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10 Cathy Facts #AprilA2Z

This month, I’m participating in the A-Z Blog Challenge. I signed on for the music and photography, but the music group stuck and that’s okay. I’m about the tunes anyhow.  Let’s start things off this morning with some catchy, annoying songs!


I know you’re gonna hate me for getting these tunes stuck in your head, but hate me in a loving kinda way, ok? Which catchy song drives you the craziest? Although everyone of these songs get me to my feet and put a little boogie in my move, I still cringe every time I hear Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass.

Let’s see if I can smooth things over. How about, I tell you 10 little known Cathy facts.

  1. I had a dog when I was a little girl named Sugarfoot. I named him this because he liked candy and in my youthful ignorance I happily shared my sweets with my pup. I had no clue that candy was bad for animals.
  2. I have a birthmark on the inside of my left leg near my knee that makes me think of a bear’s face. To be precise it has always made me think of a panda for some reason. Yeah, no one else sees it (the face) other than me!
  3. I got into a fight when I was in junior high school, but not on school property. The confrontation started on the bus and when we got off that’s when the cat fight started. It was a stupid thing to do and in the following weeks, we were friends again.
  4. I had a huge crush on Vince Van Patton from the 70s TV series Apple’s Way. I remember writing a letter one summer announcing to him my undying love. It’s a good thing he didn’t respond or I would have missed my real prince charming DH. Actually, I felt embarrassed for days and days after sending that ridiculous thing out. Now, I just smile because it’s funny.
  5. I pulled firefly’s bellies off and stuck them to my face when I was a kid. Just so I could glow. I know that’s gross, but kids are weird.
  6. Another weird thing from my childhood, I believed if you poured salt on a snail that it would rain and wouldn’t you know it actually rained the first time I put it to the test!
  7. I’m almost 54 and still kinda naïve about the ways of the world or lets just say I don’t think the way a lot of people do. I’m blissful ignorant! DH says I’m sweet and I think he’s sweet for saying I’m sweet. Yeah, I know…that’s sappy.
  8. A not-so-exciting fact is I have been in every state along the eastern coast at least once.
  9. I was a preemie. I came about a month early. My mom told me they had to keep me in an incubator for 24-hours. I weighted 5 pounds 7 ounces, but I imagine by the time I left the hospital I was closer to 5 pounds, though. This isn’t preemie small like some cases, but still that’s tiny.
  10.  My best girlfriend from my childhood nicknamed me Caffey. I think it was because when I was little that’s the way I pronounced my name, so it stuck.

There you have it! Now, you can say, darn I know that gal better today than I did yesterday. 😉 Why not tell me something new about you? Thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome to follow along with me

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