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Do you want to advertise but can’t afford a big budget? Look no more because I’m ready to work with you!

Here’s all you need to do….

Provide some basic info such as contact name, email address, web address, and image for consideration with an offer for one, three, six, or 12 months.

Allow Curious as a Cathy 24-48 hours to approve material. If your company matches the author’s standards, she will issue as you will receive a PayPal invoice.

Your ad spot shows immediately on Curious as a Cathy in good faith of prompt payment but if it doesn’t post within 24-48 hours then ad will come down until payment processes.  All sales final. Reserve your a space now!

If you have the graphics but don’t have a clickable banner/button, then Curious as a Cathy can provide this service for just $5.

You can contact me about placing an ad on my site at

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