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My favorite vacation spot – the Pine Tree State #bloghop

Originally posted in 2012, I decided to edit and share again. We all have our favorite vacation destination.  Ours is New England, specifically we LOVE Maine!  In the early to mid 80s, DH got interested in New England.  It took us five years before we actually moved from wishful thinking to actually doing anything about it. June 1988 we celebrated our 10th anniversary and we wanted an extraordinary vacation. We committed ourselves in April of that year to visit the Pine Tree State with our 11-month old baby girl, DD#1.

Our destination was Boothbay Harbor, Maine but we planned to visit nearby states. We drove nearly non-stop, except for filling the tank and bathroom stops, the entire 2,000 miles.  We capitalized on our time when not on the road ~ diaper changes, got snacks out, breast-fed, swapped drivers, … “How did DD#1 do on the long trip,” you ask.  She did beautifully!

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

We crossed the Maine state line 18-hours after leaving Knoxville. We stopped at the Welcome Center and  I’ll never forget that moment.  The woodsy pine smell filled my nostrils and the gentle waves of the morning fog rolling in made me feel like I was in a story tale.  The nippy air felt more like fall than early June.  Unprepared for the temperature change, I left Knoxville 90º conditions wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. but I did pack accordingly for Maine’s unpredictable weather swings and despite the chill against my skin it was exhilarating…almost breath-taking.

Arriving in Boothbay Harbor a couple of hours later, entering the quaint seaside village transported us into another world.  The absences of city noise was almost deafening, but the peacefulness engulfed my soul with a relaxing sense.  Our hotel was right on the harbor and the ocean was literally under us.  We had a spacious corner room with windows on both sides with two king size beds.  Exhausted, we collapsed into bed for a few hours.  I count myself blessed that our baby girl who slept most of the 20+ hours trip; rested quietly beside me until I got up refreshed.

Portland Head Lighthouse


Mt. Washington Inn Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

We spent the next 9-days eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast and fresh coastal seafood for dinner, scouting and visiting lighthouses, a day trips to Bar Harbor to visit Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor or Mt. Washington Inn in New Hampshire, and having ice cream at the world famous Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont.  This was the first of three trips to Maine.  We returned in 1997 on business and again in 2004 for our 20th anniversary;  all as nice as the first.  In fact, when we talk sometimes about our next vacation we speak of going back to The Pine Tree state, our favorite vacation destination.  Who knows… maybe next time, we’ll get to see the ever elusive moose.


What’s your favorite vacation spot?


Summer Read Hop sm

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#Facebook Page Yay or Nay? #help


Do you have a Facebook Page for your blog? I do, but I’m rethinking the purpose of it. I’m unclear, if there is any real benefit to me to have one. Everything I post on my blog pushes to my Facebook Page, so what you see here, you see there. The only thing of benefit is those who liked my page will get notification of my newest posts and that’s not too many right now. What do you think? Is there a need for one? If so, what other benefits are there for me?

I’m not a published author (excluding the one children’s book), I do not sell anything, and I rarely do reviews or giveaways. So, why have it?

What happens, if I did away with my Facebook Page? Do I lose it completely or can retrieve the database later? Can I keep my Facebook Page, but keep it private like you can a blog?

The name of the game is to reach more audience through social networking. I have a good Facebook friend base and it’s considerably larger than my fan page likes. But, I don’t want to inundate my friends’ feed with blog post notifications. What suggestions to you have? I appreciate any advice you care to offer. So, please chime in to let me know what you think!

I’ll leave you with this thought for today….

A thought for today


Have a nice day!

I’m not sleeping…#AprilA2Z prep

but, I’d sure like to. On the spur of the moment, I decided it was time to step away from Blogosphere. Well… not entirely I will keep up with my daily blog reading and I have posts scheduled and of course, I will do return visits.

So, why take a break? A few months back, I committed myself to the big A-Z Blog Challenge and I’m facing that next month. Doing what I’m doing isn’t allowing me enough time to blog, visit, and plan. If I want to stay ahead of the game, then I have to get into the groove now and while it seems I’m relaxing on the blog, I am working feverishly to pull together my April posts.

Have you signed up for the April blogging challenge? If not, click the A-Z button in my right side menu to join and get the details. This is an excellent way to grow your following, create a regular blogging routine, perfect your flair, and make lots of new friends.

What are you waiting for? Scat like a Cathy before it’s too late!

Oct. 1st #IWSG collides with #BOTB


Hello, kittens & dawgs! Another day, another month gone by and here we are at the start of October. This morning, I’m joining two posts into one: IWSG & BOTB. I  like to think of it as being organized, but that’s far from being the truth. If you look up the word disorganized in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of me there. I swear, it’s true! Go look!

I’m feeling a little melancholy. My adult child is riding out a storm…a self-made one at that. Life is filled with turbulence without inviting trouble. Letting go is the hardest thing a parent can do, but I found by placing complete trust in God I am at peace. I’m human. It hurts. I feel unsettled, but I fight to keep these demons away because it does no good to make myself sick over what is out of my hands.

So, what’s a parent to do?

Getting mad at my kid helps a lot. Really it does! I exercise harder, I bang or pound stuff louder, I release this anger in a positive way, as I remind myself that I prepared my children for life to always do what’s right. Somewhere in my anger, I Pray for God’s peace in my life and protection over my child, then all is good. I feel refreshed and comforted by unseen hands.

