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Once Again It’s Christmas

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Good morning, kittens & dawgs!  Normally, I share with to you a new-to-me artist I’ve stumbled upon but while looking for one song when another reminded me of the talented country pop artist, Kenny Rogers.  This year is Kenny’s last to tour before he kicks off his cowboy boots to a life of retirement.


I present you this morning in its entirety Rogers’ album, Once Again It’s Christmas.


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That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and I appreciate you including me in your weekend.  I’m taking a blog break but I’ve scheduled my regular posts.  I plan to respond to comments and do return visits. Hopefully, I’ll see ya on Monday for Mewsic Moves Me. 😉  Have a songsational Saturday!











Gordon Lightfoot

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Hello, kittens and dawgs! My inspiration or need to know for a post idea often comes while researching and composing a post. Naturally, while Googling a seed planted and today we’re going to learn more about Whatever happened to Gordon Lightfoot?

Gordon Lightfoot is a Canadian singer-songwriter. He’s credited for defining the folk-pop flavor of the 60s and 70s. I remember some of his early to mid-70s songs like If You Can Read My Mind (1970), Sundown (’74), Carefree Highway (’74), and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (’76) which are perhaps some of his most popular tunes of the decade. I thought his music was nice, but I couldn’t fully appreciate it with my head stuck in fluffy songs by the Osmond Brothers or pop dance tracks of the Jackson Five. It wasn’t until later that I developed a fondness for Lightfoot’s music.

Let’s take a look at Gordon Lightfoot’s stuff starting from the 80s because I don’t remember anything beyond the 70s. Either way, it’ll be a refresher or an introduction to his newer works.

Lightfoot released his 14th album in 1980, Dream Street Rose. The album peaked at 58 on the country charts and 60 on the pop charts. The song track bearing the album title hit #80 on the country charts.


Lightfoot’s 1982 album, Shadows, didn’t do well but one song from this album hit the Adult Contemporary charts at #20 with Baby Step Back.


The following year, Lightfoot released a more uptempo album, shifting from folk pop to adult contemporary recording, which barely registered the charts at 175. Listen now to Lightfoot’s complete little-known works from Salute!


The early 90s, Lightfoot sorta made a comeback with his 18th recording where he gets back to his folk-pop roots of writing and singing folk-pop style songs which he dedicated to his wife and son with the 1993 release of Waiting for you (listen to the entire album below).


The last album Gordon produced with all new works for this decade came in 1998 with A Painter Passing Through (listen to the full album below).


The last recording for the decade was a box set with some of Lightfoot’s top-notch recordings as well as some never released tracks spanning from the 1960s through the 1990s on his Songbook (4CD) album collection.

The new millennium wasn’t too kind to Gordon Lightfoot. After a concert in September 2002, Lightfoot airlifted to a hospital because of severe stomach pain turned out to be an abdominal aortic aneurysm, a serious and sometimes fatal condition. He was in a coma for 6-weeks and underwent four more surgeries but three months from the day admitted, he got to go home. A follow-up procedure for the same medical issue occurred in 2003 and thankfully by the next year he was back to his music with the release of his 20th album, Harmony (click the link to listen to all song tracks). The next three cuts come from this album and are my favorites.



His voice sounds strong and smooth, doesn’t it? He made a surprise comeback performance at Mariposa in Orillia, performing I’ll Tag Along solo and in 2005 appeared on Canadian Idol. 2006 Lightfoot suffered a minor stroke resulting in the use of his right-hand middle and ring fingers but since then has regained mobility in his hand again.

It’s rather amazing to think Gordon Lightfoot produced 200+ recordings in five-decade span and received many honors along the way.  What’s even more incredible is Lightfoot continues to tours. He’s booked now through the end of November in various cities in the US and Canada. 😉

You can follow Gordon Lightfoot on one of these social media sites.

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Gordon, if you’re visiting. Thank you for the music. You still have all the right stuff! And, thank you, my sweet peeps for joining me today to learn Whatever happened to Gordon Lightfoot!

