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Jack’s Patch #WW #SWF #Hodgepodge Q&A #BoTB Results

Hello, Kittens & Pups! There’s too much to do with the upcoming holidays and making everything into a chore just isn’t fun, so the rest of the year I’m taking things slow in Blogosphere.  Smartphone technology is just super cool with a camera on-the-go right in your pocket. Even old technology is awesome. I used my previous iPhone 5s for the last time to capture this photo (near the Target on Northshore Drive just off south I-140 (Pellissippi Parkway) in Knoxville) in September.



Next is my Wednesday Hodgepodge segment hosted by Joyce. This is an excellent way to get to know your fellow blogger and you’re invited to play alone.


1.  In a rut, in a jam, in the groove, out of synch, off-balance, out of touch…which saying best fits some area of your life currently (or recently)? Explain. I think I can apply each of these to my life but if I had to pick one maybe, I’d say I’m “off-balance“. The approaching holidays always make me off-balance to a degree. That’s why I try to do a little every few days to prepare for the big event. On top of the normal stuff this time of year, I’m helping DD#2 and DSIL from afar with their transition to Maine. Stuck in limbo waiting for their apartment which won’t be ready until next week Wednesday. The place they are staying previously booked their room and there are no other openings. They have to move to another motel and that’s where I come in. I spent a several hours Monday locating a place that’s affordable and pet-friendly.  This was not an easy task but I found a place for them.  Normally, I don’t think finding a place would be difficult but Maine had a horrible storm knocking power out and many still do not have electricity, so locals are taking up the hotel rooms. The demand for materials due to the storm is what’s causing the renovation work lag. Please prayer their apartment is ready soon. The expense is too much for them.




2. What is it about somebody else’s style of work (coworker/employee/shared volunteer project/household chore) that makes you crazy? Why?  Not having been in the corporate world in years and I’m sure there was plenty former co-workers did that drove me crazy but persnickety traits of how you want something done is often engrained in one’s behavior. It used to make my skin crawl when I let anyone help me with anything around the house. I only relinquished to teach my children the basic life skills and responsibilities. It was all I could do to keep myself from going behind them to redo what they did. DH often helped to ease my housework chores by pitching in but it made me feel out of control. I know that’s crazy but I felt that way. Anyhow, it took me years to relax and accept the help. It didn’t matter that the person wasn’t doing it the way I do it what mattered is the job got done freeing up some of my time. 



3. What’s a tradition that always makes you feel at home? I feel at home no matter what but I think I know where you’re going with this question. Years ago, I wrote My Heart is Well Content which describes that homey sort of sense. 





4. A favorite song with a girl’s name in the title or lyrics? Any reason why this is a particular favorite?  Bread was our favorite band during our dating years.I’m not sure why it is now but “Aubrey” became our song. DH even dubbed me his “Aubrey”. This song is still one of my favorites and I can’t help think on those tender years of two young hearts growing a relationship. It’s been 40 years since those early years and our hearts are still growing…closer!




5. Share a favorite quote, verse, or saying relating to gratitude or thanksgiving. When you realize others don’t have it so good that’s when you see things through new eyes and God’s blessings all around you. This is a lesson I learned many years ago during one of DH’s periods of unemployment and since that time I never take what I have for granted. 




6. Insert your own random thought here. I like sketching during my waiting time period for DH while at his appointments with his eye surgeon. This is a good use of time. I rediscovered  the joy of drawing in this past April A-Z Challenge in which I picked Art Sketching Through the Alphabet as my theme and if you’re interested you can read my reflections post that lists all my A-Z prompts. Anyway, while I waited I decided to sketch a barn. In September and October I shared in my not-so Wordless Wednesday contributions a mini series on barns I photographed over the years.

One more piece of randomness, the results of “Up In A Puff Of Smoke” #BoTB showdown clearly was a decisive win for The Rubinoos earning my vote for a victory of 7 to 2. I’ll leave with another sample of the winner’s mewsic. Join me in the next battle on the 15th! 😉



That’s it for now. I’m taking blogging life easy peasy with it being the holiday season. I encourage you to sign up for the latest Curious as a Cathy mews to deliver straight to your in-box!  Have a good day! Save Save Save

#AtoZChallenge Art Sketching Through the Alphabet Reflections

A word to the A2Z Team…

Before I get started, let me say one thing. Many people didn’t like that there was no linky and felt lost doing so in comments. I was right there with them but I did not allow that to get in the way. I did what I could and maintained a routine of visiting a few before or after me (if interested) and made sure to revisit all those who visited me. This kept me plenty busy.

