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#WW Rainy Skies + #BoTB

Welcome Kittens & Dawgs! In February I shared some photo-art created of images taken near Big South Fork and the below picture was taken the around the same time the others were snapped with my first point n’ shoot digital camera, Canon SD880.

This is an ordinary photo but I see it as an open canvas to add layers and embellishments to create something new. I will share my SWF contribution a day early in tomorrow’s post and I hope you’ll come by to see how I recycled this plain picture into my newest photo artworks!

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Okay, you not-so WW crowd, you’re here and there’s no need to rush off just yet. I invite you to stick around for the second half and help pick the next winner in March 1st of Battle of the Bands.


March has been a rainy month and the above photo depicts how our skies have looked most of the time. Although we did not see any sunshowers, the first song to pop in my head inspiring this battle’s song choice is, Have You Ever Seen The Rain written by John Fogerty and performed by the roots rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival.¬†CCR hit #1 on the Canadian national singles chart¬† RPM 100 in 1971 with this song and in the same year, it peaked number 8 on the USA Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Contender #1 80s classic rock style of Belinda Carlisle


Contender #2 smoky jazz sound of Karen Souza!


Ok, here’s the drill. Voting is open to everyone visiting. There is NO wrong vote, except if you DON’T vote. You can start by telling me in comments which artist you like best and why (optional).

Who gets your vote, Carlisle or Souza?



I invite you to visit the admin of the BoTB list, Stephen to see all the other showdowns taking place right now and don’t forget to come back, next week same place and time to see if your pick wins! ?

That’s a wrap for now and I’m gonna leave you with one more cover, (this is for your entertainment only, not included in the showdown) that I liked but fell a little short of the two featured artists.

Susan Wong YouTube Channel

BTW, I’m not participating in Thursday Movie Picks until June while I prepare for the April A-Z Challenge but I’ll be here to give you your weekly dose of laughs with my newest edition of Friday Sillies!














My Memories Digital Scrapbook Software Review & Give-Away Promo

My father-in-law’s youth

Are you an avid photographer? Do you like scrapbooking? Why not bring your two passions together with digital scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking dates back to the 15th century. Contraire to what my kids think, I wasn’t around all those¬†years ago. In fact, my earliest experience for such an activity goes back to my elementary years in the late 1960s.¬†¬†My West Virginia History school¬†teacher¬†assigned us a project to create¬†a scrapbook relating to our state’s past. This was a fun¬†memory I’ll cherish forever.

In recent years, scrapbooking has kind of exploded as a creative form to preserving family photographs. Today, this idea has gone high tech and why not? Digital cameras are in the hands of millions from point n’¬†shoots to cell¬†phones to expensive digital SLR cameras. We’re all capturing those so called, “Kodak” moments a whole new way.

I am not scrapbooker, OK? I’m still of the old school of keeping photos in an album or as a framed¬†collage.¬†However since I’ve gotten aboard the¬†technical revolution of digital photography, photo editing, high resolution scanning, then the concept of adding¬†my pictures¬†to¬†decorative pages sounded fun.

This brings me to  My Memories Digital Scrapbooking software.  Recently, I had the pleasure of trying a free copy of this program.

I love simplicity! I hate shopping! I love modern convenience! I hate making a special trip to a store!

This is exactly what I got simple, convenient straight to my computer download of My Memories Digital Scrapbook latest software.

  • No waiting for it to arrive¬†by mail!
  • No need to drive across town to pick it up in a store!
  • BAM, like magic it was on my computer in minutes!

Using the application was totally easy and user friendly, too.  It required no special classes or intervention from the staff at My Memories.  However, if you do need help then the folks at My Memories will be happy to assist or you can watch several beneficial tutorials at YouTube 24/7.

I love to create! This program allows me to do just this, as it is chocked full of embellishments, stickers, word text, papers, textures, and backgrounds to jazz up my photographs.

One feature which¬†captured my attention¬†at¬†My Memories is they haves an area on their site dedicated for free kits¬†to download. I found myself¬†absorbed and a bit giddy with the selection of¬†cute designs.¬†This earns them a few extra points of good favor, in my eyes. I mean, who doesn’t like getting freebies?

By now, you may wondering what nifty things have I come up with while exploring my own use of My Memories software.  Ta-dah, check out a few of my creations below and be inspired.

Pictures from my childhood.


Youngest daughter and her finace.


Oldest daughter and her husband.


My in-laws on their wedding day in 1947.

Not convinced digital scrapbooking is for you, then check this out….

Before I scat,¬† let me give you the heads up on one more thing. The folks at My Memories is offering a special bonus to my readers.¬†Right now, you can save $10 off your purchase. Who can’t use a savings, right? I love it!

Just click the cool flashy banner¬†below¬†to be redirected and¬†then be sure to use the¬†discount code: STMMMS9125¬†before checking out.¬†Even that’s simple!

Discount code: STMMMS9125


This may be a no-brainer, but would you like to win a free copy of My Memories Digital Scrapbooking software? 

Did you say, yes? I thought so. Then follow the instructions below…


**I was compensated with a free copy of My Memories scrapbooking software to write this review. My opinion is based on my personal use of this product and is an honest evaluation of my first hand experience.**