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Is it Monday?

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Is it Monday? It’s not. It sure feels like Monday. Are you sure it isn’t Monday? Okay, okay, it’s not Monday. That’s what happens to me every year after a looong holiday weekend. No, I’m not complaining. In fact, I rather liked the looong holiday weekend, didn’t you?

Speaking of the looong holiday, how was your Thanksgiving? Ours? Oh, it was great. A little short spent, but great. We visited our folks…actually my husband’s parents in southern WV on Thursday. It was such a pleasure to be able to provide the entire Thanksgiving feast. We had a lot of left-overs since Uncle JD didn’t show up for dinner and my BIL & his wife are on the HCG diet. What brave people they are to be on a diet during the holidays!

We got home very late Thanksgiving night.  Our intention was to stay overnight with my in-laws, but my DH didn’t want to make things hard on his lovely mother.  There was no need for her to have to wash the bedding of two more beds and she would. I tried doing it but  she won’t allow it saying it’s no trouble. Instead of creating more work for her, we decided it would be easier on everyone if we came on home.

Here’s a real shocker, I actually lost two pounds over Thanksgiving. Yeah, it’s the truth!  This has to be a first for me.  I was up last week by a pound, but this Sunday I was down two giving me a net loss of a pound bringing my weight to 116. All in all, I’ve lost 4.5 pounds since the last Sunday in October.  Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed I can keep this up. My goal is to be 110 by the end of December. I’m a bit fearful this may be a bit tricky to pull off with all the Christmas goodies.

Black Friday came and went without incident in our fair city, but it wasn’t the case elsewhere. For instance, did you hear about  Women pepper sprays other Black Friday shoppers? Strange as this was and relatively non-lethal there was other more strange news reported, Black Friday shooting victim undergoes foot surgery. Christmas…correction, Christmas shopping can bring out the best and the worse in people.

We did go out on Black Friday. I know, the gal who has said year after year, “You can’t pay me enough to go into a store on Black Friday” did exactly that!  The only reason I went was because my DH said, “Would you like your Christmas present early?” Like, duh do you have to ask that question? Of course, I do! Naturally, that’s what I was thinking. My reaction told the tale precisely how I felt. I was bouncing up and down like a 6-year old full of wide eye excitement. I truly am a kid at heart and…in mind. *blush*

My DH wouldn’t tell me what he was getting me until after he had it in his cart at Best Buy. Thankfully people were well-behaved, no pepper spraying or gun shots. However, there was a squad car parked out front.  No doubt to keep the crowd civil. Did I say, crowd? Holy cow, was it ever jammed pack inside of Best Buy. Now, I know why we have never done this before. It’s safe to say, we won’t again or at least not in the near future. It may take decades before we attempt Black Friday shopping again.

Oh yeah, my Christmas present! I’m sorry sometimes my tangents pull me off track. Okay, I’m still a bit giddy. My DH got me a XBox 360 Kinect unit. Whoo-hoo!!!! Now, I can like so exercise in style, right? Forget the fact, I will no doubt look like a loony bird dancing to the latest beats or getting into the Zumba groove. I don’t care, really! I mean for years, I’ve taken abuse from my kids when they step in my exercise room (living room) to say, “Mom, you’re doing it wrong!” My answer is always the same, “Who cares, I’m having fun!”

How’s your Christmas shopping coming along? I have all of mine done except for DH. I’m always at a loss each year and am not quite sure what to get him, but I’ve got a small idea I’m gonna run with. Nope, can’t give away my secret just yet. That would be like putting a spoiler in the Knoxville News Sentinel entitled: For Your Eyes Only, Dear!

Our weekend  rounded out nice playing Madden 12 and with me giving Zumba a go. We even watched a couple of movies off Netflix on my new toy.  How cool is that? We also added decorating to our Christmas tree and hung our stockings up on the mantle.  Then, yesterday my DH stayed home and despite the rainy mess we did some grocery shopping. Wal-Mart was very calm. I suppose the Black Friday explosion and the rain must have kept everyone away. That was totally fine by me!

How is the week stacking up for you?  Here are just a few things my agenda this week…

  • My first compensated review & give-away post scheduled.
  • Make a batch of chocolate covered cherries.
  • Write my annual Christmas letter.
  • Make out my Christmas cards.
  • Wrap presents.
  • Set up my Christmas village.



