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Saturday Song-suasion 51: Hits from 1974

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In the early 1970s the first Native-American rock band attained brief success. Recently, I was reminded of one of their one-hit wonder. Although this song never reached the #1 position, it was one of the top songs in 1974 resting at number 5 on the Billboard Top 100 list and remained on the charts for 24 week. I present to you, Redbone with Come and Get Your Love

I wonder how this song will do on the charts with its reintroduction to a new generation and the lost decade for many of us in the movie Guardian of the Galaxy? It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

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Bald River Falls

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Bald River Falls off Cherohala Skyway

Last week’s WW contribution was a view from the  Cherohala Skyway. This week, I am submitting for your pleasure another view that’s off the beaten path so to speak. Bald River Falls is situated about 4.5 off the Cherohala Skyway, but the drive is worth it. This photo is easily captured from your window, but I got out of the car before snapping my camera.

Being the somewhat perfectionist that I am, I try to incorporate musical inspiration to go along with my photo selection of the week. This doesn’t always work too well. Thus, I have decided a new routine in picking songs and that is to use musical talent from my favorite groups beginning with the letter of the alphabet. That being said, let me kick things off from the beginning. Now let’s flashback, Wayback Wednesdays style, A is for…


This 1974 song became this band’s 4th top-ten hit in the USA, spending three weeks in November at number four on the Billboard 100 Hits, just after ranking #1 in October on the Billboard easy listening chart.

Thanks for joining Angela from Mommy Time Out and I for another edition of Wayback Wednesdays. To participate in this blog hop you don’t have to follow a bunch of rules. It’s simple! Just link up your blog, twitter, or Facebook below (only one please).

You’ll find other #WW communities listed under my Photography Hops tab at the top of this page. It’s great to see you today! I hope this becomes a regular routine for you each week to share in my musical memories and my photo ops. Although, I’m a bit slow at making my rounds, I am faithful in visiting every one who stops by. Throw on a pot of coffee and I’ll be by your place soon!


My Teenage Rock n’ Roll Groove on 4M

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Welcome to Monday’s Music Moves Me! This week’s theme Ashley@ Dr. Pepper Diva suggested, “Music you listened to as a teenager” or if you wish you can keep with our original theme “Bloopers of any kind”.  It’s time to get this party on the show.

I’m not getting any younger but in my heart, I’ll be young forever. I decided to go with Ashley’s theme choice. In 1974, I was officially a teenager. I didn’t feel any different when I hit 13 and it’s funny I feel about the same today. Just like then I loved to dance, so let’s shake our bootie to these great 70s tunes!


These are only a few hits I listened to over and over and over again. You can check out more popular tunes from 1974, here.

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Are you ready to get dancing this week? Admission to ride the Love Train is totally doable for anyone.  Are you ready to rock n’ roll with all the other passengers? Then, here’s what you do….

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Head conductor of the Love Train is Marie of XmasDolly & her co-conductors the lovely Callie of JAmericanSpice,  Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, little ole me, and this month’s honorary co-conductor, Rebecca of Everyday Life.

Lorie of The Shewbridge of Central Florida is taking a break due to health issues. Sending prayers and thoughts your way, my friend! I hope you’re well soon. Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to hold things together while you’re away. 😉 Take care and God bless!

Our spotlight dancer tops the linky line up in the number one spot – Congratulations, my friend!

Don’t forget to show our featured dancer some love and go ahead, shake your bootie with any of the fellow rockin’ bloggers below. The Love Train will be pulling into your depot soon and I’m eager to begin by following you. Next stop… your place!  What music is moving you?

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