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Tell the Truth Thursday

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Once again, I’m participating in The Redhead Riter‘s weekly meme, but sadly, as I visited her site today I learned today will be the last feature of Tell The Truth Thursday.  She promises to put something else in its place though and I hope to join in that fun as well. With that, let me add my response to her question.

What was/is your most favorite season?  Red boosts that winter is her favorite season. Unlike her, I prefer a milder season.  My personal favorite would be a fairly equal tie between spring and fall.  Spring may nudge fall out by a hair and so allow me to delight your reading pleasure to the whys of my beloved season.

Spring is a rebirth to our sleeping earth from a long, gloomy, cold winter’s nap.  One of the first things I notice is the return of birds. Their happy little chirping songs calling to their potential mate resonates from the outdoors to my ear just inside my kitchen.  When my kids were small it was fun to identify our feathery friends and sometimes, we would give them names.

As the earth wakes from her slumber, splashes of vibrant color spill across the landscape like a painter’s palette with flowers bursting open.   Before long the tree buds erupt in gorgeous colors of pink, white, red, and yellow.  Each little delicate flower seems to be happy as it reaches toward the heavens in a near-reverent praise.  New life from the wintering nap springs forth and it serves to remind me of Christ’s resurrection.

One thing I look forward to most is the sun’s rays kissing my skin gently as it pushes away bad memories of chiller days.  At last, I can bury my sweat clothes and wool socks in the closet to sport more careful attire like sleeveless shirts or dresses. Then, gradually the return of longer daylight hours cheers my entire senses.  What joy I find in something as simple as the extended evening light coupled with the kinder temperatures. aah, I’m already looking forward to spring’s arrival. But first, I have to make it through Red’s favorite season, winter, before I can savor that moment. It looks like it’s going to be a long winter, too.

Come join me in this last chance to play in this meme and please be sure to link up with The Redhead Riter!


Where in the World Are You Wednesday? 4 Fun Facts about Knoxville, TN

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Here are a few little known fun facts listed on Knoxville’s city website, which I found interesting.

Fun fact 1

In 1901, Kid Curry, a member of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch, shot a couple of deputies and escaped out the back window of a business on Central Avenue in what is now the Old City. He was captured, brought to the Knoxville Jail, but escaped and was last seen riding the sheriff’s stolen horse across the Gay Street Bridge.

“The Wild Bunch” Photo taken in Dallas, Texas about 1901. Top row, left to right: William Carver, Harvey Logan “Kid Curry” Bottom row, left to right: Harry Longbaugh “Sundance Kid”, Ben Kilpatrick “The Tall Texan”, and Robert Leroy Parker “Butch Cassidy”.

Fun fact 2

The soft drink Mountain Dew had its beginnings with Hartman Beverages in Knoxville in the late 1940’s.




Fun Fact 3

In 1974 Walter Cronkite designated Knoxville as the “Streaking Capital of the World.” It was in the spring of that year that an estimated 5,000 peop

In 1974 Walter Cronkite designated Knoxville as the “Streaking Capital of the World.” It was in the spring of that year that an estimated 5,000 people on Cumberland Avenue took their clothes off… stripping on the “strip”.


Fun Fact 4

Still on the law books: All businesses must have a “hitching post” in front of their buildings in Knoxville, TN.





On the Weather Outside is Frightful!

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Hello, Knoxville and the world-wide web. Today, I’m linking with One Little Minster in today’s hop To the Top Tuesdays !

It’s a crisp cold late fall morning on this 14th day of December.  And while the weather outside is a bit frightful, Sunday night into Monday snow’s accumulation amounted to 3 to 4 inches here in the Tennessee Valley.  It looked like a winter wonderland.  The frigid temperatures put me in the frame of mind of a Christmas morn of long ago.  Growing up in southern WV, we had many snowy days or so it seemed.  I dare say more than anything I have witnessed in the last three decades of living in Tennessee as an adult.

Here in the Tennessee Valley, city life isn’t equipped to deal with the wintry perception.  I recall as a child we had near blizzard-like conditions and I remembered praying for the salt truck to break down so we couldn’t go to school.  My prayers went unanswered and school rarely closed.


It’s interesting how your perception changes on snow as an adult.  I still enjoy seeing the white fluff tumbling gracefully to the earth in swirling, dancing patterns and if the snow comes in on the eve on my husband’s days off then I’m okay with it.  But, I’ve grown terribly uncomfortable with questionable storms dumping hazardous weather on us during a work week.


There is nothing more unsettling than having someone I love on the road not only facing the elements but thousands of motorist who are clueless of just how serious the conditions are.  Yeah, you’ve seen these drivers, too. They go whizzing by you on the interstate when the air is frigid and moisture is in the air.  Only you seem to be aware that black ice could lay in wait for its unsuspecting victim to run across to cause an idiot driver to skid out of control into a ditch or worse into the path of another vehicle.  We all do stupid things from time to time but common sense should dictate, “Hey muscle-head, this isn’t such a good idea to drive 80 mph on some one’s bumper or to pass a car erratically in these conditions. You never know what’s ahead, remember that black ice from last year?”

While you’re out this winter, allow your good senses to rule over rushed thoughts of getting to where ever you need to go 5 seconds earlier.  We all from time-to-time let hurriedness cloud our better judgment. Remember the words of Ellen Griswold in Christmas Vacation, “Clark, I don’t want to spend the holidays dead.” 

Keep safe & warm!


Tell the Truth Thursday – Favorite Cartoon Character

Welcome to “Tell The Truth Thursday” hosted by The Redhead Riter. The question this week is…

What was/is your most favorite cartoon character?

“Indian summer was slowly fading…”

This is an easy question, Snoopy is my all-time favorite cartoon character. In fact, I use him as my avatar for my google sign-in.  When I began blogging, Snoopy became my icon of choice because like good ole Snoopy, I’m a budding writer.

Like Snoopy, I’m a chef. Okay, I’m not a gourmet chef, but I do all the cooking in my household and it gives me a sense of great pride and accomplishment. This is an outlet that allows me to express my creative tendencies when I can’t write or do artsy crafts.



8, 9,…

Snoopy enjoys maintaining his personal image through physical activities and the love outdoors, which is one of my objections in life.  We only have one life, one body so it’s up to me to take care of what God has given me.

30 Love


Don’t do this at home, kids!


Aah, isn’t this fun?


Joe Cool


And while I like to think I have a “Joe Cool” persona I come across as anything other than cool most times. Even as a young flutist, I was no match for Snoopy’s cool sax playing. But, the appreciation for his musical talents was certainly admired.



I love you!


Snoopy’s devotion for his friend equals my heart, as I’m passionate about those in my life and am loyal to a fault. If ever I think my friends need me, then I’m at their side ready for a fight as I  proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those in need.


Back-off Buster!

And, like the kid I am, Snoopy shares the same sense of wonder watching the graceful dancing snow fall from heaven to below.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Deck the halls…

Or, the giddy glee that comes from decorating his home for Christmas.  I’m no dog but there’s a bit of Snoopy in me even though I’m a CAThy! 😉



New Tuesday Blog Hop – Tasty Tuesday recipe hop

Today, I’m joining Tasty Tuesday link up and am sharing this recipe, Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies, which was a huge, instant hit at my house.  My husband is known as the “Cookie Monster” around here, especially loved them.  Did you know, I have a little Cookie Monster stuffed toy that he bought me? It’s true and it reminds me every time I look at it of his deep passion for baked goods. LOL. How cute is that?

Don’t they look good?  To get this yummy pumpkin spice cookie recipe from Land O’ Lakes, click here.

Enjoy the recipe or better still the cookies!