I will admit times like these I yearn for the day when they were small; where I could keep the world away, chase their fears into the dark, or kiss their boo-boos. Letting go is the hardest thing a parent can do.

My #IWSG contribution is…

Faint memories of

…bedtime prayers

…teddy bears

…cookies and milk

…fairy Tales

…tender kisses

…sweet embraces

…teary eyes

…soft good-byes

How do you handle the crisis your children bring on themselves?


STMcC Presents 'BOTB' (Top Photo)

Let’s switch gears. Nothing brightens my mood like music. This is why I devote two posts each week to this subject and whenever BOTB gets added to the weekly mix then you’re in for three music installments. Whoo-hoo!

Today’s featured song tells a folk tale of a cowboy with a vision of a red-eyed, steel-hooved cattle thundering across the sky, being chased by the spirits of damned cowboys. One warns of his doom to join them, forever “trying to catch the Devil’s herd across these endless skies if he does not change his ways. Do you know the name of the song?

Ghost Riders in the Sky was written by Stan Jones in the late 40s and originally recorded by Burl Ives.  The cover recorded in six other languages by more than 50 artists, since its release in 1949.  With so many possibilities to choice from for today’s sing off, how will I decide?

That being said, let the battle begin!

Instantly, I thought of Johnny Cash. Who wouldn’t think of this legend without thinking of the cover Ghost Riders in the Sky first? I’m not a huge country fan and I am trying to think outside the box…a little anyway while keeping my picks narrowed to two. Oh, this is soo hard!

The resonate voice of Vaughn Moore is a perfect match for Ghost Riders in the Sky without the country/western flavor and the haunting, twang of Duane Eddy on guitar without words is fabulous. Keep focused, Cathy! Keep focused! Staying true to my rockin’ roll roots, here are my two top choices:

Debbie Harry ….

The Outlaws…

Okay, here’s what you do to vote. In my comments section, tell me which band you like the best and why. After you’re done, then why not see what other BOTB participants (see below) are sharing.

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Just for the fun of it, I thought you might like to know that The Blues Brothers 2000 performed this song in their film. I’m a big fan of the first movie and had no clue another was made. Now, I gotta check it out!

Visit Stephen for details on BOTB. I will share the winning outcome on Monday’s Music Moves Me post on the 13th, so I hope you’ll stop by to learn the results. Until then, have a tunetastic day and thank you for rockin’ my world on Battle of the Bands!



#IWSG: Self-doubt

Insecure Writer’s Support Group Is the love child of author, Alex J Cavanaugh with the hope of offering support and encouragement to other writers who struggle with self-doubt and fears in expressing themselves through the fine art of creative writing.

Alex assures me this is a place where one can feel safe in sharing oneself. This hop is open the first Wednesday of every month. Share your thoughts on your blog, candidly. Talk about what’s holding you back or the hurdles you cleared. Dish out advice to those you visit on this journey because you may be the one person to help bring things into perspective.

How do you drive self-doubt from your mind? I am standing fact-to-face with a ginormous monster of self-doubt.  Am I incapable of putting together a novel? Do I really want to write a novel? How do I clear my head of these thoughts?

I feel like I am at a crossroad. Instead of just going with my imagination’s flow of writing whatever tumbles out of my brain, I closed my mind to the possibility and the door is too heavy to open. My creativity isn’t turned off, just misdirected. I enjoy music and photography/photo-editing quite a bit. If you’re a regular on my site, then you know this obviously dominates my focus by my post contributions.

Goal: Instead of giving in to self-doubt, I will fight it by incorporating more of myself with each photo or song that I share with you. A small step yes, but it’s definitely a leap in the right direction.


Am I alone in the sea of self-doubt? I don’t think I am…strike that….I know that am not! If you’re feeling like this, then 5 Steps to Deal with Self-Doubt is a good way to gain a foot hold over this beast.

Let me say upfront, thank you for the encouragement. Members of the IWSG really know how to rally behind the underkitty. This week is a bit hairy coming off the holiday weekend, but I will visit you soon. I can’t wait to see what you are sharing this month.

Tired of self-doubt? Want a few That a girl/boy! to get you fired up? If so, then this is your personal invite to the #IWSG linky party!

Before I close, please pray for my dear friend. She is having a hysterectomy now. Ask God to allow things to go smoothly and nothing ugly discovered during the procedure. Thanks!

#IWSG: Backwards in mind (working title)


Things didn’t go as well, as planned since my last IWSG post on May 9th. I had every intention to create a June post. Time simply slipped out of my grasp and in July I didn’t want to write with the passing of my sweet mother-in-law.

I think the only way I am going to overcome my procrastination is to jump in feet first. No planning. No fore-thoughts. Just raw, unedited sentences flowing from my brain to my fingertips onto my computer screen. All I ask of you is to be merciful, kittens and dawgs! I am not an adult fiction writer, just a gal with a wanting to fulfill a dream to tell a story loosely based on my grandmother.

Continue reading

The first step #IWSG

InsecureWritersSupportGroup2Has it been a month already? The Insecure Writer’s Support Group members come together the first Wednesday of each month sharing their experiences or lack of, as in my case, with other fellow bloggers.

For years two ideas sit idly in my head. I made a lousy attempt to put one of them down on paper, but what became of that… I do not know. I am a bit squeamish about developing a story plot. English was not my strong subject in school. Where do I begin? How do I tackle my first step? Continue reading