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Born and raised in the Appalachian mountains of southern WV, I was a child bride when I married my high school sweetheart in 1979. We moved to Knoxville, Tennessee to begin our new life.  Determined to prove nay-Sayers from our community wrong, I completed my education and went on to earn an A.S. in computer programming. From 1983-1987, I worked mainly as a computer system’s manager. That’s a glorified title for someone who trouble shoots, maintains system back-ups, and generally over seeing all data entry. After our first child was born in 1988, I took early retirement. What have I been doing for the last 25+ years? I am proud to say, I am a SAHM and for most of those years I home-schooled our three children from K-12. Now, the nest is empty.

What’s behind the blog name? We all have used the expression, curious as a cat. I am no exception. In 2013, I gave my blog a make-over, I wanted a blog name that said who I was. I’m curious, I thought, and my name is Cathy. Hence, the birth of a new blog name, Curious as a Cathy. I love experiencing life. I am not a thrill seeker, but one savoring moments wrapped in the things I love…

  • photography
  • photo-editing
  • rubber-stamp art
  • sketching
  • cooking
  • music
  • writing

My blog mainly entails a lot of coffee drinking and musings. I make a point of visiting specific blog hops each day and I always leave my footprints behind. It’s safe to say my blog is about building friendships that are loyal, like those I might have on my street, or in my church, or from high school.

My gift to you is me. What you read is what you get! I take pride in being me for who I am and no one else. I am friendly to a fault, but I don’t believe in spilling the beans about truly personal things.  If I don’t feel comfortable saying something to your face, then chances are good I won’t say it on the net, either.  I am honest. If I say I like something then it’s legit, I like it! I am tactful. In short, I prefer to not be bold face ugly about anything on my blog, even if it is a product that has failed my seal of approval. I prefer to do things with good taste and grace. I am a conservative, patriotic, woman of faith. Hopefully, what you will get take away from your time spent with me is that I am here for you like a long-lost friend, a sister across the miles, a prayer warrior, or even a second mom. Someone you look up to and forward to spending time with regularly.

Blogging started as a way for me to promote my children’s book, The Tale of Ole Green Eyes. I quickly discovered the Kiddie-Lit market was too tall of a mountain to climb. By this time, I found that I loved sharing with others my passions in life.  One thing I did not count on is the hidden opportunities through product reviews and giveaways. This inspired me to look at the things I love to do as a springboard to earning a little something in return. Who can say, if it will go anywhere or not, but I do enjoy experimenting and learning ways to give to the family income. Another thing is, I like sharing with you the things I find that are good or not-so-good. I have a goal to one day be in our dream house. Wouldn’t it be nice, if I can say blogging allowed that dream to come true? After all, I am Curious as a Cathy!
I think of myself as “the girl next door” and you’re welcome to email anytime. Thank you for taking time to get-to-know me a little better and I look forward to building a new friendship with you!

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  • calensariel

    Thank you so much for stopping over at Impromptu Promptlings, Cathy. And for the follow! I realized after I commented back to you that I had NO idea what the A-Z Challenge was! Do you have a link for it by any chance?

  • Sharon Himsl

    Hi, I really enjoyed learning more about you, Cathy. It made me want to be more transparent at my blog and participate more in the blogging community. I am so much more than just the gal trying to publish her book. I started blogging to launch a writing career, but like you, I have a broad array of interests. It’s been one of the bonuses of blogging! There have been days I’ve been tempted to start a new blog, just to explore some of these interests. But for now, I’m mostly focused on getting published.
    BTW, your blog title is perfect. It “make me curious.” 🙂

  • Rosa

    Cathy, I too was curious so I went to your blog. We have many things in common, only one of which is family. Mom and Dad told me many ‘Hagerman tales’ before they passed in 2002 & 2003. I consider myself fortunate that I listened. I enjoyed your blog, keep in touch, cousin!

    • Cathy Kennedy

      Rosa, thank you for the interest to learn a little about me here. I think that’s wonderful you wrote down the stories your parents shared with you. I wish I had asked more questions growing up while taking notes, but I didn’t. I married young, moved away, and those things sorta never happened. Now, I’m slowly piecing things together with the help of family like you. I definitely will keep in touch with you! 😉

    • Cathy Kennedy

      What a small world it is! I didn’t realize you live in the area. How did I overlook that piece information? Oh well…it’s certainly nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your “About Me” section of your blog. I was totally inspired. God bless!

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