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The sing-off between The Dandy Warhols and Skye

Don’t tell me it’s another new month already? Yep, the calendar says it’s September 1st and it’s time for another Battle of the Bands. Last time, I featured a Blondie classic. Stephen is really going to hate me for this, but I’m going that route again. Actually, I’ll be pitting two new rivals neither of which will be Blondie for the heavyweight title in the sing-off cover song Call Me!

This is for entertainment only and is not included in the battle, so please do not vote for Blondie. 😉 Allow me to introduce to you two new-to-me artists going head-to-head in today’s showdown.

First up, is an American rock band from Portland Oregon. Gosh, I’d love to see the pacific northwest! Focus Cathy, focus!   Anywho, this group came together in 1994 and released their first major record cut in ’97 with Capital Records. I bring to you Courtney Taylor-Taylor and his merry band members: Peter Holmstrom, Zia McCabe , and Brent DeBoer who are…  The Dandy Warhols!

Next is a British singer/songwriter who started her career also in 1994 with four brothers forming a different band who released five albums with this female lead vocalist.  The band split in 2003 giving her the opportunity to spread her wings cranking out two solo albums. Give a listen to Skye!


Do you know which band you like the best? Are you going with The Dandy Warhols or Skye?

Voting is open to everyone visiting my site. There is no wrong vote, except if you don’t vote. You can start by telling me in comments which artist you like best and why (optional). Then, I’d like you to do me a favor in telling your friends to come by to get in on the action. The more the merrier!

I highly recommend you swing over to listen (and vote on) more epic battles underway on these amazing blogs!

Now, if you’d like to know how this works and/or how to join all this madness fun you can check with Stephen (at the top of the list),  the official BoTB list keeper!  😉

Thanks for joining in on the fun. This is Curious as a Cathy signing off with have a bandtastic day and I hope you’ll decide to come tomorrow for a few giggles with my newest edition of Friday Sillies and other fun stuff!

Mid to late 70s rockin’ down the house on 4M

Welcome to week #168 of

A few weeks back Vandy J was our spotlight dancer. For her theme choice this week, she wants to know What songs did you listen to in high school? I don’t know about you guys, although that’s been a lot of years ago for me I still find myself boogieing to those same tunes today. Let’s rock the house down to some mid to late 70s sounds!

My freshman year 1976-1977 of high school, I was more than likely dancing to Paul McCartney and Grand Funk Railroad.



Our lovely hostesses, XmasDolly, would like to thank you for joining the party and as always JAmericanSpice, Stacy Uncorked, Just the stuff ya know & myself are happy that you came.

Now, it’s time to get our groove on with you so remember to link up and shake your bootie with the fellow rockin’ blogger buds below!


Dance party rules:  Grab XmasDolly 4M button here,  display it on your blog, and then add your favorite weekly music theme YouTube videos for everyone to enjoy. We aren’t music snobs if you have tunes to share that don’t fit in with our theme, then no problem! As long as you have music to share, then everything is cool coz all we want to do is dance with you! 

During my sophomore year from 1977-1978, I might have listened to songs by Andy Gibb and Lionel Richie.



As my sophomore year gave way to my junior year 1978-1979, these tunes were popular hits by ARS and the Queen of Disco.



Winding things up in 1979-1980 for my senior year, I can’t forget these fab hits by two outstanding female artists.




Did you have a good time on the dance floor? I did. Remember, to be considered for honorary co-host each month, then be sure to add your URL to the link up.  Next stop… your place!  What music did you listen to in high school?

Be sure to come back next week to dance with the 4M crew, and if you can’t get enough music, then join me for Saturday Song-suasion!

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