Thanks Stacy for keeping the randomness alive while Keely @ UnMom continues her blog break! Go ahead, slip into the ranting mood with the rest of us. I know, you’ll feel right at home. You won’t run into any odd ball looks here because anything goes. C’mon on, join the weekly fun with this cool meme and tell Stacy, “Cathy sent ya!”




Pizza Alternative – low carbs

borrowed from ifood.tv
(Mine looks similar to this, except the toppings are different.)

Flax Meal Pizza Crust

It makes a pizza that is about 12 inches in diameter, although you can spread it thinner and larger if you want.

• 1 and 1/2 C flaxseed meal
• 2 teaspoons baking powder
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1 teaspoon oregano
• Sweetener to equal about 1 Tablespoon of sugar
• 3 Tablespoons of oil
• 3 eggs
• 1/2 C water

Preheat oven to 425 F.
1. Mix dry ingredients together.
2. Add wet ingredients, and mix very well.
3. Let sit for about 5 minutes to thicken.
4. Spread on baking pan (I put it on a silicon mat or greased parchment paper).
5. Bake for 15-18 minutes until cooked through, then add toppings and cook until done.

Nutritional Analysis: Whole crust has 7 grams of effective carbohydrate, plus 52 grams fiber, 47 grams protein, and 130 grams fat.

While my flaxseed crust is baking, I prepare the sauce.

Easy Pizza Sauce

1 15-ounce can tomato sauce
1 6-ounce can tomato paste
1 tablespoon ground oregano
1 1/2 tsp. dried minced garlic
1 tsp. ground paprika

In a medium bowl, mix together sauce and tomato paste until smooth. Stir in oregano, garlic, & paprika.

As for toppings, you can top your pizza with your favorites.  I like using pepperoni, crumbled sausage, bacon bits, onions, black olives, green olives, green peppers, mozzarella, and provolone cheeses.  All of these ingredients are relatively low in carbs and pretty much okay while on most low carb diets such as Atkins.

I got this idea from some one’s post on the Atkins forum.  This surprised me how good it actually is.  Now, it’s not like regular pizza crust and it doesn’t equal it in taste because it’s different. Not bad different, okay.  If you’re willing to try new things for health and diet reasons, then give it a spin! I’ll be eager to see what you think!




12 Diet Mistakes To Avoid

Twelve Diet Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Drink plenty of water or other zero calorie beverages.
  2. Think about what you can add to your diet, instead of what you need to take away.
  3. Ask yourself, are you really hungry?
  4. Be selective on your nightly snacking habits
  5. Enjoy your favorite foods in moderation.
  6. It’s okay to indulge a little away from home.
  7. Eat often throughout the day – several small meals instead of three large meals is best.
  8. Get plenty of protein at each meal.
  9.  Turn up the heat – spice up your foods!
  10.  Stock your pantry with healthy quick foods.
  11. Have the children’s size meals when dining out.
  12. Exchange a cup of pasta for a cup of vegetables.

To read more about these tips, click here.

Now to join Patrice for another week of Wednesday Words of Weight Loss!



1. Are you happier at a big event/party or would you rather be with a few close friends/family?  Large gatherings are nice, but to be honest I’m an intimate kind of gal.  I love the close-knit feel of a small group more than a huge crowd.  I’m very sociable, but I prefer the quietness of small gatherings without all the loud distractions that go with big affairs.  I like being cozy and personal with my friends.

2. What kind of farm animal is your favorite?   I like all baby farm animals. I’d say my favorite though would be a chick or as we use to call them growing up, Diddy.  Those little yellow fluffy downing critters were so adorable!

3. How are you doing with your weight loss or healthy eating?  It’s going slowly, but at least it’s moving the right direction.  Anytime I’m only 5-10 pounds from my mark, I find the progress is about as fast as snail moving a freeway.

4. If you could have any food made calorie free or carb free, what would it be?  Definitely chocolate candy.  I mean, you can find carb-smart chocolates, sugar-free chocolates, but it’s never zero anything.  It’s usually still higher than I’m willing to nibble on unless I’m really having a major chocolate fit. My hubs and son bought some Breyer’s Carb-smart vanilla ice cream and Smucker’s low-fat, sugar-free hot fudge sauce for Mother’s Day, which was a nice treat considering all the good stuff in the bad stuff was severely reduced or eliminated.

