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#AprilA2Z Art Sketching through the Alphabet “C”

Hello, Kitten & Dawgs,  I’m delighted you joined me for the next A2Z Art Sketching through the Alphabet.  Today’s alphabet prompt inspired sketch comes from my FB friend, Cheryl Tarrant, who paints cows and quaint country images.  I’ve always been fond of how she captures such soulfulness through her cows’ eyes and decided I wanted to try drawing one.

I used my iPhone to photograph my art sketches to transfer to the computer. I don’t want to tear the sheets out of my journal to scan. I think cows have cute faces with their big brown eyes and although my sketch is B&W, I still like the way Maggie turned out. Yes, I gave my cow a name! Not very original I know but it seems to suit her. Don’t you think? Here’s a close up of Maggie.

Naturally, thinking about cows made me think about chickens.  Hey, you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl! I grew up in rural West Virginia. My grandparents had plenty of chickens. I helped to gather the eggs with my grandma. That was a terrifying experience. I was always afraid they’d get tangled in my long hair. The highlight was the baby chicks. Those little yellow downy covered critters were cute and we loved trying to catch one but never could. Instead, we got a good workout.

Is it okay to think I’m doing a decent job with my artwork? We all feel good about what we do and that’s not a bad thing.  Hopefully, that bubbly, feel-good feeling will only energize me (or you) to keep pursuing my passions while looking for ways to hone my technique and ability.

Finally, the letter “C” prompt wouldn’t be complete in my opinion without a cat drawing, so I thought I’d sketch a big cat using these step-by-step instructions.

Could this be Ole Green Eyes?

What “C” things do you think would make great subjects to sketch?


Do you what a cackle? This video is purrfectly for today’s alpha-character with some crazy cats caught in action!


Hopefully, what I share with you every day will encourage you to do something that interests you that you’ve long put off because like me you just don’t think you can. My advice is, just do it! Maybe, you’ll be surprised. I know I was! 🙂

I’m heading off to link up with other fellow AtoZers and you’re invited to come along.  I’ll see you on tomorrow for the next installment of Art Sketching through the Alphabet!






A2Z Art Sketching Through the  Alphabet post recap:

  1. “A” for Angels
  2. “B” for Boys, little





#WW Blog Break Photo-Op, Part 2

Last week, I shared a panoramic view of the Shenandoah Valley. Next stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway I snapped these pictures.


I call this fried chicken and apple pie. lol This is a replica of small farming community on the Blue Ridge Parkway in northern Virginia.


I loved the old chairs on the porch with the wild flowers and broken wooden barrel near the corner edge!


Headed back to the car, I noticed this butterfly garden and it wowed me!

Thanks for visiting. I invite you to have fun with a few of my favorite #WW shutterbugs link ups!

Have a fototastic day!

Have a fototastic day!