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Linville Falls Picnic Area #BlueRidgeNPS #WW

Hello, Kittens and Dawgs! I’m feeling happy and blessed these days. We got some good news yesterday. I’m not ready to share that just yet but maybe on Friday I can fill y’all in.  I can’t believe the splendor of autumn is passed us; most of the leaves have fallen off and the trees stand bare. November is pushing past me like a blur. Here’s another peek from our October trip to the parkway. It was such a beautiful day!


What have you been photographing lately? Do you prefer to take landscape or people shots?

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Skywatch Friday Stone Mountain in the Fall

Good-morning kittens and dawgs! I’m delighted you decided to pop in for another visit. If you stopped by last week, I shared Mabry Mill in the fall and I thought I would share another fantastic sky view we enjoyed.


Stone Mountain view south of Mabry Mill at mile post 232.5

How’s your sky view shaping today?

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~All images captured with my big girl camera ~ Nikon D7000 & preferred lens Nikkor 18-105mm zoom, unless otherwise noted.~




It’s time for Celebrate the small things.

I celebrate…

  • visiting my 93-year Father-in-Law (FIL).
  • that my 93-year FIL looks better than he did a year ago.
  • the wonderful woman, Frances, who cares for my FIL 2-days a week.

Life should be celebrated, even when it seems like you have no reason to celebrate. Just look around, I bet you’ll see something good! What are you celebrating?

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"P" on DSLR humor 



#WW Late October Colors

DSC_5354 autumn leaves

I snapped this photo late October on the North Carolina side of the Smoky’s at Collins Creek Picnic area. The colors weren’t a vibrant as I would like, but with the exposure lowered it turned out ok. The important thing is, it was a gorgeous day and I was having fun.


DSC_5220 Morning sun over Asheville Reservor

This is on the BRP heading toward Mt. Mitchell State Park. The body of water in the background is the Asheville Water Reservoir. There are no turn offs and pulling off the road in this area is not permitted. I took a quick shot out my window with my camera held up in the air. I just guessed at the exposure. It’s too underexposed, but I love the sun flare.


DSC_5372 autumn splendor

I took this shot in the Smoky Mountains near the top of the mountain just across the North Carolina state line in the park. The colors looked nice and it was the best we saw on this trip for late October. Obviously, the autumn show was running behind schedule just a bit. No complaints, though. It was an outstanding day!

I’m running a wee bit behind schedule today but I appreciate your visit VERY much and I will hop over to your place soon!


Have a fototastic day!




#WW Autumn splendor and surprise

Something came up, like getting time to spend with my DH for another week, so I won’t be in Blogosphere this week. . A few more days unplugged from the net will do this gal good.  You ought to try it!

Do you remember Price Lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway? While enjoying time with DH this month, I photographed it again. The fall foliage was more glorious than before! Here’s a picture from a different vantage point. One minute, I’m snapping away at this….

DSC_3973and just as I turned around to get in the car this is what I see. My husband shouting, “Shoot! Shoot, now!”

DSC_3977What a nice surprise! I’m not an action photographer. I think I was a little stunned, as a blend of excitement and panic set in. In rapid session I fired three or four shots. I was thinking, if I get one picture that isn’t blurry I’d be a happy girl (as it turned out I got two that weren’t bad), but the sense that griped me as we pulled away was the thrill of the experience. Now, that was a lot of fun!

Sending a round of applauds and cheers to this week’s featured photographer…

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Sunspiration – Christian symbolism in Christmas

Christmas is a day set aside to honor Jesus’ birth because no one is quite sure of the exact date. That’s kinda like we may do to celebrate our own birthday on another day than on our real birth date. Each one of us have a special day. Our family and friends like to honor us for this occasion. Why should we not honor our Savior for the greatest gift He has given us? Angels filled the night sky announcing the glorious news of Jesus’ birth,  shepherds flocked to see the wonders that were told to them by the angels, and wise men brought gifts to the new-born babe.

During the 4th century a Roman Bishop established celebrated in honor of Jesus’s birth with the hopes of Christianizing popular pagans customs and the hopes of turning hearts to the one true creator. What a forward thinking man and a huge witness statement for Christ.

Unfortunately the special day was not a huge success in the early years but today it flourishes! The beauty that surrounds the holiday is that Christian symbols are closely entwined into the Christmas festivities. That is, if you just look past the glitter.  Many of which are found in the decorations on our Christmas tree and I bet yours, too.

  • The evergreen tree symbolizes everlasting life, like Christ offers to all. He says, “I give them eternal life…” ~John 10:28.
  • Presents beneath the tree reminds us of the love God gave us through His precious gift to us – His son.“We love Him because He first loved us.” ~1 John 4:19 and for us to be giving of ourselves, as the Magi (2:1-12) to others – through material or non-material means. You don’t have to be wealthy like a king to show your love .
  • Lights remind us that Jesus is the Light of the world. (John 8-12)
  • White is for Our Lord’s purity who knew no sin. (2 Corinthians 5:21)
  • Red is for Christ’s shed blood on the cross to pay my debt. (Hebrews 9:22)
  • Silver symbolizes redemption or payment for our sins through Jesus. (1 John 2:2)
  • Green is for the desire to grow in Christ Him or may also represent life.
  • Gold is for the King of Kings – Jesus Christ. (Revelations 19:16)
  • Stars are a sign that Jesus is the bright morning star (Revelation 22:16) and our hope for eternal life through Him.

iPhone capture

The spirit of the season is not corrupt if the true meaning resides in our heart and despite the commercialism of this blessed holiday, there is no other time throughout the year when hearts are kinder than at Christmas time. This is the perfect time to show God’s love.

Have Sunspirational Sunday and enjoy the reason for the season…



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Happy first day of autumn!

Have a lovely first day of autumn!