5. What’s the most relaxing thing for you to do at the end of the day?
We eat our dinner in the living room while watching one of our favorite reality shows. Yeah, I know eating in front of TV isn’t the brightest idea, but we do it nonetheless.  It’s super comforty to curl up on the sofa while we chit-chat and watch our program.  For the past month or two, I’ve gone to eating the Weight Watcher’s Smart One’s (Bistro Selections) for dinner.  I select the dinners that are less that 200 calories and if possible carbs under 20.  There aren’t too  many of them I’ve found like this, but…the Beef Pot Roast, Chicken Santa Fé, and Turkey with mashed potatoes fit the bill.

I found these word of encouragement…“Permanent weight loss means filling yourself with wonder, not Wonder bread! You must fill your life with all the things that bring joy. Food can never be a substitute for life.”

Please let me know if you’re new to my blog and if you would like for me to visit yours then please leave your link so I can return the favor. Also, while I have your attention, could you do me a favor by reading my work-in-progress children’s stories, What’s Happening To My Teeth? part two. Thanks!

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Its Hump Day!


Arthritis Self-Help

People are living longer than ever before.  This is largely due to the advancements in medicine and our general health knowledge to care for ourselves properly through exercise, diet, and nutritional supplements.  However, despite our ability to offset some health issues, others can not always be averted.  I read various forms of this disease affects 40 million Americans.  There’s a good chance, if you’re reading this post, then you’re like me, you know someone affected by arthritis.

Degenerative arthritis or better known as osteoporosis is the most common form of arthritis.  This afflicts millions of people and sadly goes unnoticed for years. Unfortunately, with osteoporosis, there is little pain associated with the disease in the early stages and may inhabit a person’s body for years before a fractured bone or cracked vertebrae alerting your doctor there’s a problem.  Osteoporosis affects more women than men and can strike at any age.  This disease seems to stem from vitamin deficiencies: A, D, K, calcium, and magnesium.  According to my Internet finds, there are medications that can cause osteoporosis.  Be sure to consult your physician about this issue. WebMD reports certain medical conditions such as lactose intolerance, lupus, asthma, diabetes, and anorexia can lead to problems with osteoporosis.  Something I discovered which doesn’t relate to me, but I realize a good number of other people this may, but alcohol consumption may affect the development of osteoporosis.  Key elements to lower your risk factor with osteoporosis is a healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of sunshine. Remember the best time to be in the sunshine without worry of harmful UV is when the sun is less intense between the hours of 11 am – 3 pm.

The second most common form of this disease is rheumatoid arthritis.  Early warning signs include joint pain, stiffness, and fatigue, as well as low-grade fevers with accompanying weight loss which is the result of an autoimmune disorder that causes joint damage and eventually deformity.  Sometimes overlapping symptoms with such illnesses as lupus, this medical problem is more serious which can cause organ damage or overall all poor health.   Early diagnosis and treatment through medical care and healthy lifestyle changes is the most successful way to treating rheumatoid arthritis. These things can increase the chances of the disease going into remission, otherwise if not properly diagnosed soon enough, then degeneration of the disease will leave its victim immobile with a little hope of improvement.

Unlike osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis does not have prevention treatment.  Diet and exercise may help to slow some of the damage to joints caused by rheumatoid arthritis.   In general, medicine therapy is preferred for reducing inflammation linked to this condition and since there are various stages of this illness, then management of medicines vary from stage to stage.  Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this disease but catching symptoms early can provide relief and a way to handle problems throughout the patient’s life.

Educating oneself is the best approach to deal with osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis.  Controlling the elements in your life such as diet and exercise can be beneficial in giving some relief in symptoms that these diseases may cause its patients. Medication can be helpful, especially in severe cases. However, keep an open mind to alternative treatments and one dairy farmer’s discovery and look for solutions that may, in the end, cause fewer complications than pharmaceutical products.

For exercise tips, please read Got Arthritis? 5 Exercises That Relieve Pain.