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Temporarily Away

Okay, Kitties & Pups, I need to step away from Blogosphere for a few days.

Not to worry, all is well! However, do you recall from a couple of weeks ago when I said,  I’m giddy? Well…that surprise has my attention and hopefully in a few days I can share the mystery.

Have a good weekend. I’ll see ya around the cyber block soon and please stop in tomorrow for a full-packed edition of Friday Fun Stuff! 😉

5-Easy Steps: How to Make a List in HTML

Howdy, Kittens and Dawgs! I’m still on my summer break schedule but I’m prone to blogging on a whim during my hiatus which brings me to, do you know how to create lists in HTML?   My aim was to create a list of dates and themes without any line breaks and here’s how I did it.  You don’t need a programming degree to create this short code. If I can do it, than anyone can! It’s that easy.

Here are 5 easy, clear steps on…

Make a List in HTML.

Step 1: <p> (This starts a new paragraph)

Step 2: <ul> (This begins unordered list)

Step 3: <li> (Defines the list item and must be closed with </li>

<li> (1st Date + Theme)</li>

<li> (2nd Date + Theme)</li>

<li> (3rd Date + Theme)</li>

Step 4: </ul> (This closes or ends unordered list)

Step 5: </p> (This closes or ends new paragraph)

Now, that you see how to do it you can condense the code format to read:

<p><ul><li> (1st Date + Theme)</li><li> (2nd Date + Theme)</li><li> (3rd Date + Theme)</li></ul></p>

This is how it will look (you’ll find this example in my side menu)….


If you’re not new to blogging then you probably know how to add images, texts, and widgets to your site. However, if not this is how I created my Mewsic Moves Me banner. I added a blank image widget to my side menu and added an image.  Once it uploaded, I selected “Edit Image”. In the “Captions” block, I added the coding to make my list. This is how it looks behind the scenes.

Click image to enlarge

How did I do explaining how the code works?

What do you think, do you want to try this next time you want to create a list outside your post content?

Still not sure? You can practice your coding skills at W3Schools!



All this talk about Monday’s Mewsic Moves Me then I gotta pitch our 7th Anniversary #giveaway going on right now and if you haven’t entered then you may want to check it out. I’m outta here until Monday but I hope you’ll hit the dance floor with “your choice” song picks!


Have geektastic day!












A show of hands #life #snowday

tired+Of+snow+imageGood-afternoon,  kittens and dawg! Geez, Louise a second snow day in one week! Why can’t Mother Nature bring the white stuff at a time when we all really, really want to see it…. like Christmas?!

We got more snow with this system, then we did Monday night. I roughly guess we got 6″-7″ of accumulation. It’s really beautiful and it’s a gorgeous winter wonderland outside, but everyone in our neighborhood is kinda trapped. The city keeps the main arteries clear and the secondary streets are left at the mercy of Mother Nature. Yeah, like she’s gonna help! Well…not today!

DH will go out in short order to shovel the fluff…okay it’s not fluffy! This storm dumped the wet, good-for-packing snow on us this go around. DH is in for a better than usual driveway workout.

The forecast shows promises of warmer temps starting Saturday and carrying into next week. If this pans out then maybe the worst of winter has passed. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Tennessee declares state of emergency

Monday night Tennessee declared a state of emergency. This morning, we woke to find that Octavia left a mess in its wake ~ stranded travelers on interstates, down power lines, frigid temperatures, and deadly ice streets.


image borrowed from WBIR

Several thousand residents in the area do not have electricity, including DD#2 and her husband and other than a couple of hiccups in power interruption last night, we still have electricity.

Needless to say, this means an unplanned day off for DH due Mother Nature’s madness and an unscheduled blogging break for me.  Our street is a nightmare! Hopefully, I’ll be back to my regular routine tomorrow. Other than that, everything is peachy here in the Tennessee Valley.


image borrowed from WBIR

This kitten is staying indoors. Sorry, no photo ops here. I decided I don’t need any broken bones just to capture a few interesting shots. What’s happening in your area?

All About That Bass?! #T2Q

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! Meghan Trainor’s song All About That Bass plays often on the radio. I admit it, it has a rather catchy melody. But, I have a problem with the lyrics. Not that the words are bad. Okay, there are few inappropriate ones like every other song. It’s the message it sends.

The average size was once a size 12 and today we see the average trend pushing a size 16.


These beautiful woman look to be in the 12+ size category.

