70s, I spent a week with my uncle and his wife. That was the highlight of my summer vacation. They didn’t have children at the time, so they indulged me just a bit. There wasn’t much to do in rural West Virginia, but there was always a steady supply of music. Whenever I think of such sweet times, Tommy James and the Shondells always come to mind….


As a kid, roller skating was one of the few things I got to do. It was favorite pastime for many. Although, we didn’t get to go a lot, when we were lucky to enough to go to the rink then it was a blast. One of my favorite songs to roller skate to was….


During my 9th grade year, we had a Christmas prom. This was really exciting, but we were not allowed to have dates outside of those who attended my school. That meant, DH who was then BF could not go. What a bummer!

He was or I should say is tricky. He found away around the school’s no date clause. He asked the local band (who he use to play with regularly), if he could sub as their drummer. I had no clue until this song played….


Memories and songs seem universally synonymous. It’s hard to not put a song with a particular experience – good or bad. Hopefully, you have more good memories than bad this Monday as you think on yesteryear for today’s theme. 

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Next stop… your place!  What songs bring back good memories for you?

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Monday’s Music Moves Me 1980 Style


Welcome to Monday’s Music Moves Me 104th edition! This week’s theme is “School Days – Billboard Hits the year you graduated high school/favorite prom song” pick. This means simply, you share whatever tunes you got stuck inside your head or just those that are stirring your soul to boogie.

It’s time to get this party on the show!

I graduated in 1980 –  the “Disco” era. It was also a decade chockfull of excellent music. Today’s generation  calls this “Oldies” music.  Isn’t that a funny one? lol

Let’s get the groove on with Dr. Hook…


One sound we all loved to hear came from a group who had that special mojo to turn out some real classic dance music…

The get-to-your-feet boogie music rocked our worlds, but we enjoyed the quieter, softer, romantic sounds from the 80s. Lionel Ritchie was STILL with the Commodores when this hit released.


Another slow mover from the same year.

The lack of communication is as an old as time. A popular hit from 1980 was about this very thing.


Most of us back in the day reverberated these lyrics a time or two, as well as our children.


Although this next one isn’t from MY school days, I’m celebrating DS’s first day at college and grateful to have him at home.


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