Here’s a tip for the A2Z team, instead of one big linky like you’ve done for years until now, you may want to consider having a similar link up for each alphabet prompt with theme code key. I think this will help others to not only see who actually is playing along each day but it offers a clear idea to the players of what each blogger is blogging about in the challenge. This is my suggestion to you and regardless of what you choose to do next year, I plan to join the fun. 😉

My A to Z Reflections

It all began in February when I started thinking about the April challenge. At first, I thought I’d continue with last year’s theme on All Things Vintage but my heart just wasn’t into it and I began to second guess joining this round.  But, then just like that, an idea sparked my enthusiasm to make the journey through the alphabet with art sketching as my theme.

My plan

With my theme in mind, I began my illustrations immediately. I didn’t want my art sketches to appear like a drawing class. I’m neither qualified or skilled to do that sort of thing. I decided to share my finished inspired illustrations for each daily alpha-prompt offering reference sites or images for others. My artwork included people, animals, and things. Whatever moved me, I sketched it.

Sketching new pictures each day didn’t need any motivation, I became enthralled with my project completely all 26 letters in the alphabet before April 1st with images uploaded and posts created, an accomplishment I’m proudly achieved in my 4th year of the A to Z Challenge for the first time.


What I learned

Following the step-by-step instructions, I felt like a diamond in the rough and the potential I had only needed polishing. Why I couldn’t see this in me years ago is beyond me but I honestly believed it had everything to do with low self-esteem.  Luckily, DH brings out the best in me and over the years I’ve gone to that girl with no confidence to a girl who can go anything! Isn’t it amazing what you can do when you believe in yourself?

Future goals

Every day of the challenge I saw the possibilities of where my new art passion can lead.  One thing I hope to do is to finish a children’s story inspired by my late brother when he was a little boy and to complete the story with my illustrations.  I shelved the idea years ago because it needed pictures and I didn’t feel comfortable to draw them. Pushing myself to sketch for the A to Z Challenge gave me the confidence needed and I’m ready to step my game up.



I have plans to continue drawing and experimenting various techniques and mediums. The free resources available online to learn how to draw is amazing.  I will share the good and not-so-good with you.  This will be an experience we can share together because if it weren’t for you folks and DH then I don’t know if I’d be taking this bold step. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll see you in 2018 for the April A to Z Challenge! 😉

Did you follow my month-long art sketching journey?  Any last suggestions for my next sketch project?


Leave your signature (include your theme, too) in comments for easy follow-up and I invite you to check out any or all of my A2Z Art Sketching Through the Alphabet posts:

  1. “A” for Angels
  2. “B” for Boys, little
  3. “C” is for Cows, Chicken & Chicks, and Big Cats
  4. “D” for Dog
  5. “E” is for Elephant, Eagle, & Elk
  6. “F” is for Fence, Fox, & Frog
  7. “G” is for Girls
  8. “H” is for Horses
  9. “I” is for Iris
  10. “J” is for Jack & Jill
  11. “K” is for Kanga & Roo
  12. “L” is for Lighthouse
  13. “M” is for Mermaids
  14. “N” is for Nightingale
  15. “O” is for Owl
  16. “P” is for Princess & Prince
  17. “Q” is for Queen (Evil)
  18. “R” is for Rabbit & Roadrunner
  19. “S” is for Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
  20. “T” is for Treehouse
  21. “U” is for Unicorn
  22. “V” is for Violin & Victorian Women
  23. “W” is for Walking Dead & Waves
  24. “X” is for X-ray & Xena
  25. “Y” is for Yawn
  26. “Z” is for Zebras



I won’t leave you, heartbroken Kittens & Dawgs, you’ll find more of my artwork on Curious as a Cathy soon! 😉  I hope to see you on the dance floor (theme: Singers/Mewsicians celebrating birthdays on this day) for Monday Mewsic Moves Me!



Luther Vandross #music #AprilA2Z

#s-ART-urday project 2

#s-ART-urday project 2:  Moon and tree images are my property. I lifted the image of the bear in the right bottom corner from the web and thanks again to Obsidian Dawn for providing the cloud brush tools.

The light at the end of this very long A2Z tunnel is shining. Can you see it, kittens and dawgs? Hallelujah, that sweet victory is almost mine (maybe yours, too)!

