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Thursday ?s & Thoughts: Is asparagus a cancer curer?

Amanda from SelfSagacity and I are teaming up to bring to you our a brand new weekly meme called…

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I am always intrigued a bit when I get an email making outstanding claims of a miraculous cure. I tend to take these reports with a grain of salt recognizing there may be some truth to the claim and I set out to separate facts from fiction.

Yesterday I got such a promise that asparagus cures cancer. Have you seen this email yet? If not, then you take a peak at on Snopes.

What troubles me most about Internet promises is that a desperately ill person may forgo proper treatment in search for that elusive supernatural remedy. I do believe anytime a person does his/her best to eat nutritionally sound, then the body will reap the benefits. A cure? Maybe not, but perhaps for those with a precursor for certain illnesses, I can’t help to wonder,  if eating particular foods will decrease the chance of the disease’s development.

One Internet source behind the asparagus sensation became viral after The National Cancer Institute’s The Glutathione Report names asparagus as the one food that tested highest in glutathione (GSH) — a phyto-chemical that’s an antioxidant with cancer-fighting properties.

Aside from its detoxifying mojo to break down carcinogens in the body, this spear-shaped veggie, acts like a weapon to protect your over all health with various nutrients ~ fiber, vitamins, and trace minerals.

An element found in Asparagus is inulin. What’s this? Simply put, it’s a carbohydrate that can aid the digestion by producing the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria (Bifidobacteria & Lactobacilli). This is a nice perk for someone such as myself with an intestinal disorder and it’s good for anyone who feels off balanced. A problem many face with age.

Asparagus is a good source of anti-inflammatory vitamin K, which helps to keep calcium in our bones, as well as other bone building B-vitamins, copper, & phosphorus. For someone who is lactose intolerant and relies on alternate dietary sources to provide my daily calcium, I like this simple fact that incorporating asparagus in my meals strengthen my body’s ability to hold onto an important bone building mineral.

The fiber and protein in a cup of asparagus helps the body’s mechanics to break down food, makes one feel more satisfied, regulates blood sugar, and encourages BMs

In six asparagus spears you get half of your RDA of folic acid (B-vitamin). This is especially good for expecting moms’ unborn babies with the prevention of neural tube defects (Spina Bifida). What I didn’t know is its benefits for adults, which includes: the prevention of colon cancers for those with inflammatory bowel disorders (that’s me), stroke, osteoporosis, strengthen blood vessels, protect against other cancers, and more.

Remember glutathione is the secret ingredient in asparagus that caused this to be the latest outrage and each decade of our life that we live, we lose 8-12% of this secret ingredient. The good news is our body can synthesize its own production of it, if given the necessary build blocks foods that are rich in amino acids glycine , glutamic acid, and cysteine. For instance, like: avocados, onions, garlic, turmeric, spinach, and of course asparagus. As well as raw eggs and unprocessed meats. One Internet source indicated raw whey protein (usually found in protein powder & bars) or other cultured diary products made from grass-fed cows’ milk as a good high quality precursor for your body to use in making its own glutathione.

Science cannot argue the beneficial properties found in asparagus. It definitely could add a boost toward a healthier you,  but a cure all? Unfortunately, no food can really fulfill such a claim.  I am a firm believer, if a person can replace the quick, overly processed foods with a diet rich with lean meats, fruits, and vegetables progress is made toward better health. I plan to begin including asparagus to my diet more after learning the many benefits from this query.

  1. How seriously do you pay attention to emails spouting miraculous cures?
  2. Do you immediately forward these emails, research the validity of the source, or send it to the trash bin?

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Thursday ?s & Thoughts #1: Coconut Oil

Amanda from SelfSagacity and I are teaming up to bring to you our combined memes into a brand new hop called…

At the moment, this is still a work-in-progress venture. For those of you who have been so faithful in keeping with Amanda’s Thursday Two Questions, then keep doing what you been doing as nothing has changed. At this point, we don’t have an official button for the hop, so please bear patiences with us as we decide.

I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because sometimes it pays to let the cat out of the bag. When I think of coconut the first thing that always comes to mind is the commercial jingle…

I know coconut oil is receiving positive press on its many benefits, but the one thing that interested me initially is its use for personal lubrication. Its natural with no additives or perfumes.

