To Honor our America’s Heroes Past & Present

Taken at the D-Day Memorial last year in Bedford, Virginia more pix from our visit here. Another post of interest is A Walk Through East Tennessee Veterans Memorial.

I can’t express how deeply grateful I am to our servicemen/women, past and present. So, it’s with this small token here I share my thanks to thousands…maybe millions of Americans who fought/fight to keep America free.



To every man and woman I know or do not know, thank you for your selfless act of placing Americans before yourself. May God always bless you and yours!

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13 thoughts on “To Honor our America’s Heroes Past & Present

  1. Arlee Bird

    Fortunately I think most Americans–real Americans–would share the sentiments you’ve expressed here. Sadly there are far too many who don’t and I fear that this might be a future trend. Many in the upcoming generations as well as most of those on the left don’t appreciate those who kept us free and don’t support us remaining a nation with eyes on its own destiny.

    I thank not only those who have served, but also those who remain proud of the U.S.A. and its great heritage.

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    1. Cathy Kennedy Post author


      Those who cherish what this country stands for and values the freedoms of this nation do appreciate the sacrifice and service of our Veterans. It’s the younger, spoiled generations indoctrinated with lies and refuse to see the truth. I’m thankful for those who carry the torch of freedom within, serving and protecting this great country now or in the past. I’m indebted to the ones who paid the ultimate price for keeping America safe. There aren’t even enough words to say thank you to the families’ of the fallen. As a civilian, I will always stand proud of the American soldier and her flag!


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