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Wild is the Wind #BOTB

WOW, it’s a brand new month already! This past week has been a wretched cold mess with a few unexpected snow days thrown in the mix, which complicates my blog writing or lack there of.  While composing posts on Wednesday songspiration hit me like a great northern gust, I did say it was cold, didn’t I?

I came across this week a new-to-me song while planning my Monday musical post.  Johnny Mathis recorded the original in 1957. Man, oh man is he ever smooth! The song peaked at #22 on the charts and earning Mathis a nomination for an academy award. Did I say an academy award? Apparently, Mathis recorded the track for the film with the same name, Wild is the Wind.

I won’t include Mathis in BoTB, but will take a different direction. Who will win? Well, kittens & dawgs it’s totally up to you! Let the battle begin….

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