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Cathy Chats 2018 Week #2

Good-morning, Kittens & Dawgs! I don’t know about you but I’m really tired of winter. Last week was so frigid I wished I were a polar bear or at least had a furry coat like one or maybe I could snuggle in front of a fire on one sipping a hot cup of cocoa. Oh well…the point being I didn’t have one but wished I had a fur coat that is.  I would’ve cried but afraid my tears would turn into ice cubes.

See it happens! What was the coldest day/night last week in your area?

Nearly every day since mid-December, I’ve done some doodling with my birthday present (Apple Pencil). I’m having such fun playing with it. DH is the bestest! The first thing I sketched was a realistic apple. Would you like to see? Of course, you would! That was a silly question.

Sketched design in Procreate app and I followed the basics from this YouTube step-by-by illustration, then taking what I learned expanded on my drawing.

As it turned out after looking through my digital sketches this wasn’t my first but close to my first. I actually drew a wintry scene which wasn’t too bad but I want to give it a second try. Also, I drew the picture for my Christmas greetings. I’m just busy, busy, busy sketching!

This is fun but twisted realistic art illustration. It’s really good but kinda gives me the heebee-geebees. That being said, I hope to be this good some day. 🙂

I think it’s time for another energy boost…

I was never one for energy drinks. In my children’s teen years they used to drink them. I sampled what they had and I didn’t like the taste. I will stick to regular coffee.  It’s not fancy but tastes good and is cheap comparatively speaking. I guess I’ll get my energy boost with a second cup of coffee instead this morning.

New Year’s Eve we watched some of the big bash in New York when they cut away to the festivities in Hollywood. There was a song that caught my ear but now I can’t remember the artist and I didn’t get the name of the tune, so I decided to go in search for it on YouTube when I came across Camila Cabello. Someone in Blogosphere (I’m thinking I heard about Camila from my pal, Tom from SDMM ) introduced me to this young lady with this mewsic video. It has a funny opening but if you don’t want to watch all the fluff then fast-forward to 2:38 and begin the song.


I loved the soap opra beginning; totally over acted and ridiculous making it purrfect! lol If you like Camila’s voice, then you may want to give a listen to a newer YouTube upload Real Friends. I kinda like her style but I do have a thing for Latin mewsic.

How’s the new year going, any wonderful things happening  with you?

I’m linking up taking a HOT coffee break with Stacy Uncorked and Eugenia @BrewNSpew this morning and you’re invited to come with and let me remind you to visit again tomorrow for not-so Wordless Wednesday.