This month, I preëmpted my routine posts, for the most part, to share my daily submissions to the largest Blogosphere party ever. I promise things will resume to normal next month. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll stick around to enjoy this morning’s #AprilA2Z fun!

Allow me to present the beautiful R&B style of

Luther Vandross!


Image source credit


Vandross is new-to-me in name, but his voice is oh so familiar. You know how I am with placing an artist with his/her music. I really like his style and enjoyed listening to the below YouTube video while I composed this post. So, I invite you to minimize my blog in the background, click play, and listen to the soulful sound of today’s featured artist while you’re cruising the A2Z playing field this morning.



In R&B music, Luther Vandross ranked with Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson as one of the most successful singer/songwriters and producers of the ’80s. Amazingly, unlike those peers, for the most part he did not cross over to widespread pop appeal, a situation that finally began to change at the end of the ’80s.

Vandross had an elastic tenor that made him a natural for backup singing and commercial work in the early ’70s, when he became a top session vocalist. In the second half of the ’70s, he recorded under a variety of guises, cutting two albums for Cotillion under the name “Luther,” recording with the session groups Roundtree and Change, and singing on hits by Chic.

In 1981, Vandross signed with Epic and released his début album, Never Too Much, which topped the R&B charts and sold two million copies. The title track was also an R&B number one hit single and reached the pop Top 40.

Vandross went on to produce albums for Aretha Franklin and other female singers, while maintaining his own career through the ’80s. His albums Forever, for Always, for Love (’82), Busy Body (’83), The Night I Fell in Love (’85), Give Me the Reason (’86), and Any Love (’88) were all million-sellers that spawned major R&B hits, but Vandross’ pop success was spotty until 1989, when Epic released The Best of Luther Vandross…The Best of Love, a greatest-hits album containing the new track “Here and Now,” which became Vandross’ first Top Ten pop hit. That proved his breakthrough.

Vandross’ next album, Power of Love (’91), another million-seller, featured two pop hits, “Power of Love/Love Power” and “Don’t Want to Be a Fool.” He returned to the pop Top Ten in 1992 with “The Best Things in Life Are Free” from the movie Mo’ Money, a duet with Janet Jackson. His next album, Never Let Me Go (’93), marked a slight falloff in sales, but Songs (’94), an all-covers album, restored his commercial standing, featuring a gold-selling pop Top Ten remake of “Endless Love,” a duet with Mariah Carey. This Is Christmas (’96) and Your Secret Love (’97) were million-sellers. One Night With You: The Best of Love, Vol. 2 (’97) compiled Vandross’ hits from 1991-’96. He returned in ’98 with I Know. Smooth Love followed two years later and a self-titled release on J Records appeared in spring 2001.

**The above Vandross info borrowed from findthefun.com**

If you want an in-depth account of Vandross’ life, then you can read about him on Wikipedia.  Have you heard of Vandross before now?

Follow me while I visit various bloggers taking part in this vicarious A2Z challenge! Leave a comment and I’ll see you soon!





The Story #music #s-ART-urday #AprilA2Z

I interrupt the regular Wordless Wednesday post (sorta) to bring you this special announcement…. I preëmpt all routine posts to bring you my contributions to this month’s largest blogging event. Don’t worry, normal posting will resume next month like clock work (I hope). Meanwhile, I invite you to stick around to enjoy the #AprilA2Z fun!

faeries at the mill

Photographed Dec 2014 in Cherokee, NC verse credit: C.J. Heck

My good friend, Claudia, who’s a gifted photographer started a cool idea on her blog called….


This is my first artsy creation attempt of silhouette faeries playing in the cascading waters at Mingus Mills . I used two photo editors. On my iPhone, I used DistressedFX app to give my photograph that surreal essences, then I sent it to my computer where I used Photoshop to add the accredited poem quote and my copyright. For the silhouette faeries, I want to say a special thanks to Obsidian Dawn for sharing special brush tools at no cost, giving my photo that specific stroke needed to complete my s~A(R)T~urday project.

Anything you do with passion is worth savoring and spreading to others. Your slyness may not make sense to anyone other than you, but it may connect souls in a way you didn’t see.

Do you have a story to share through photo-art, writing, or music?

Follow me while I visit some super-duper bloggers taking part in this stupendous A2Z challenge!


