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Why it is important to get enough #sleep to help with #weightloss & #BOTBresults

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Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I am tired this morning, but I not too tired to forget to announce my #BOTBresults.  My last installment of the band show-down was totally lopsided, swinging heavily in favor of the Jamaican reggae duo consisted of Vernon Buckley and Gladstone Grant known as The Maytones!

On a scale from 1-10 (the higher the number, the greater your fondness is), how well do you like reggae?

Who is your favorite reggae artist/band?

Sample a taste of The Maytones Greatest hits while you visit me this morning and don’t forget the next round of BOTB will be on February 1st.

I read an interesting article on four ways your body blocks weight loss. I was aware of each point listed and had a general understanding.

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This brings me to the point of today’s post, have you ever wondered why it is important to get enough sleep to help with weight loss? Continue reading

#a2zchallenge #SottoPelle therapy on Tuesday Talk Time

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DS came down with Strep. He was off on Good Friday, and the doctor ordered him to not work for the next 2-days. Although, his work schedule including the weekend shift at FYE, the timing couldn’t have been better. This is his second job he uses to get a few extra bucks. As of Sunday, he was still feeling awful and felt like it would be best to not go into work on Monday. Poor kiddo!

This morning’s participation in the A-Z Challenge continues. Today’s alphabet prompt ties perfectly in with my subjects of conversation. Continue reading

#a2zchallenge: Chamomile tea benefits {T?T}

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NEWThursdaythoughts_FotorThis month I committed myself to the A to Z Challenge. My first instinct was to create separate posts for it and my routine daily hops, but let’s face it…that’s not practical. I will find inspiration with today’s alphabet prompt, the letter

COn Monday my topic was the adrenal gland and the discovery that caffeine or too much of it can cause it to not work well. One source mentioned a coffee alternatives in three herbals teas. One of which is chamomile.  Today, I want to talk about the benefits of drinking chamomile tea.

Continue reading

Free e-Book offer & Colonoscopy fun NOT

In case you missed my Saturday announcement, my friend and fellow author, Besty Ashton, is having a FREE e-book download party on Amazon of her book, Mad Max Unintended Consequences.

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It’s Tuesday, so you know this means it’s time to get down with randomizing. Boy, is this ever off topic….

Chances are good, if you are reading this in the early a.m. hours then I’m under going, no doubt, one of the most unpopular procedures ever, a colonoscopy. This is my 3rd time in 13 years. From my past experiences, there was no discomfort or pain associated, other than the prickle of the anesthesia drip. I hate needles! The positive side of having an endoscopy put you-know-where is, I will be asleep.

Speaking of needles, 2-weeks ago I went in for my 2-month follow up with my GI. He ordered blood work. The gal did a fabulous job. I kid you not when I say I felt nothing! There wasn’t the slightest stick present and yet, there is still a bruise in the bend of my arm. Why is that and how is it that I bruised without pain?

Yesterday wasn’t much fun. I couldn’t eat anything, and not allowed to have anything with purple and red dye since these colors camouflage what the doctor needs to see in the images. My diet consisted of chicken broth, jello, Popsicle, and other liquids. Things did not improve.

Beginning at 3pm, I started my colon prep. This is not the way I prefer to spend my night. On top of that, my tummy rumbled the whole evening, and nightmares about my liquid diet plagued my sleep. Why? That was my entire menu option when I was in the hospital last. I barely ate the food given to me because it wasn’t appealing. It’s a good thing the surgery left me with no appetite. The concerned doctors requested a Nutritionist to see me, but I knew I would be okay as soon once I could have “real food” and leave the liquid diet far behind me. No pun intended.

Dr. L will snip a few samples of tissue for a biopsy. He will look for Crohn’s Disease. Several years ago this was the diagnoses I received, and I was skeptical of it. My symptoms or lack of prompted my doubt that this was the wrong medical call. Interestingly, my June surgery biopsy showed no Crohn’s, which may or may not be conclusive of the non-presence of the disease. However, the colonoscopy biopsy should tell us one way or the other in a few weeks.

Let me leave you with a simple request if you’re 50 or older, then give yourself the gift of a colonoscopy. Although, this article The Importance of a Screening Colonoscopy is a few years old from The Doctor Oz Show it is still good advice. You only have one life, one body. Take charge. Be proactive. It’s your health!

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Have a terrific Tuesday!

Have Your Cake and Eat It To! 5 Ways To Burn 500 Calories

Dieting is such a HEADACHE! None of us liking doing. None of us want to give up the things we love, but NONE of us want to be overweight either. Am I right? How can positive change in our eating habits be done without being overwhelming?

Here are 5 Ways to burn 500 calories that are totally doable!

1. Breakfast:

  • Replace whole milk for skim.
  • Say goodbye to bacon and sausages, but stick with your eggs for an excellent source of protein which will maintain you longer throughout the morning hours.
  • Sub high caloric condiments such as mayo with mustard or hummus to put on your bread.
  • If you must have ready to eat cereals, then choose flakes over granola. These are generally lower in calories. Better still go with a bowl of old fashion oatmeal sweetened with Splenda or sprinkle cinnamon on top. This will satisfy you better than cold cereals, too.
  • Avoid the fancy lattes. A 16oz version made with whole milk has a whopping 400 calories!

2. Snacks:

  • Eat slowly. By doing so, you’ll eat 70% per meal because when you thoroughly chew your food this allows your body time to activate the appetite-related hormones. Set your folk down in-between bites or keep your little paws out of the potato chip bag.
  • You can have your cake and eat it too, just share it with a friend.
  • Don’t ever eat out of a large multi-serving container. You can’t track your portions and are more lightly to over eat.
  • Never allow yourself to give into rewarding good dieting with no-no foods. Keep everything in moderation.

3. Dinner:

  • Avoid cooking with refined oils by replacing with olive oil.
  • Eat vegetables cooked with no oils or butter, don’t serve rice as an option.
  • Begin your meal by having a broth base soup. This will slow your eating and curb your appetite. Creamy soups are high in fat and calories, so avoid!
  • Use fat-free Italian dressing on your salads or bring out the flavors of your salad by using only spices.

4. Eating Desserts:

  • Skip ice cream shop ice creams by replacing with fruit and berries or melons.
  • Omit oils when baking by replacing with equal parts of applesauce in the recipe.
  • Make your own skim milk ice cream alternative, instead of buying premium store-bought vanilla ice cream.

5. Dining Out:

  • Don’t buy separate entrees. Usually, they are large enough for two people to share. Just ask for a second plate. Restaurants are happy to oblige.
  • Drink a warm beverage such as hot tea sweetened with Splenda or have a low-calorie soup before your meal. Having hot liquids before a meal decreases your appetite. Another alternative is to have a salad before your meal arrives, which also helps to fill you.
  • Steer away from deep-fried foods and think grilled lean meats like fish or chicken.

The first three days of any dieting regiment are the hardest, but if you can push through them then you’ll find it becomes easier and I have found the same principle to be true with exercising. Tenacity is the key!

TIP: According to a University of Michigan researcher, sleeping an extra hour a night could help a person drop up to 14 Pounds a year. (removed broken link attached to tip)

What tricks do you have up your sleeve when it comes to shaving calories from your diet?

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