I’m certainly not a size two (anymore) or a silicone Barbie and I think every woman needs to feel comfortable in her own skin, but to imply it’s okay to carry a heavy backside bothers me. We all know, if you have extra weight there, then it will be other places, too. I think of long-term problems developing for these lovely women. I don’t know, if this is the artist’s intent or not, but do you get the same sense about this song, too?

Anyhow, it got me thinking, so I want to pose a fun question to you and hope that you’ll feel at perfect ease in participating in this morning’s survey.
[wwm_survey id=”3″]


(A) shapely, toned booty


(B) a booty gone wild

I think there is a lot of hype with the whole image thing. Real women are not stick figures and have shape, some a little more than others. We are all not genetically made the same. It would be a dull world, if we all looked alike. Don’t you think?

The point of this isn’t to insult you, but to make you think. About what, you say. A big bottom many times means you’re carrying extra baggage other places. It’s essential to stay at a good weight for your age and height throughout your life. I know first hand this is not always an easy job.  However, I love myself and I hope you love yourself enough to make wise choices for a glowing, healthier you inside and out! Let’s face it, calories have a way of piling up before we know what to do, so I can shake it, shake it like I’m suppose to do because I want every inch of you me is to be perfect from the bottom to the top.

Okay, that’s my cue…it’s time to hit the elliptical for the day! Have a terrific Thursday and please feel free to join me tomorrow for Flashback Friday!

How cold is too cold?

Good-morning, kittens & dawgs! I crawled out of bed at 5am to a bone chilling 7℉. What a way to start the day! For the next few days Knoxvillans will think they are in a freezer.


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Thursday ?s & Thoughts #1: Coconut Oil

Amanda from SelfSagacity and I are teaming up to bring to you our combined memes into a brand new hop called…

At the moment, this is still a work-in-progress venture. For those of you who have been so faithful in keeping with Amanda’s Thursday Two Questions, then keep doing what you been doing as nothing has changed. At this point, we don’t have an official button for the hop, so please bear patiences with us as we decide.

I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because sometimes it pays to let the cat out of the bag. When I think of coconut the first thing that always comes to mind is the commercial jingle…

I know coconut oil is receiving positive press on its many benefits, but the one thing that interested me initially is its use for personal lubrication. Its natural with no additives or perfumes.

On Sunday afternoon, we ventured to Earth’s Fare to buy some. The only thing I knew was I wanted expeller cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil. Our local whole food store did not have a lot to choice from, but after studying the labels we came to a decision based on the store’s supply. We bought two brands: Nutiva and Garden of Life.

I wasn’t totally flying by the seat of my pants on this venture. A few days prior, I stumbled upon the hard working of one woman who did quite a bit of coconut oil testing. She listed her recommendations; if you would like the low down on her discoveries, then click here.

FYI: Both oils are expeller, cold-pressed extra-virgin, but the Nutiva has a stronger coconut oil aroma & flavor. This will be my first choice for now.

However, I was very surprised to learn about the health-boosting properties from the oil of this nut. Unlike other fats, coconut is good for your heart. I have a good ticker, but others aren’t as fortunate. Coconut oil can help to restore your thyroid with better insulin use by the body and boosts the metabolism. Did you know that when the thyroid doesn’t work properly, then it increases your cholesterol levels? Of course, we all know when the thyroid isn’t functioning properly weight gain is one of the side effects. Another reason to get your thyroid back on track.

One thing that particularly fascinated me was by incorporating coconut oil in your diet breaks down healthy fats in the liver for energy and I found out it helps to reduce that stubborn belly fat. Hallelujah, I am all for that! Also, the antioxidant action of coconut oil helps our body to cease the damage to our skin. Could this mean, I have found the Fountain of Youth? Probably not, but anything I can do to stop unneeded aging then count me in! The oil has been found to be a good moisturizer for the skin and hair, aids in digestion (great for people such as myself with an intestinal disorder), brain function, and it’s an anti-viral/bacterial/fungal fighter.

Armed with these little perks of coconut oil, I made myself a lab rat. Yesterday, I started eating straight from the bottle, 2-tablespoons of coconut oil. I am not sure how soon I will see the effects of my personal science experiment, but as I see developments I plan to reveal my findings.

1. Do you have any experience with coconut oil? (Brands: likes, dislikes)

2. What prompted you to begin using coconut oil?

Check out these 101 Ways to Use Coconut Oil and read this info of some ways coconut can improve your health.

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