#WW: Poetic graffiti

Thank you for being apart of my day. I’m sharing today’s photo with these fine Wordless Wednesday communities.


This past winter while pulled over at one of the overlooks on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I found this. I don’t condone the defacing of public property, especially those of such scenic value. Nonetheless from an artist perspective, I found it interesting. I would like to say to this and all graffiti artists, I understand your desire to express yourself, but please find more appropriate places and leave nature unspoiled. Thank you!


Sending a round of applauds and cheers to this week’s featured photographer…

Simple Sorjourns


Congratulations, Cathi & David! Please, show some blog love by visiting today’s featured photographer and leave a sweet comment.

Let others know you’re in the spotlight by displaying…

WW featured photographerJust a reminder, each week I use random.org to pick a new photographer. I would like the opportunity to put your blog on display. To win a chance in the spotlight, then join the linky party below with your photographic wonder URL.

Starting tomorrow, I’m taking a break from cyber life. Not to worry, I will return your visits and I scheduled in advance my posts for the month so you won’t miss a thing. Until we meet on the other side of the lens next, have a fototastic day!


Christmas Gala

Women Who Believe  is having a CHRISTMAS GALA

Saturday, Dec 11th from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Location: New Covenant Fellowship Church

6828 Central Avenue Pike

Knoxville, TN 37918

EVERYONE is invited!

There will be over 25 vendors including:


Vintage Ornaments



Festive Wreaths


Lots of crafts, Ornaments, Centerpieces, Wreaths, Natural Soaps, Natural Candles, Ladies Accessories, Christmas Vintage Cards, Vintage Ornaments, Jewelry, Portraits, Paintings and Drawings, Hair bows, Silk Scarves and Wraps, & Lots of Baked Goods.


Handmade Cards
Beautiful candles


Natural Soaps


Christmas Goodies


“Why are you being invited?” you may ask.  At the Christmas Gala, you will find little ole me and my artist sharing an exhibition table.  Leann received an invitation to display her lovely artwork and being the sweet soul that she is, extended the offer to me.  I realize most of you can not attend in person but hopefully, in spirit, you’ll keep us in your thoughts, well wishes, and prayers. To see Leann’s designs, please visit her website. You can either shop for your autographed copy of my book, The Tale of Ole Green Eyes, through my website or here on my blog, while supplies last, by sending me an email.  Please, if you know anyone in my area who would like to do a little Christmas shopping, then send them on over to the Christmas Gala in Knoxville.

Merry Christmas!


Interviewing Artist, Leann Vineyard Cooper

Leann is the illustrator for my children’s story, THE TALE OF OLE GREEN EYES. When I began my quest in seeking an artist, I thought it would be a piece of cake so-to-speak. It was anything, but that. I was doing all the inquiring of artists and for a number of reasons the connection I was looking for was not met. Then one day out-of-blue, Leann sent me an email asking about the illustration position I had posted on one of local artist forums. We chatted over the phone and then met at Borders for coffee and tea. Our stories as stay-at-home moms and artists were a near identical match. It was nothing sort of awe-struck how God intervened into our lives. He placed stumbling blocks in my path to give Leann time to find my post. The Lord wanted us to be joined in this venture. Pour yourself a cup of tea, while you spend time with Leann Vineyard Cooper—as a mother, wife, and artist.





[Cathy] Many of my followers don’t know you, so why not set the pace by introducing yourself to my readers?

[Leann] I’m a wife, momma to three, and an artist. I’ve spent the past 20 years pouring all my time into raising my kids. Last October, I entered a book cover contest for Rick Warren’s new book, “The Hope You Need”. I didn’t win the contest, but I’ve been creating ever since. My favorite thing to do is pencil portraits, and I have had several commissions in the past year. It is my hope to help causes with my art. It is my desire to create artwork that is positive. I would like for people to be reminded through my art, that even though life will be hard at times, there is still hope. And I just love sweet tea! =)

[Cathy] I consider myself doodle artists and I dare say many others do, too. At one point did you know that you wanted to pursue art as a career?

[Leann] Ever since I’ve been a little girl, I’ve only ever wanted to be two things when I grew up, a mom and an artist. I’m blessed that God has allowed me to be aware of His dreams for me from a very early age.

[Cathy] What advice would you wish someone had been given to you, that you would like to share with other budding artists?

