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Mike Bauer #music

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs!  The weekends are for unwinding. There’s no better way to let go than with mewsic. I am happy to present a new-to-me artist from  ReverbNation … Mike Bauer!


Mike Bauer is truly a gifted person. He’s a singer/songwriter, multi-talented instrumentalist and independent recording artist. He comes from a musical roots. His grandfather was a singer/tap-dancer on the 1950s TV program, Lawrence Welk and his plays cello professionally.






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Did you enjoy today’s mewsic? Which is your favorite song?

That’s a wrap for this week. I appreciate being apart of your weekend. Feel free to invite your friends to stop in for a listen. It’s a great feeling to share! Have a songsational Saturday!

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The McStays – Why Would a Whole Family Be Missing?

Elaine Aradillas wrote an article about the Mcstay family disappearance in People Magazine (May 2011).   A sense of darkness fell over me as I read the article about the missing McStay (Joseph & Summer and boys Ginni and little Joseph) family since February 2010.

I suspected foul play in the beginning, but as the details unfolded these facts mystified me:

  1. The family just moved into a new home.
  2.  No physical evidence of something gone wrong to point blame.
  3. Family regarded as happy and normal.
  4. No credit card trail to follow and limited visual spotting documented.
  5. The husband’s $100,000 bank account sits untouched.

Aradillas reports the last visual on the family was on surveillance camera near the US-Mexico border 60 miles from their home. Some suspect, someone in the family could’ve been very ill and they were looking for a homeopathic alternative, but slipping across the border in the middle of the night and without telling the family of their plan sounds ludicrous.

To disappear without a trace would mean, you would have to have money and connections.  Could it be they went through Mexico to elude suspension? Did they manage to get out of North America all together to reach another destination, perhaps aboard?

Another scenario is something no one wants to think about but certainly could be the and that is,  the murder of the family.

Corruption south of the border is widespread.  Most people live in fear for their lives and if they know anything about what happened to the Mcstays they are reluctant with coming forward.

My prayers are certainly this is no so and they are somewhere happy and well, but there are many questions and few answers.

Someone out there knows something.  It’s only a matter of time before the authorities find the missing part of this puzzle to bring the picture together.  Let’s pray that it’ll be a picture with lots of smiles.

Visit: https://bestcarseathub.com/ (link doesn’t work) to offer your prayers, lend your support, and to learn of the news and if you have info please come forward.

Our prayers are with you,  Joseph, Summer, Gianni, & little Joseph!

Do you know the whereabouts of this family?

Please help bring the McStay family home. Is there something you can do to shed light on the mysterious vanishing?

God’s blessings to Michael McStay
& the whole family!


Update: Family murdered. Suspect, Joseph McStay’s business partner. Read details here.