This is Curious as a Cathy. I’ll see you tomorrow for not-so Wordless Wednesday! ?











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The Traveling Wilburys

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs a couple of weeks ago I kicked off the post series. In my first edition, I shared with you What ever happened to ELO? Several bloggers left comments of interest, but one person mention today’s featured band. I had no clue why until I took a quick peek to learn the Traveling Wilburys consists of several well-known music talents: Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, and none other than Jeff Lynne (ELO).

If you’re wondering how this mega talented band came up with The Traveling Wilburys for their group. Wilbury is slang for “We’ll bury ’em in the mix” used by Harrison during a recording session of small production errors. Later on Harrison suggested The Trembling Wilburys and it was Lynne’s idea of The Traveling Wilburys that all members agreed on for the band’s name.

Allow me to (re)introduce these super band members who call themselves  The Traveling Wilburys!

  • Nelson/Spike Wilbury (George Harrison)
  • Otis/Clayton Wilbury (Jeff Lynne)
  • Lefty Wilbury (Roy Orbison)
  • Charley T. Jr/Muddy Wilbury (Tom Petty)
  • Lucky/Boo Wilbury (Bob Dylan)




During their time together as The Traveling Wilburys these artists helped each other with their solo records, but they never did a tour together. Here’s what Petty said on this matter…

“I think it would work, if we wanted to do it. I don’t think we ever considered it, really. There were a lot of nights when the conversation would roll around to that. But I don’t think anybody ever took it seriously. I think it would ruin it in a way. Then you’re obligated to be responsible and it’s not in the character of that group. It would make it very formal and that would be the wrong spirit.”

This league of extraordinary artists recorded one album before Orbison’s sudden death in 1988, but a second one followed. Harrison and Lynne continued to occasionally work together until Harrison’s death in 2001. In 2007, The Traveling Wilburys music reissued selling more than 500,000 copies worldwide in its first three weeks. Their roots rock style captured the hearts and ears of many in the decade plus spent together. If you have time, you might The History of The Traveling Wilburys interesting.

Have you heard of The Traveling Wilburys before now? What interesting factoids can you share about this supergroup?

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3 Female Vocalists with 3 Different Styles

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I have a few new artists I’d like to introduce you kittens and dawgs to this morning. I’ve been meaning to share them before now, but I couldn’t find the right time slot until now. That’s life for ya, huh? Okay, cutting straight to the chase. Here are three female vocalists with different styles. Turn up your speakers and boogie in your seat or beside it.

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More Than A Name On A Wall #TheStatlerBrothers

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I’m keeping things somber today in honor of those who gave more than just their service for this country, they gave their lives.

East TN Veterans Memorial DSC_1280

In November 2012, I snapped this photo at the World’s Fair Park in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was one of my first big girl camera (Nikon D7000) captures. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day!

The Statler Brothers More Than a Name on a Wall says it all. Listen and follow the lyrics:

I saw her from a distance
As she walked up to the wall
In her hand she held some flowers
As her tears began to fall

She took out pen and paper
As to trace her memories
She looked up to Heaven
And the words she said were these

She said “Lord my boy was special
And he meant so much to me”
And oh I’d love to see him
Just one more time You see

All I have are the memories
And the moments to recall
So Lord could You tell him
He’s more than a name on a wall

She said “He really missed the family
And being home on Christmas day”
And he died for God and country
In a place so far away

I remember just a little boy
Playing war since he was three
But Lord this time I know
He’s not coming home to me

She said “Lord my boy was special
And he meant so much to me”
And oh I’d love to see him
But I know it just can’t be

So I thank You for my memories
And the moments to recall
But Lord could You tell him
He’s more than a name on a wall
Lord could You tell him
He’s more than a name on a wall

Lord could you tell him
He`s more than a name on a wall

More than a name on a wall

Song lyrics borrowed MetroLyrics


In honor of our nations’ heroes, what mewsic shows your appreciation for those who died protecting our freedom?

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