[Leann] I wish someone would have told me that you never lose your talent. While I was raising my kids, some people told me that if I didn’t use it, that I would lose it. Somewhere along the way, I began believing them. So much so, that when the time came that I should have begun drawing again, I believed I couldn’t. It took a big (gentle) shove by God to prove to me that I could still draw. So don’t believe the nay-sayers! You will not lose your talent. When the time is right, it will all fall in place.

[Cathy] Tell us about some of the special highlights with your artwork this year, such as the Grainger County Tomato Festival.

[Leann] This month will be the one-year anniversary of my official return to being an artist. This past year has been amazing! The things that God has done for me during this time have been so awesome and humbling to be a part of. One morning, last October, I had prayed and asking God what He wanted me to do with this talent He has given me. I knew He wanted me back in it, but there are so many options, I really didn’t know where to start. A few hours later, my husband called and told me about a book cover contest that he found out about on Twitter. It was for a new book by Rick Warren. “What is the title?” I asked. “The Hope You Need”, my husband replied. “What? Are you kidding?” I felt like God was speaking right to me. This was the hope I needed to begin drawing again. I began drawing right away, and just a few hours later, the drawing was complete.

Then one of my friends suggested that I try setting up at festivals selling prints of my originals. I set up at The Lavender Festival in Oak Ridge, and The Grainger County Festival. I received first place in the “Tomato” category, and first and second place in the “Drawing” category at the Tomato Festival. Also, I was interviewed by the Knoxville News Sentinel while there. One of the best things about the festivals is the chance to share with others and to hear their stories as well. At each festival, someone has always been moved to tears as they hear the story behind a piece. I have been blown away at how God has used the artwork to touch others. One particular girl stopped at my table and was drawn to “The Hope I Needed”. After telling her the story behind it, she shared with me how her husband had recently left her quite suddenly. She was devastated, but she felt like God had her in His hands. We both ended up in tears. When I went home and was telling my husband about it, I had an overwhelming feeling of awe for God. How can He use my hands, pencil, and paper to make a drawing that would touch someone in such a sweet way? I really don’t feel worthy to be a part of something so awesome.

Then, I was chosen to illustrate a children’s book, “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”. Illustrating a children’s book is one of my dreams as an artist, so I am thrilled at this opportunity.
I entered the art exhibition and competition at the Tennessee Valley Fair. They awarded me first in “Drawing/people” category and first in “Painting/ still life”.

I have been invited to have an exhibition at “Cities Cupcake Boutique” in November. This will be my first ever solo exhibition, and I am so grateful for the opportunity!

I opened a shop on Etsy, a website devoted to artists and crafters. And I met a lady at the Grainger County Tomato Festival, who has invited me to set up at a holiday gala in December.

[Cathy] I’ve noticed on your Facebook Page that you have done paintings for charities. Do any of these hold a personal connection with you?

[Leann] Yes, they do. The dragonfly painting was created for an auction to raise money for the National Wildlife Federation. The money raised is to be used to help wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill. I wanted to be a part of the auction because I feel that God has called us to care for the earth and all living creatures. The butterfly painting was done to raise money for a Lupus Foundation. My interest in that is more personal. My cousin, Elliott, was diagnosed with Lupus just after graduating from high school. Also, Lupus is a disease the doctors think I may have.

[Cathy] At this time, do you have more plans for other charities or contests?

[Leann] Yes, I have had several ideas I would like to pursue. I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease, Sweets Syndrome, and suffer from neuropathy. I will be looking into ways to help raise money to benefit research in these areas.

I am presently working with the parents of “Sophie”, the baby in the drawing on my website. They have given me permission to sell prints, but I will be donating all profits to a charity of their choosing.

On a local level, I will be contacting “The Hope Research Center” and the “Amachi” program, to find ways that I can use my artwork to help raise money for them.

[Cathy] Do you have local spots for our readers in Knoxville to check out your artwork?

[Leann] At the present time, I don’t have artwork on display here in town. I will have the exhibit I mentioned earlier at “Cities Cupcake Boutique”, in November. It is my hope to find other places to display work in the coming year.

[Cathy] Where can we see your work online?

[Leann] You can find me on the web at:

Leann’s Art
Leann’s Art (Etsy Shop)
Leann’s Art (Facebook Page)
Leann’s Art (on Zazzle)

I would like to thank you for taking time, to visit with Leann and I hope you’ll decide to check her websites out. She’s truly a talented artist. You can continue to visit my blog to learn the preliminary news of my book’s launch date, which is only weeks away. God bless!