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Finding a balance

Howdy, kittens & dawgs! I’m struggling to find my happy place when it comes to sharing new posts. I’m sorting out how to squeeze 7-days of writing into 5 without losing material.

My normal (or not so normal these days) posting routine is:

  • Mondays: Monday Mewzik & Mews
  • Tuesdays: Cathy’s Chat
  • Wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday
  • Thursdays: Various from A2ZRoadTrip to Thursday thoughts
  • Fridays: Flashback Friday
  • Saturdays: Saturday Songsuasion/Sillies
  • Sundays: Special occasions or irregular posts

Like I said, I’ve been in the not-so-normal blogging pattern for sometime. Every day is a bit too much and Monday through Friday can even be challenging, but blogging only three days week just doesn’t seem like I’m doing justice to my blog life.

I’m trying to get a handle on writing and sharing. Two important facets of blogging, but it’s not everything. Visiting and leaving comments with other bloggers is equally important, if not crucial in Blogosphere. I know forging and bonding new relationships will strengthen my blog presence ~ socially and personally.

Tah-dah! Here’s what I’ve come up with my work-in-progress late summer posting schedule:

  • Mondays ~ Monday Mewzik & Mews: It’s all about the music
  • Tuesdays ~ Tuesday Talk Time: random conversation
  • Wednesdays ~ Wordless Wednesday: a time to share my photos/photo-art with my own thoughts
  • Thursday ~ Thoughtful Thursday:¬†dedicated for reflection, creation, or thanksgiving
  • Fridays ~ Flashback Friday: memories prompted by vintage or recent past photos
  • Saturdays ~ Saturday Summary: a weekly look back for those who tune in on the weekends to play catch up
  • Sundays ~ Excused from social media completely: a day of rest ūüôā

Okay, I haven’t gotten this down to a science. I still am at 6-days, but technically Saturdays are for weekly summaries, so it doesn’t count, right? This may change along the way, but for now I have an outline for direction.

For building a better relationship with my readers, I adopted a tip to comment on the comments left on my site, then immediately do a return visit. This works beautifully! Recently, I began paying closer attention to new Twitter followers. I working on ways to weave these newbies into my blog life.

NOTE: One thing for you to consider when you leave a comment is to make sure your URL is correct or not missing. This is my only way I have to visit you back sometimes.

Perhaps my thoughts will inspire you or maybe you have a clever tip or two on how I can improve things. I am always open to suggestions! I’ve asked this question before, but I’m gonna ask it again. What works best for you in the way you blog? How do you balance things?




Blog Button Question

Last Friday, I launched my Friday Sillies with its own button. I finally got this working. Hooray for me, right? The next thing I got to wondering about is, how do you make the button always go to the meme, instead of the home page? Do I have to set my memes as a page in order for this to work out?
Mucho thanks!!

Beware Bloggers…Amazon Kindle Is Dangerous!

From this new 31-DBBB challenge, I’m meeting some really savvy writers.¬† One such person is Lisabeth Tanz @ Your Words, Your Voice.

Lisabeth wrote an interesting post last month if you’re considering using Amazon’s Kindle to publish your blog then be sure to¬†click on Why I’m Not Putting My Blog On Kindle Yet (I’m sorry the link no longer works).

Hmmm, I¬†wonder if Amazon operates the same way when publishing your books to Kindle?¬†This is something I’ve toyed with, but now I’m a bit hesitant.¬† As Lisabeth points out, make sure you understand the terms and agreements.¬† I certainly make sure this is crystal clear should I allow Amazon to convert The Tale of Ole Green Eyes to e-format.

Happy reading!



Blog Headlines and More

Carol Tice the author of Make a Living Writing blog wrote an interesting post called 40 Simple Writing Tweaks for Better Blog Post.   The first thing she addressed was the headline. You have to make your headline intriguing enough for your reader to not glance over it but to want to click on it to learn more.

I openly admit, “I’m a newbie blogger!” There I said it. Phew, I feel better. The question is how do I improve my blogging skills?¬†I can immediately incorporate the author’s tip of improving my headline to attract the curious web surfer to my blog for starters. ¬†That is not all, though.

An enticing headline is the tip but I¬†need to¬†go a step further with clever search engine optimizing¬†(SEO) words¬†linked to my headline.¬†She pointed out that headlines are dangling in cyberspace and should represent your blog post. Hmm, I’ve got that now!

Personally speaking, I see the relevance to these valuable tips as a web surfer and I dare say you can relate as well.¬†¬† 40 Simple Writing Tweaks for Better Blog Post is worth the read. I’m hoping Ms. Tice’s¬†tips can turn this greenhorn into¬†a polished pro in Blogosphere!

New blogs to visit this Friday!

This is only a few blogs to join to help boost traffic on your site. Check some of these out to see if you can benefit from linking with their audience.  Happy Friday!