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New Year’s Themed Songs


Another year has gone by, Kittens and Dawgs! Although, I always say this every January, wasn’t it only yesterday that the new year ushered in?  I’m actually glad to see 2016 come to a close, as I feel this year will be more promising.  My! My! Time Flies!  Last week, XmasDolly gave us two mewsic themes and I mostly stayed on the Christmas song path but this week I’m running with the New Year’s theme songs.

Thank you for including me in your Monday. ? My friend, XmasDolly who puts on the Monday’s Music Moves Me ? linky party is a bit short-handed and I volunteered to co-host as long for as long as she needs me.  You’re invited to hit the dance floor.

Do you set goals or new year’s resolutions? If so, what is one of yours for 2017? One of my goals for the new year, should DH’s job become full-time employment, is for us to get into a new house. ? ?

Be inspired, feel alive. It’s a new year!

This is a new year, this is a new day to rise
Shine, lift up your eyes
This is a new year, this is a new day to rise
Shine and point the way to God’s great life

Here are the lyrics to New Year.


What New Year’s mewsic moves you this Monday? ?

Do you like mewsic? If so, then I invite you to check out and vote for your favorite artist in my first Battle of the Bands showdown for 2017. One more thing, if you’re the creative type and looking for more memes to connect with then Impulsive Artistry hosts the Monday meme Feeling Inspired? where you can share your photography, crafts, mewsic, and more posts.

Thank you for including me in your Monday and don’t forget to hop back for not-so Wordless Wednesday!












A #fathersday tribute to my daddy #music

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I hope all dads in Blogosphere have a special Father’s Day. I’m grateful that my daddy is still with me and for the sweet memories I have spent with him as a little girl. I dedicated this post to my daddy, as I Dance with my Father.


Luther Vandross is the author of this beautifully moving song. He wrote of his personal experiences with his dad who died when he was 7-years old from diabetes. He recorded it 2003, earning him Song of the Year and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Although I love Vandross’ original cut, I decided to use Celine’s cover since a female voice spoke to my heart and best suited this tribute to my daddy.

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Classic Disney Songs on Monday’s Music Moves Me


This week we are partying to your favorite Disney songs per request Everyday Life. What ever classics you choose, then we want to hear it right here. Come on join me on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

Our lovely hostesses, XmasDolly, is still recovering from back surgery. You may or may not find her shaking her bootie. That’s okay coz the rest of the 4M crew: JAmericanSpice, Just the stuff ya know (filling in for Stacy Uncorked), and myself. Link up and shake your bootie with the rockin’ bloggers below!

Here’s the linky:

Dance party rules:  Grab XmasDolly 4M button here,  display it on your blog, and then add your your favorite weekly music theme YouTube videos for everyone to enjoy. We aren’t music snobs, if you have tunes to share that don’t fit in with our theme then no problem! As long as you have music to share, then you’re cool coz all we want to do is dance with you! 

Now…lets shake our tail feathers…

Everyone can relate to Disney on one level or another, Becca and what sticks out so prominently in my not-so-distant memory are the children’s animations. A sample of some classics that resonate instantly with me are…




But, my two all-time favorite Disney classics are Beauty and the Beast….



and, The Little Mermaid…



for having the best music, ever! I always love the happy ever after endings. Soooo sweet! Did you marry your prince/princess? Do you have a happy ever after ending life? 

Did you have a good time on the dance floor? I did. Remember, to be considered for honorary co-host each month, then be sure to add your URL to the link up.  Next stop… your place!  What Disney songs are moving you?


A new day

iPhone capture


I captured the above picture south of Atlanta or Macon Georgia the morning of March 17th on our way to Naples, Florida last month. Imagine my delight to find it actually turned out decent considering I was inside a car traveling highway speed.


Angela from Mommy Time Out and I would like to thank you for joining us for another edition of  Wayback Wednesdays. To participate in this blog hop you don’t have to follow a bunch of rules. It’s simple! Just link up your blog, twitter, or Facebook below (only one please).

It’s so nice of you to come by & I hope you’ll decide to make it a repeat visit each week to share in  my musical memories (new or old) and my photo ops.

To connect with other WW communities look under Daily Blog Hops at the top of this page for Photography Hops. Now, wanna make me (or someone else) happy today? Then, leave a comment! I’ll be hopping over to your little niche in Blogosphere soon. Have a funtastic day!


God’s Love on 4M

Welcome to Monday’s Music Moves Me 108th edition! This week’s theme is “Love Songs”. It’s interesting how the gears of my mind turns one way and then it does a complete reverse the other direction. Why not lift love to the highest level – God’s love? Love that changes not and is with us throughout eternity!


Are you ready to be moved in a special way this week? It makes no difference if the love songs stir your soul or your heart the music is beautiful.

Admission to ride the Love Train is totally doable for anyone.  Are you ready to rock n’ roll with all the other passengers? Then, here’s what you do….

Go to YouTube insert your music video of choice.
Grab the “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button.
Link your 4M below, follow us, & leave a comment.

Head conductor of the Love Train is Marie of XmasDolly & her co-conductors are the lovely: Callie of JAmericanSpice,  Stacy of Stacy Uncorked , Cathy Kennedy’s Blog (my old blog), and this month’s honorary co-conductor, Rebecca of Everyday Life.

Lorie of The Shewbridge of Central Florida  is taking a little hiatus due to medical reasons. Our prayers are thoughts are with you, my friend. I hope you’re well soon. We’ll hold things up together till you’re able to come to us. God bless!

Our spotlight dancer tops the linky line up in the number one spot – Congratulations, my friend!

Don’t forget to show our featured dancer some love and go ahead, shake your bootie with any of the fellow rockin’ bloggers below…


The Love Train will be pulling into your depot soon and I’m eager to begin by following you. Next stop… your place! What music is moving you?

Psst, Psst….Next week, I’ll be sure to feature today’s theme music – songs from my children’s birth year. Apparently, I am not on the same page as the rest of the dance party. *blush*

Do you have that good ole fashion dance fever? Then, continue the party with…

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