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#SaturdaySongsuasion presents #OfficialAdele!

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I attribute my edition of Saturday Songsuasion to watching Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) earlier in the week.


Rumor Willis. Has. It.  Her natural talent sizzled on the dance floor (a little of her mama shined through in her moves) this past Monday of DWTS while doing the Cha-Cha with her pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy to this 2011 Billboard Hot 100 hit.

The uniqueness of this singer’s vocals really need no introduction with this bluesy-pop stomping number, but for the musically challenged (I admit I am one at times) I present to you the sensational British songwriter and singer…



Thanks to the many contributors on YouTube I found this a nice Adele playlist to share this morning with my kittens & dawgs! Just click, surf, clean, or relax to these blue-eyed soulful, R&B tunes.

  1. 0:00    He Won’t Go
  2. 4:32    I’ll Be Waiting
  3. 8:35    Lovesong
  4. 13:50  One & Only
  5. 19:45  Rolling In The Deep
  6. 23:43  Rumor Has It
  7. 27:25  Set Fire To The Rain
  8. 31:24  Someone Like You
  9. 36:10  Take It All
  10. 40:01  Turning Tables
  11. 44:07  Don’t You Remember

I’ll leave you with one of my personal favorites by this accomplished artists….


Want to listen to more of Adele?  Click & listen…

19 Album
21 Album

That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and I appreciate you including me in your weekend. Feel free to invite your friends to stop in for a listen. It’s a great feeling to share! Have a songsational Saturday!



What’s up next? Come back tomorrow for your weekly dose of laughter with Sunday Sillies!




Saturday Song-suasion:#Hozier

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Good morning, kittens & dawgs! How has the first full week of the new year treated you? All I can say is Old man winter has shown his face here in the south and I’d like to bid him farewell, but that’s not gonna happen for 75 days. I guess I’ll just make the most of it. Meanwhile, try to keep warm this morning with a little toe-tapping or full body groovin’ on Saturday Songsuasions!

Today’s featured artists crossed my path this week while doing my round of 4M hops. This guy is a wee bit different from my usual taste, yet interesting enough to tempt my palette to hear more.  So, it was only natural for me to go in search of more from this Irish singer/songwriter, musician after hearing his 2013 début hit single Take Me to Church and thus I found a full album in HD for you to play in the background this morning while you web surf or clean the house. Listen and let me know what you think of some of Hozier’s top YouTube tracks!

Thank you for making me a part of your weekend. Have a songsational Saturday!



#4M hit the dance floor with the #BOTB on Saturday Song-suasion

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Hello, kittens & dawgs! I’m back feeling refreshed after my little blog break and ready to go. Well…I’m almost ready to go. I’ll explain a little later, but first let me say, I can’t believe it’s November already, can you? Usually, I feature a group or artist on Saturdays,  but it’s the first of a new month. What’s that got to do with anything, you say. If that’s why you’re here this morning, then you’re know it’s time for BATTLE OF THE BANDS, but if not and you’re not familiar with BOTB, then hop over to STM’s website to get the 411!

I said I’m almost ready to get back into blogging. DH has  a week of vacation he needs to use or lose before the year ends, and since there is no better time than the present, we decided to kick back for a little extra fun next week. Actually, it started last night if you want to get technical about it. Cyberville gets neglected, but do you blame me when faced with a wonderful opportunity?

That being said, if you’re here for Monday’s Music Moves Me and looking to boogie with me, then I’m sorry. I promise to be back next week in full dancing mode! Sometimes life hands you unexpected treasures that are too good to pass and knowing life is too short I want to enjoy these precious moments with the one I love!

Are you ready for the battle? Let’s get started!

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Saturday Song-suasion 38: #NorahJones

Earlier in the week, I had the privilege of being reintroduced to a female artist I have only had the pleasure of listening to a handful of times. I thought it would be a delight for you and me to experience together more of her soft, sedative tone. Let’s give it up for the beautiful, Norah Jones!

image credit


On Monday, this song inspired me to want to hear more of Nora’s music.






My final tune by Nora is a bit racy, so you may want to excuse the munchkins from the room before you hit play.


Thank you for taking time out of your weekend in hopping over to listen to the music! I hope you enjoyed your visit. In fact, I hope you enjoyed it so much that you cannot wait to tell your friends. Go ahead, hit the share (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) button! You know you wanna. 😉

You know the drill. I don’t blog on the weekend, but I welcome friends visiting anytime. Please, be sure to leave your footprints in my comments, so I can return the visit. Have a songsational Saturday!

Psst, psst… don’t forget to hit the dance floor with me on Monday’s Music Moves Me!







Saturday Song-suasion 36: Tom Waits #a2zchallenge

This morning’s Saturday-suasion inspiration comes from today’s A-Z Challenge alphabet prompt, the letter W.





You know the drill. I don’t blog on the weekend, but I welcome friends visiting anytime. Thanks for taking the time to hop over to listen to my music choice. I hope you enjoyed your stay. In fact, I hope you enjoyed it so much that you cannot wait to tell your friends. Go ahead, hit the share (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) button! You know you wanna. 😉


Have a songsational Saturday, and be sure to join me on the dance floor on Monday’s Music Moves Me!