• AtoZ

    Meet my new neighbor! #AtoZRoadTrip #music

    Good day, kittens & dawgs! We have a new neighbor. He’s one of those guys you don’t see too often, but by chance you do happen to see him out for a walk then it’s such a nice treat.     It’s so funny how things sorta line up for ya. I knew precisely what music I wanted to share with you today (in keeping with my alpha prompt) and then Grady showed up making my theme choice even all the more perfect! In 1980 one of the funnest comedies hit the big screen, Caddyshack, with a lot of familiar faces ~ Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, and Ted…

  • Saturday Songsuasion

    Saturday Song-suasion 49: Madonna

    Good-morning, kittens and dawgs! Today, we’re rockin’ old school style. Let’s go back to the days of big hair and chicks wearing lingerie on stage. Who comes to mind? Yeah, you’re so on it, friends! Get ready to listen to more than an hour of Madonna’s greatest hits while you blog hop, laundry, or house cleaning. What ever you find yourself doing listening to Madonna will make the experience more fun.

  • Monday's Music Moves Me

    Mid to late 70s rockin’ down the house on 4M

    Welcome to week #168 of A few weeks back Vandy J was our spotlight dancer. For her theme choice this week, she wants to know What songs did you listen to in high school? I don’t know about you guys, although that’s been a lot of years ago for me I still find myself boogieing to those same tunes today. Let’s rock the house down to some mid to late 70s sounds! My freshman year 1976-1977 of high school, I was more than likely dancing to Paul McCartney and Grand Funk Railroad.     Our lovely hostesses, XmasDolly, would like to thank you for joining the party and as always JAmericanSpice,…

  • Wayback Wednesday

    Culture Club

    At the start of the week I took an early flashback with my Mondays’ Music Moves Me 1980 Style where we saluted hits from the year we graduated.  In keeping with the whole 80s theme, I thought I’d let it bleed over into today’s post. Why not? After all it’s Wayback Wednesday, right? One of the craziest groups from the early 80s was Culture Club. Do you remember them? Here’s a picture of their lead singer…. Beautiful job on the eye shadow, right? Well, before you get too wrapped up in this let me point out the boy in Boy George reveals the true identity of the lead singer. It took…

  • Tributes

    Remembering a Disco Star

     Donna Summer age 63 is dead! Like many of you, I morn the loss of Donna Summer. The news of her death yesterday first shocked and then saddened me. No one apparently knew she had been ill with Lung cancer other than her closest friends and family. I read a report which stated, Donna felt like she contracted the disease from breathing in toxic particles after the 9/11 terrorist attack in NYC. Donna Summer songwriter and singer has charted 22 #1 hits over a 25 year period earning her the honorary title of The Queen of Disco. In 1975, I was a bit too young to recall the explosive sensation…

  • Monday's Music Moves Me

    80s Rapture with #4M

    Welcome to Monday’s Music Moves Me with our head conductor,  Marie from Xmas Dolly!  Helping out on the Love Train to make sure things run smoothly are co-conductors:  Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central, Florida, LARRY (incidentally is experiencing computer problems) from Cakeblast, CALLIE from JAmericanSpice,  and Stacy from Stacy Uncorked! I love rockin’ on Mondays!  I just love it when we can share the tunes rolling around inside our noggins, don’t you? There’s always a lot of music locked away just screaming to get out.  This week’s theme is “The 80s“. “How do I get on board of this Love Train?” Admission to ride is totally doable for anyone.  Are you ready to rock n’ roll with all…