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Thursday2Q: First App of the day/Helpful or Not

Good-morning, kittens and dawgs! How are y’all doing today? Life is good on this end. I’m still looking for a replacement refrigerator.  I believe in taking my time if not pressed to make an immediate purchase for something expensive.

4M party goer, Mike, shared this tune by The Smithereens in a tribute to Pat DiNizio this week. Honestly, I do not remember this 1980s band so it was a happy surprise to hear this song for the first time.


If you enjoyed this sample, then listen to The Smithereens YouTube playlist.

I’m sure most of y’all have a smartphone. There are few out there who do not. I got my first iPhone in 2010. I wasn’t sure if I’d like. I really didn’t understand all the fuss but now I can’t imagine living without it. It’s great having a powerful computer, camera, GPS, weather system, mewsic player, and so much more with me all the time. This brings me to my T2Q.

1. What is the first app you look at the start of your day? Excluding messages popped on my screen, I look routinely at the Weather app each morning. I have several different  weather apps on my phone but I always use the one developed by The Weather Channel. RIP John Coleman (co-founder of The Weather Channel).

2. Do you feel it’s helpful or a distraction and would you recommend it? The Weather app is a huge help and I recommend it. The only negative I have is the layout. I liked how they once had it where I could swipe across my saved forecast areas.  Now, I can only switch between them making it more troublesome. Bummer!

Bonus: What’s your favorite, fun app to use regularly on your smartphone? Spider Solitaire is problem my favorite but a few months ago I downloaded Snoopy Pop and think it’s a lot of fun. I love Snoopy! Not as much as I love DH but I like him an awful lot. 😀

I hope you enjoyed my little Q&A session. Feel free to borrow, answer in comments, or create a T2Q post. Let me know if you do the latter. 😉  I hope you hop back over tomorrow for some giggles and a whole lot more of Friday Fun Stuff!

X💋X💋, Cathy

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