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If you can dream it you can do it, Only in America #music tribute

Puritan's Pride Vitamins

Good morning, kittens & dawgs! Tomorrow is election day. Many of you are sighing with relief waiting for it to be all over. It’s been a wild ride but there’s so much on the line this time around. It’s more than Red VS Blue, Dems VS Repubs, or Left VS Right. It’s about keeping our way of life as Americans.

if-you-can-dream-it-1I thought it fitting to share songs of inspiration. Tunes that speak the American dream, and dreamin’ in red, white blue. When I was little I dreamed of being a teacher, a wife, a mommy, a nurse, an actress, a singer, and even the president.

Walt Disney said it best….



America is the land that dreams come from and hope for a better life.


Without dreams, hope is gone. This is the very reason Americans hold dear the ideas our country offers to every person.


My parents raised me with the idea of America’s greatest and while I didn’t understand everything, I knew people from other countries saw America as the promised land with aspirations of reaching her one day. I always felt America is the promised land.


Did you vote in Revolution #BoTB showdown yet? It’s not too late. The polls close tonight with the results shared tomorrow.  I’m linking with the 🎶 party hosted by the Monday’s Music Moves Me crew and you’re welcome to come with.  Thank you for including me in your Monday. You’re invited back tomorrow for a little Cathy Chats after you cast your presidential electoral vote.   🇺🇸


mother%2520prayingDear God, please keep ALL Americans safe at the polls and Your hand on the Trump’s & Pence’s families. There are a lot of wicked people among us. Steer the angry, hateful evil-doers away.  Place in each a strong resolve to do what’s right  for their families and America and finally I ask for Your protection on our election keeping it free from corruption. In His precious name I pray. Amen.name-graphics-cathy-153844















@TheFlagshirt #review

Puritan's Pride Vitamins


Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! American pride is something we all have for our country and we love to show it on special occasions, but why wait? I think it’s good to show your colors for the red, white, and blue anytime of the year.

Over the years, I have gotten DH several patriotic shirts. He has two favorites ~ a waving flag polo and a long-sleeve American flag shirt. These are beautiful shirts!

A week ago, he asked if I could get him a navy version of the waving flag and a slightly different version of the LS American flag shirt. I was able to order the polo as requested. Who-hoo! The smaller sizes are out of stock for the other shirt until September. No worries, I’ll be sure to order at that time and who knows…maybe I’ll want something else then, too. 😀

So, why am I telling you all of this you say? Well… the owner of company sent me an email thanking me for my recent purchase and asked that I tell my friends about them. So, being the girl next door that I am, I wanted to help spread the word.

The folks at The Flagshirt company have a great site filled with patriotic apparel for the whole family. They have tees, tanks, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and sweatshirts, but they are more than shirt store. They have board shorts, bikini wear, beach towels, hats, flip-flops, and so much more. Show your American pride anytime. Shop…


Shop for your patriotic apparel here!


**Disclaimer: I was not compensated to write this post. I did this as a courtesy to the fine folks at theflagshirt.com. **

Count me in #America #AtoZChallenge #music

Puritan's Pride Vitamins

I decided this morning to take part in the 5th annual post challenge started by the late and dearly loved Tina Downey at Life is Good and Shannon Lawrence of The Warrior Muse. These days the Road Trip crew consists of Heather Gardner (The Waiting is the Hardest Part), C.Lee McKenzie (The Write Game), and Nicole A. (The Madlab Post).

In all honesty last year I attempted to take the A2Z Road Trip, but bombed out. What went wrong? *scratch head* Oh yeah, I know what went wrong! My mind went wrong that’s what. You see, I kept forgetting to revisit the home site regularly. This time, I plan to set aside either a Tuesday or Thursday to commit myself to visiting those on the 2015 sign-up list. I’m ready to hit the road, so count me in #America!


My goal is to visit a handful of post challenge nutballs, like myself, and to share my favorite passions ~ photography, music, and musings A to Z style each week with you. I hope you’ll tag along for the ride. WARNING!!! It might get a little bumpy and I may get lost along the way, but hopefully I will always find my way back. Grab a cup of joe. It’s time to buckle up and hit the open road!

