PR & Giveaway rules

I welcome product reviews and give-away opportunities. Product under review is evaluated primarily by me, but may include my DH.  We are élite members of the Fifty-Gen group who consider themselves to be the new 30-something club.That being said, our interests are diverse!

Dangle a carrot that catches my eye! A list of interested area, but certainly are not limited include: electronics, Xbox games, kitchen gadgets, tools, fitness DVDs or equipment, arts/crafts, rubber stamping, clothing, music, photography, iDevice apps, software, movies, gourmet foods, coffee, & chocolates.


  • Reviews offered on Curious as a Cathy are completely based as a honest and unbiased opinion by myself or those of my household. As one product researcher I know the value of product reviews. It’s a wonderful tool. This is a privilege for me to give others with first hand insight of your product. All reviews given will be linked directly back to your website so my readers can find you easier.
  • Discounts or coupon codes linked to your review are encouraged to promote that extra incentive to attract new customers. Personally speaking, I know how important this little tidbit is to me.
  • Similar products or services may be posted at different times so to not cause confusion or conflict of interest.
  • Reviews are FREE. That being said, the value of the item review(s) must exceed $25 or cash payment.
  • To insure a proper assessment of your product(s) usefulness and affordability A full size product is required and shall not be returned to the sponsor. Sample sizes are not recommended. However, there may only be certain products, where samples are permitted. You may email with details of your sample recommendations.
  • I reserve the right to decline to do a sponsor’s review, if the product agreed upon or product does not meet the guidelines stated on this page.
  • I will not pay for the product or shipment to my home. That is the responsibility of the company or sponsor. Products shipped COD will be refused and returned.
  • Timeline for a review to post of your product will be 4-6 weeks from the time received. This allows ample time to evaluate the product(s). Should you need a review quicker than the time allotted, then something may be arranged to accommodate your request.
  • Product information makes for a juicy blog post. Please send  press info, pictures or videos of your product, or anything else worth pitching to my readers. The best way to send these materials is via email
  • Positive or negative – my review is final. My integrity  won’t be compromised. If your product does not measure up to my standards, then you can rest comfortably knowing I will carefully choose my words with discretion. I believe there is always something good to say, even if it’s small.
  • Advanced booking for a product review can be arranged. Just state this when you contact me via email.
  • I am happy to do reviews with or without a give-away, but there are number of people who love to participate in giveaways and this would be excellent response for your company.

General Give-away rules:

  • Shipment of the prize/service to the winner is the sole responsibility of the sponsor/company unless arranged or stated otherwise at the time the winner announcement/giveaway post goes live.
  • Typical duration for give-away will run for 2 weeks depending on arrangements between sponsor and myself. If sponsor has no preference then Curious as a Cathy will choose a duration period for the give-away.
  • The sponsor must provide all website addresses they would like include in the review/giveaway. For example, Facebook fan page, Twitter, YouTube, etc…
  • Unless otherwise discussed between the sponsor and myself, a visit to the company/sponsor’s site is a mandatory entry to be qualified for entry. This will provide maximum exposure and traffic to the sponsor/company’s website. Extra entries are available and if sponsor has no particular recommendations for such entries then Curious as a Cathy will choose.
  • It is helpful to have pictures of the products/services used for the review and giveaway. If no media kit/pictures are included sponsor/company must allow me to use images from their website. If right-click is disabled please provide images.
  • After the winner confirms, I will e-mail the sponsor/company the winner’s name and shipping information so you (the sponsor/company) can ship the item/items to them.
  • All giveaways are open to U.S and Canada residents 18 years+ as default, unless otherwise discussed or stated in giveaway post.

I look forward to the chance to work with you. Feel free to pitch me at!


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