On Sunday afternoon, we ventured to Earth’s Fare to buy some. The only thing I knew was I wanted expeller cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil. Our local whole food store did not have a lot to choice from, but after studying the labels we came to a decision based on the store’s supply. We bought two brands: Nutiva and Garden of Life.

I wasn’t totally flying by the seat of my pants on this venture. A few days prior, I stumbled upon the hard working of one woman who did quite a bit of coconut oil testing. She listed her recommendations; if you would like the low down on her discoveries, then click here.

FYI: Both oils are expeller, cold-pressed extra-virgin, but the Nutiva has a stronger coconut oil aroma & flavor. This will be my first choice for now.

However, I was very surprised to learn about the health-boosting properties from the oil of this nut. Unlike other fats, coconut is good for your heart. I have a good ticker, but others aren’t as fortunate. Coconut oil can help to restore your thyroid with better insulin use by the body and boosts the metabolism. Did you know that when the thyroid doesn’t work properly, then it increases your cholesterol levels? Of course, we all know when the thyroid isn’t functioning properly weight gain is one of the side effects. Another reason to get your thyroid back on track.

One thing that particularly fascinated me was by incorporating coconut oil in your diet breaks down healthy fats in the liver for energy and I found out it helps to reduce that stubborn belly fat. Hallelujah, I am all for that! Also, the antioxidant action of coconut oil helps our body to cease the damage to our skin. Could this mean, I have found the Fountain of Youth? Probably not, but anything I can do to stop unneeded aging then count me in! The oil has been found to be a good moisturizer for the skin and hair, aids in digestion (great for people such as myself with an intestinal disorder), brain function, and it’s an anti-viral/bacterial/fungal fighter.

Armed with these little perks of coconut oil, I made myself a lab rat. Yesterday, I started eating straight from the bottle, 2-tablespoons of coconut oil. I am not sure how soon I will see the effects of my personal science experiment, but as I see developments I plan to reveal my findings.

1. Do you have any experience with coconut oil? (Brands: likes, dislikes)

2. What prompted you to begin using coconut oil?

Check out these 101 Ways to Use Coconut Oil and read this info of some ways coconut can improve your health.

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Power of Music

There isn’t a single soul I know who doesn’t like music. Do you count yourself as a music enthusiast? I bet you’re saying, “Yes!” Music is an essential part of our lives.

Have you thought about what gives music power and importance? Here are 10 reasons for listening to music daily.

  1. Music gives pleasure. 
  2. Music conjures images.
  3. Music reduces stress.
  4. Music eases pain.
  5. Music lifts your emotions.
  6. Music connects you spiritually.
  7. Music makes you smarter.
  8. Music improves physical endurance.
  9. Music promotes better sleep.
  10. Music is universal.

Music makes us happy. Why? Music triggers the part of the brain which releases dopamine which stimulates our sense of pleasure. Music calms anxieties and eases suffering. Music unites us emotionally – friendship, patriotism, and spiritually. 

Did you know studies have proved listening to music makes you smarter? It’s reported listening to classical music by Mozart, Vivaldi, Pachelbel, Handel and Bach boost test scores, reduce mistakes, uses both sides of the brain for learning, and raises the IQ.

Music impacts the way you perform physically. Music increases your exercise endurance by 15%. Your body picks up on the tempo and moves to the beat enhancing your workouts. Now, isn’t that cool?  Music improves your sleep quality. If you have a smartphone or iPod Touch, look for an app like iHeart Radio to stream soothing melodies to help you drift off at night.

As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Music is the universal language of mankind”. It doesn’t matter if we understand the words or not. We sense expression in the words and melody through our very soul and instinctively know if it’s a happy or sad song if we like it or don’t like it. It’s just that simple.

PhotobucketMusic styles vary from person to person and yet we all benefit from the same perks music brings. The important thing is to involve the appropriate music into your life at the right moment to receive its full reward. Why not dance with me each Monday to see how the power of music can move you!

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My questions are:

1. Do you have a favorite part of the day to enjoy music? I don’t know if I have a particular time of day which I like listening to music. It sort of hits me, but I can’t let a day slip by without the sound of music. I’m happier and more productive when I can move to the beat of my music.

2. What is your preferred musical pleasure? I like a variety of music. For the most part, I prefer classic rock from the 70s & 80s or today’s new country, which reminds me of the pop rock from this era.

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Are you listening to music now? Why not, escape into the magic of music!