Oh yeah, today DD#2 is a quarter of a century old. Do you think that will make her feel old? lol

Nikki and her sweet little Copper *photo lifted from her FB wall*

Nikki and her sweet little Copper *photo lifted from her FB wall* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, baby girl!!

Bald River Falls


Bald River Falls off Cherohala Skyway

Last week’s WW contribution was a view from the  Cherohala Skyway. This week, I am submitting for your pleasure another view that’s off the beaten path so to speak. Bald River Falls is situated about 4.5 off the Cherohala Skyway, but the drive is worth it. This photo is easily captured from your window, but I got out of the car before snapping my camera.

Being the somewhat perfectionist that I am, I try to incorporate musical inspiration to go along with my photo selection of the week. This doesn’t always work too well. Thus, I have decided a new routine in picking songs and that is to use musical talent from my favorite groups beginning with the letter of the alphabet. That being said, let me kick things off from the beginning. Now let’s flashback, Wayback Wednesdays style, A is for…


This 1974 song became this band’s 4th top-ten hit in the USA, spending three weeks in November at number four on the Billboard 100 Hits, just after ranking #1 in October on the Billboard easy listening chart.

Thanks for joining Angela from Mommy Time Out and I for another edition of Wayback Wednesdays. To participate in this blog hop you don’t have to follow a bunch of rules. It’s simple! Just link up your blog, twitter, or Facebook below (only one please).

You’ll find other #WW communities listed under my Photography Hops tab at the top of this page. It’s great to see you today! I hope this becomes a regular routine for you each week to share in my musical memories and my photo ops. Although, I’m a bit slow at making my rounds, I am faithful in visiting every one who stops by. Throw on a pot of coffee and I’ll be by your place soon!


Presidents Day Birthday Bash

Photo borrowed from calgarybeacon.com. Thanks!
Welcome to Monday’s Music Moves Me with our head conductor…
 Marie from Xmas Dolly!


Helping out on the Love Train to make sure things run smoothly are co-conductors: Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida,  CALLIE from JAmericanSpice, and Stacy from  Stacy Uncorked, and little ole me! For the next couple of weeks, I’m filling infor Lorie. She’s taking a little hiatus. Have fun girl, I’ll help run the Love Train till you get back!

I love rockin’ on Mondays!  I just love it when we can share the tunes rolling around inside our noggins, don’t you? There’s always a lot of music locked away just screaming to get out.

“How do I get on board of this Love Train?”

Admission to ride is totally doable for anyone. Are you ready to rock n’ roll with all the other passengers? Then here’s what you do….

  • Go to youtube insert your music video of choice.
  • Grab the “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button.
  • Sign the linky, follow Marie & her co-conductors, grab their blog buttons, & leave a comment letting them know you’re a new follower.
  • Shake your bootie with your fellow rockin’ bloggers on the linky (below) or invite some of your rocker blogger buds to join us.

Are you ready to get dancing this week? Link your 4M blog post URL below to join the party and then boogie across the net to dance with all the others on the Love Train today. Don’t forget to visit our spotlight dancers listed in # 1 & 2 slots on the linky line-up!

This week’s theme is “Your Pick”.  In honor of President’s Day….

How would the Presidents who we honor this month celebrate their birthdays? I imagine there would be a large formal party,wouldn’t you? Let’s have our own presidential birthday celebration. Beginning with…

President Abraham Lincoln born, February 12, 1809, was fond of the opera. He particularly liked Martha, by Freierich von Flowtow, according to If Abraham Lincoln Had An iPod.

General George Washington, served as our nation’s first president. Born in the year of the Lord 1732 on February 22nd, we honor his birth.

Today the sons and daughters of the American Revolutionary and Civil War celebrate  birthdays with greater enthusiasm. Let’s kick of President’s Day with this these smash hits…




Happy Birthday to Our Founding Fathers – George Washington & Abraham Lincoln!

My DH has today off, so I’m going to spend it with him, but I’ll be visiting you tomorrow. What music is moving you this Monday?
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